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News Archive for December 2010

24th December 2010Sinevibes releases Turbo S

24th December 2010Five12 releases Numerology 3 (incl. AU version)

24th December 2010Thomas Mundt updates LoudMax to v1.10

24th December 2010BigTick Audio updates Zen Universal Presets Manager to v1.3

23rd December 2010n-Track Software releases Free "n-Track Tuner" App for iPhone, iPad and iPod

23rd December 2010Le Lotus Bleu releases Music Box for LennarDigital Sylenth1

23rd December 2010VSL updates Vienna Instruments Pro, Vienna Ensemble, Vienna Ensemble Pro and Vienna MIR

23rd December 2010Merging Technologies releases Pyramix 7.0 SP1, VCube 3.0 SP1 and Ovation 2.0 SP1

23rd December 2010AcmeBarGig releases iFace VST Plug-in for Redwirez Impulse Responses

23rd December 2010rs-met releases EngineersFilter as Free Christmas Gift

23rd December 2010Sony Creative Software updates Vegas Pro to v10.0b

23rd December 2010Voxengo updates GlissEQ to v3.3

23rd December 2010SoundToys updated to v4.1

23rd December 2010Xylio updates FutureDecks Pro to v2.0.5

22nd December 2010Ohm Force updates Ohmicide:Melohman to v1.25

22nd December 2010Xhun Audio updates LittleOne to v2.0.5 (features new Copy Protection)

22nd December 2010Liine updates Griid to v1.10 and announces new Cliip module for Griid

22nd December 2010Sensomusic announces Usine Christmas Offer (50% Off)

22nd December 2010TC-Helicon releases VoiceJam for iPad / iPhone

22nd December 2010Heavyocity announces Evolve Holiday Sale (30% Discount)

22nd December 2010IK Multimedia Ships iKlip The Microphone Stand Adapter for iPad

22nd December 2010Digital Music Doctor releases Pro Audio Training Video: "Pro Tools 9 - Know It All!"

22nd December 2010Raw Material Software releases JUCE v1.52

22nd December 2010CK_Modules releases X-Jupitae 'Wide-Boy'

22nd December 20104Front Technologies updates TruePianos to v1.9.0 (incl. Mac 64-bit AU) and announces 33% Christmas Discount

22nd December 2010BigTick announces Christmas Promotion: 50% Off Rhino

22nd December 2010Longcat releases Audiostage - 3D Audio Authoring and Mixing Software

21st December 2010Synapse Audio Software updates DUNE to v1.2

21st December 2010NUGEN Audio releases VisLM - Loudness Meter

21st December 2010Renoise updated to v2.6.1

21st December 2010White Noise Audio Software releases bleep!BOX VSTi

21st December 2010mzuther releases K-Meter v1.21.0

21st December 2010Crossfire Designs releases MIDIPadz Lite for iPad

21st December 2010Ueberschall releases Elastik Player 2

21st December 2010MellowMuse releases 64-bit VST versions of EQ1A, CP1A, IR1A, Mellowhead, CP2V, EQ2V and SATV for Mac and Win

21st December 2010Loomer releases Shift v2.0 (incl. 64-bit for Win VST & Mac AU)

21st December 2010Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v6.31

21st December 2010Cakewalk updates SONAR X1 to "X1A"

21st December 2010Zynewave updates Podium to v2.40 and Podium Free to v2.37

21st December 2010Korg updates Wavestation for Mac to v1.6.6

21st December 2010HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro to v1.5.3

21st December 2010Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v2.4.0.4

21st December 2010ifoundasound updates LiveProfessor to Beta 1.3.2

21st December 2010ENTTEC updates DMXIS to v1.1.1

21st December 2010SynthFont updated to v1.530; VSTSynthFont updated to v1.060

20th December 2010The Early Days of Software Sequencers

17th December 2010Cableguys releases Curve v1.0

17th December 2010Sonoma Wire Works releases "Billy Martin: Loops from the Underground" DrummerPack for DrumCore

17th December 2010Green Oak releases Crystal Soft Synthesizer for the iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

17th December 2010Outsim releases SynthMaker v2.0

17th December 2010Soundsdivine releases Horizon for XILS-Lab PolyKB 2 and releases new Soundset Bundles

17th December 2010Sonoma Wire Works updates RiffWorks Standard and RiffWorks T4 to v2.6.4

17th December 2010Ueberschall releases Urban Ballads (Elastik Soundbank)

17th December 2010SAE Online announces Stuart Epps Signature Course: 'Music Production: The "Epps Factor"'

17th December 2010SPL announces Xmas Packs Promotion

17th December 2010platinumears releases FL4TT3RY 2

17th December 2010Berkleemusic.com debuts new course "Music Supervision"

17th December 2010Ohm Force Christmas Sale on Quad Frohmage and OhmBoyz (40% Off)

17th December 2010PreSonus updates Studio One to v1.6.2

17th December 2010Ueberschall releases Electro Pop (Elastik Soundbank)

