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Cockos updates REAPER to v4.73


Cockos updates REAPER to v4.73.


  • Timestretch:
    • added the elastique v3 pitch shift/timestretch engine.
    • fixes to extreme stretch logic.
  • Actions:
    • fixed 'FX: Set MIDI learn for last touched FX parameter' when triggered from MIDI controllers.
    • improved undo for duplicate item actions.
  • Items:
    • fixed 'Duplicate items' misbehaviour with ripple editing.
    • fixed item edge locking.
  • Recording:
    • optimized disk writing buffers.
    • changed OS X default write mode to unbuffered, reduced buffer size.
  • AU: fixed PDC failures when track channel counts change.
  • Menu bar: fixed mangling of UTF-8 characters when truncating action strings.
  • ReaControlMIDI: support all 14 bit resolution CC pairs.
  • ReaScript: load several scripts in one go.
  • ReaVerb: improved handling of certain low-level mono signals.
  • Render Region Matrix: fixed unselected region rendering.
  • Stretch markers: auto-seek when editing stretch markers and auto-seek-on-edit is set in prefs.
  • Track FX envelopes: fixed inserted points despite automation lane not armed.
  • Undo: fixed edit cursor being sometimes moved despite preferences.
  • VST: support for effCanBeAutomated to allow plug-ins to not show hidden parameters.


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