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Bitwig Studio updated to v2.4.2


Bitwig Studio has been updated to v2.4.2.

Changes in v2.4.2


  • Scene could have wrong height in Mix view under certain circumstances.
  • Adjusted auto-suspend behavior for some amplitude-averaging devices (such as Compressor, Transient Control, and Peak Limiter).

Regression Fixes:

  • Inserting beat markers via double-click sometimes would not work in layered Detail Editor Panel.
  • E-Kick device: differences between 2.3 and 2.4.
  • Under rare circumstances, a clip copied from the Arranger to the Clip Launcher could play back with an incorrect amplitude.

Changes in v2.4.1


  • Sampler: When in Cycles mode, root key setting (plus fine tuning amount) is visualized on the waveform when zoomed in.
  • Sampler: uses less memory.
  • Some improvements to the startup time of the application.
  • Changed default "Channel to" setting in track inspector to 1, recording notes to channel 1 by default.


  • MPE expressions now work more reliably for VST plug-ins.
  • Browser Panel no longer slow when unfolding system disk tree file hierarchy on macOS.
  • Layout issue in the Dashboard help section on displays with a large height.
  • Crash sometimes when using a controller with remote controls and moving between devices.
  • Always treat the enter key on the number pad the same as the normal enter key so it works everywhere where the normal enter key works for shortcuts.
  • Sampler: Zone-logic (Always play / Round-robin) wasn't stored in MULTISAMPLE files.
  • Sampler: dragging a sample file from the used list of samples inside a multisample did not work.
  • Sampler: "Browse Samples" was not possible when the Sampler window is in detached mode.
  • Sampler: Distribute Key / Velocity / Select Equally functions could not be mapped to keyboard shortcuts.
  • Channel Filter device: would sometimes crash when receiving system MIDI messages (like active sensing) from a plug-in.
  • Instrument Selector device: an empty device was creating around 50ms of latency.
  • Note Echo device: could generate invalid channel number.
  • MIDI CC device: could send an incorrect CC 127.
  • Keytrack modulator default values in absolute mode were not giving a straight line.
  • Engine crash when cutting or copying a scene in some cases.
  • Use global time signature for newly created clips on arranger when arranger does not have any time signature automation.
  • When creating a new project and we close the previous project activate the audio engine on the new project if it was activated on the one we closed.
  • Some PNG files could crash the application on Windows if there were errors downloading them (e.g in the dashboard help).
  • Panning or zooming with middle mouse button would put focus into the viewport being panned which it shouldn't.
  • Only try to focus a Bitwig Studio main window if the user explicitly closes a plugin window by clicking on the close button in the window title.
  • Crash when searching in the browser using the dir keyword and a quoted argument containing non-word characters (e.g. dir:"dir to search for").
  • Quneo script would crash when receiving some MIDI CC messages.
  • DeviceBank.scrollTo set the scroll position instead of scrolling the position into view like the comment says it should.
  • Random engine crashes when using some controllers scripts.
  • Rare crash when closing a project sometimes.

Regression Fixes:

  • Sampler: The fade-out that happens at sample-stop to prevent clicks didn't work for large block-sizes.
  • Rare crash when consolidating audio clips.
  • Some WAV files that could be read in 2.3.5 could not be read in 2.4 (e.g., when metadata had been edited in NI Maschine).
  • Crash when dragging launcher clip from grouped track to arranger in some cases.
  • Dragging or inserting expression events on raw audio would sometimes leave the expression events in the wrong order.
  • Keytracking for filters was slightly off since 2.4.
  • Under some conditions, audio clips could get into an alternating silence state after the arrangement loop jumped.
  • Action "start audio event here" on beat markers might set an incorrect start time.


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