17th December 2010Sonic Elements releases Eclipse for Albino

17th December 2010ASL SoundLab releases Hard Dubstep Bass for Massive

17th December 2010Invictus Audio releases "Metal Pack" in Gog, Trigger and Wav formats

17th December 2010Joachim releases BattleComp Vintage

17th December 2010SoulviaSound releases Anamorphic for Maschine, Battery 3 and Kontakt 4

16th December 2010Tek'it Audio updates Genobazz to v1.2.1

16th December 2010Voxengo announces Winter Holidays 2010-2011 Discount

16th December 2010Nine Volt Audio releases "Duo - Mbira" for Kontakt

16th December 2010Vienna Symphonic Library Holiday Offers: Free Extended Library & 23% Discount on Customized Bundles

16th December 2010Soundcells announces Christmas Offer (25% Off)

16th December 2010realsamples announces 50% Christmas Discount on Edition Beurmann Historical Piano and Harpsichord Sample Libraries

16th December 2010Wave Alchemy launches Christmas Sale (up to 50% Off)

16th December 2010TC Electronic updates PolyTune iPhone App to v1.1 and announces 3-day Price Drop ($0.99)

16th December 2010NUGEN Audio updates Stereopack (Stereoizer 3.1.8, Monofilter 4.05, Stereoplacer 3.02)

16th December 2010de la Mancha launches December Sale (25% off)

16th December 2010Synapse Audio Software announces "Xmas Quad Pack" Special Offer (30% Off)

16th December 2010Applied Acoustics Systems releases Analog Essentials, Ultra FX and Starlight Sound Banks (all include free AAS Player plug-in)

16th December 2010Tonehammer releases "Small Epic Percussion Vol. 2" for Kontakt and announces: "Gnomehammer Celebration"

16th December 2010Metric Halo announces "Hot Holiday Deals" on +DSP

16th December 2010Access Music releases Free Ben Crosland Signature Sound Set for Virus TI

16th December 2010Puremagnetik releases MachineKits for Ableton Live

16th December 2010Soniccouture announces Christmas sale 2010 (BOGOF & 50% Off)

16th December 2010CFA-Sound announce X-Mas Sale 2010 (25% Off)

16th December 2010Wave Arts announces Holiday Sale (20% off)

16th December 2010Felt Tip releases Sound Studio 4 (incl. 64-bit)

16th December 2010SKnote releases HandSynth for iOS

16th December 2010Camel Audio releases Arp Dimensions and Free Bonus Library for Alchemy / Alchemy Player

16th December 2010MUTOOLS releases MuVerb VST for Windows

16th December 2010Sonoma Wire Works updates StudioTrack for iPad to v1.3

16th December 2010Universal Audio releases Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder plug-in for UAD-2

16th December 2010TeamDNR releases Ace.Animated for u-he ACE

16th December 2010DMG Audio updates EQuality to v1.10

15th December 2010KX77FREE updates Kx-Modulad to v2.21 and Kx-synth-x16 to v3.2

15th December 2010FXpansion updates BFD2, DCAM: Synth Squad and Geist, releases "Myagi: Ferocity" for Fusor and announces "December Half Price Sale"

15th December 20102CAudio releases "Breeze - True-Stereo Reverb" and launches "Perfect Storm Bundle" (incl. Aether, Breeze, Aether Integrity & Creativity Expansions)

15th December 2010Studio Devil releases Virtual Bass Amp Pro

15th December 2010Agile Partners & Peavey Electronics update AmpKit to v1.1

15th December 2010Little Endian releases SpectrumWorx 2.1 with Mac OS X support

15th December 2010ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v3.1.9

15th December 2010discoDSP updates Discovery Pro to R5.4 (incl. 64-bit Mac AU & Win VST)

15th December 2010Blue Cat Audio updates MB-5 Dynamix to v1.1 and launches Winter Special Offers

15th December 2010DSPaudio updates Spectrum to v2.01

15th December 2010Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) updated to v0.4.9 (for Win and Lin)

14th December 2010Vengeance Sound releases Vengeance Producer Suite - Philta XL

14th December 20102CAudio releases Breeze - True-Stereo Reverb

14th December 2010Green Oak releases Crystal v2.5.0 (incl. Win & Mac 64-bit)

14th December 2010Overloud releases TH2 Guitar Amp

14th December 2010PSP updates PSP PianoVerb to v1.7.1

14th December 2010easytoolz releases easy-muug XT v3.0

14th December 2010Best Service releases Epic World Cinematic Landscapes

14th December 2010DDMF updates IIEQPro to v2.1.1

14th December 20109 Soundware releases Chimera R Redrum Patches

14th December 2010Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Filter-2 to v1.10

14th December 2010Sensomusic updates Usine to v5.25k

13th December 2010TwistedWave updated to v1.9.1

13th December 2010Starplugs releases DC Terminator

13th December 2010AcousticsampleS announces 2010 Xmas Sale

13th December 2010Christian Knufinke Software announces 25% December Discount

13th December 2010ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v3.1.8

13th December 2010Xhun Audio releases LittleOne v2.0

13th December 2010FabFilter releases Twin v2.10 update and announces Holiday Bundle Sale

