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2B Played Music releases "2B Controlled" Frequency Enhancer

2B Played Music

Today 2B Played Music released 2B Controlled, a powerful dynamic stereo / mid / side frequency processor / enhancer.

2B Controlled is built to help you:

  • Enhance your track/kick low end.
  • Enhance mid/side frequencies.
  • Control and enhance stereo frequencies.
  • Enhance vocals/drums/bass.
  • High pass track parts while keeping them strong.
  • Control your master stereo/mid or side frequencies.

2B Controlled consists of a unique combination of filters combined with the so-called pull-push technology.

There are 4 modes to choose from: Pitch, Classic, Trimmed and Single. With all 4 modes you can choose between: Stereo Processing, Mid Processing or Side Processing.

In pitch mode, 2B Controlled applies some unique powerful filters to extract the set frequency from the original signal, process it and push it back into the mix. The classic mode adds some resonance to this. These two modes put the classic way of enhancing the lows and mids of your mix at your fingertips.

In trimmed mode a unique high pass filter is applied. The signal is extracted from the original signal and put back into the mix. 2B Played Music says you'll find that this is one of the most effective ways to control the low end of your mix. The single mode goes a step further. Here low-pass filters are used to extract the set frequencies from the original signal. 2B Played Music says that as a result, you get a surprising pure high pass filter to control your mix.

2B Controlled is now available for Windows and macOS with an intro offer at the 2B Played Music website.

Intro Price: €8,26 (Excl. EU VAT).



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