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Bitwig Studio updated to v2.5.1


Bitwig Studio has been updated to v2.5.1.

Plug-in Fixes:

  • Reduce loading time and memory usage for some VST3 plug-ins.
  • Plug-ins that don't report begin and end edit of parameters (e.g when clicking with the mouse in the plug-in window) now simulate begin/end which is a requirement for the touch automation mode to work.
  • Improve the error messages when we find problems scanning plug-ins (less redundant information).
  • If a plug-in constantly reports latency- and IO-changes then ignore these to avoid audio drop-outs.
  • Don't show errors found when trying to treat a shared library as a plug-in if it is just a normal shared library and not a plug-in (Linux/Windows).
  • When switching presets in a plug-in GUI and a parameter has modulation apply the modulation to the value in the preset.
  • Better handling of VST3 plug-ins that list the same parameter ID multiple times - choose the most likely one based on the metadata.
  • In some cases VST3 parameters would jitter slightly when moved.
  • If a plug-in parameter is modulated allow the user to still interact with it in the plug-in GUI (disable modulation while they do this) and then re-enable when they finish.
  • If a VST3 plug-in parameter was modulated it was hard to edit it inside the plug-in window as it jumped while you tried to edit it.
  • Some VST3 parameters did not update in their plug-in window when they were automated or modulated.
  • Plug-ins that incorrectly list their parameters with non-unique IDs didn't work correctly.
  • Workaround for Acustica VST3 plug-ins: Was incorrectly stating a parameter change came from a user interaction.
  • Workaround for Acqua VST3 plug-ins: Ignore MIDI mappings interface it was returning invalid data.


  • Sampler didn't trigger envelope on notes that were shorter than one sample - this could happen with certain drum kits.
  • SFZ files that set a default path to find its samples cannot be loaded.
  • ALSA might fail to scan the devices if the previously selected device is disconnected (Linux).
  • Undoing the move of a scene could result in a broken layout of the arranger clip launcher if some scenes had a custom width.
  • Sliding content does not work correctly on reversed audio events.
  • Reordering scenes in a nested track results in a broken clip launcher layout.
  • Crash in Maschine JAM script when stepping through parameter pages of DRC VST plug-in.
  • Control scripts that don't require any hardware (e.g. MIDI or USB) don't automatically start when added.
  • Controller visualizations shown in the status bar may not always show the correct value when the parameter is changed in the Bitwig Studio user interface.
  • Stereo Split Device is -6dB too quiet.
  • The timing on some modulation routings would be one processing buffer late.

Regression Fixes:

  • Value displays for plug-in parameters not updated on controllers in 2.5 if the parameter is not currently visible in the parameter list in the device chain.
  • Some very old projects that were create in 1.1.x where the user had copied the master track into a nested track group's track list meant that the project could not open in 2.3.x or later.


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