10th December 2010Cakewalk releases SONAR X1

10th December 2010MoDSP updates Nocturne Bass to v1.2

10th December 2010Aciddose releases Free Xhip Effects Part 1

10th December 2010ZionDSP releases SpectraOne and Lil'Plug and updates SpectraFive to v1.1

10th December 2010SuperMegaUltraGroovy updates Capo to v1.1 (Now Supports iPad)

10th December 2010Acustica Audio releases Nebula3 Pro AU for Mac

10th December 2010Tascam releases Portastudio for iPad

10th December 2010reFX releases 4 New Nexus Expansions and announces Christmas Sale (up to 44% off)

10th December 2010PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box and RealBand 2011 for Windows and Band-in-a-Box for iOS

10th December 2010iZotope announces acquisition of Sonik Architects and partnership with BT

10th December 2010LinPlug launches "The Synth Bundle" and updates Albino (3.1.1), Alpha (3.1.2) and RMV (5.0.6)

10th December 2010digitalmusician.net updates Digital Musician Plug-in (DMP) to v2.0.1

10th December 2010Arturia updates ARP2600 V to v2.0.2 and Minimoog V for Mac to v2.0.2

10th December 2010Native Instruments Maschine v1.6 (incl. VST/AU hosting) and Kontakt v4.2 Now in Beta

10th December 2010Keolab announces Spicy Guitar Deal for Christmas (40% discount)

10th December 2010discoDSP releases KeyPad TouchOSC + OSCulator Template for iOS

10th December 2010Kuassa announces Amplifikation One Special Offer (30% off)

10th December 2010Mildon Studios releases M4GIQ, launches "Crazy Christmas Promo" and releases free Wotopolo synth

10th December 2010MOTU updates Digital Performer to v7.22 and MasterWorks Collection to v1.0.1

10th December 2010reKon audio updates VST-AU MKS-80 Editor to v1.1.4

9th December 2010Sinevibes updates Turbo to v1.0.1 and introduces Constructor and Vocoder Sample Collections [WAV|AIF]

8th December 2010LePou Plugins releases LeCab2 VST for Windows

8th December 2010Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Reverb-2 to v1.60; Linux ports of 6 TAL plug-ins released

8th December 2010Steinberg updates WaveLab to v7.0.1

8th December 2010eaReckon updates EAReverb to v1.0.1

8th December 2010Adobe updates Premiere Pro CS5 to v5.0.3

8th December 2010Cycling '74 updates Max to v5.1.7

7th December 2010Dario Maffia releases V-DJM 2ch - Virtual DJ Mixer

7th December 2010MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v1.44

7th December 2010Prodyon updates Phenome to v1.70 and re-launches "Plug-In for Life"

7th December 2010Native Instruments releases Abbey Road Modern Drums

7th December 2010Tekky Synths releases G-RAiN - "Granulizer Sampler"

7th December 2010Sound Magic releases Cocoa Piano and updates Ruby Piano3D to v1.2

7th December 2010XILS Lab releases PolyKB II - Vintage Polyphonic Virtual Synthesizer

7th December 2010Prosoniq updates OrangeVocoder AU to v3.35 and Morph AU to v1.33

7th December 2010Modartt releases a Pleyel add-on for Pianoteq

7th December 2010Kuassa releases Amplifikation Creme

7th December 2010Synapse Audio releases DUNE for Windows x64

7th December 2010PSP re-releases PSP PianoVerb (incl. Win & Mac 64-bit)

7th December 2010algoriddim releases djay for iPad

6th December 2010Universal Audio releases Official "SSL E Series Channel Strip" and "G Series Bus Compressor" plug-ins for UAD-2 and updates UAD Software to v5.8 (incl. 64-Bit Mac support)

6th December 2010NUGEN Audio releases Stereopack 2 (Stereoizer, Monofilter, Stereoplacer)

6th December 2010Eyosido Software releases eyoControl - MIDI controllers for iPad

5th December 2010Tone2 Audiosoftware releases ElectraX

5th December 2010Puremagnetik releases LadyVox - A Vocal Collection for Live, Kontakt & Logic

5th December 2010elysia releases alpha compressor and announces mpressor Price Drop

5th December 2010J1000 updates Alpha and Beta EQs to v3.5

5th December 2010Big Tick Audio updates Zen to v1.2

5th December 2010eaReckon releases EAReverb - Stereo VST Reverb for Windows

3rd December 2010Sugar Bytes updates Artillery, WOW, Vogue and Robotronic (incl. 64-bit)

3rd December 2010LePou Plugins releases LeCto VST for Mac

3rd December 2010Sinevibes releases the Turbo

3rd December 2010MakeMusic updates Finale PrintMusic to 2011a

3rd December 2010LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.660

3rd December 2010Blue Cat Audio updates FreqAnalyst to v1.7 (incl. 64-bit Mac VST)