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Cockos updates REAPER to v5.29


Cockos has updated REAPER to v5.29.


Development IDEs:

  • (ReaScript, Video Processor, JSFX).
  • improve context-sensitive function information in top line.
  • show function list on right click in some IDEs (Ctrl+right click for watch behavior).
  • allow peeking values via Ctrl+K.
  • user configurable colors (in theme tweak window, though not theme dependent).
  • highlight known API functions, variables.
  • allow searching APIs via watch filter.
  • doubleclicking item in watch list copies name.
  • improve performance of Lua IDE syntax highlighting.
  • show errors and highlight source code error when applicable when saving via Ctrl+S.

Notation editor:

  • fix detached flags at certain zoom levels.
  • add option to position dynamics below the staff by default.
  • prevent copied phrases from spanning multiple tracks.
  • properly undo edits on secondary tracks.
  • support two articulations plus one ornament per note.


  • avoid flicker when using monitoring FX and repositioning edit cursor.
  • improve behavior changing FX presets (restore scroll, reposition cursor).
  • improve edge case handling of various presets.
  • improve render frame timing.
  • add tempo/time signature processor access (project_tempo, project_ts_num, project_time_qn, etc).


  • add __denormal_likely () and __denormal_unlikely () optimization hint metafunctions.
  • add new analysis effect gain_reduction_scope.
  • avoid heap fragmentation when using PDC+pin mapper on multichannel tracks.

MIDI editor:

  • add option to display note name and velocity information on secondary media items.
  • improve velocity lane behavior with non-zoom-dependent CC density.
  • smoother velocity lane editing.


  • export hollow and filled diamond noteheads properly.
  • fix vertical positioning of exported dynamics.
  • properly export mixed accidentals and enharmonics.


  • fix potential hang issue with 'flush FX on loop' option enabled.
  • improve anticipative FX corner case on loop with sends and PDC.
  • fix potential glitch when changing track channel count or flushing FX on loop.


  • support device names up to 256 characters long.


  • obey beats timebase when moving or pasting multiple envelope points.


  • fix 10.12 text drawing when showing some modal windows (such as project load warnings).


  • fix double-click to add track when the last visible track is a folder, tracks in folder are hidden, and folder is closed.

Notation PDF export:

  • fix detached flags at certain zoom levels.


  • add MIDI lyrics viewer script, action to launch it.

Stretch markers:

  • improve auto-add of markers on tempo map edits, moving across tempo changes.

Virtual MIDI Keyboard:

  • fix keyboard behaviors.


  • fix soft takeover with bridged plug-ins.


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