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Cockos updates REAPER to v1.21


Cockos has updated REAPER to v1.21.

Changes since v1.18:

  • Preliminary ReWire support (big thanks to Propellerhead Software).
  • Right click+drag anywhere in tracks is now marquee selection.
  • Removed tabstop from transport entry fields (to keep them from accidentally getting focus).
  • Fixed track index display for aux send dialog.
  • FX chains: better locking (more stable, less chance of sound interruption).
  • FX chain: doubleclick FX floats it.
  • DX/DXi: plug-ins are now sorted properly in the Add FX dialog.
  • VST: plug-ins are now sorted without regard to case.
  • VST: audioMasterProcessEvents ignores MIDI event size field (since most other hosts seem to).
  • MIDI editor: clicking on items doesn't move edit cursor.
  • MIDI editor: right click+drag does multi-select (no need for alt).
  • MIDI editor: updated rounding for MIDI time display.
  • MIDI editor: better ruler time display.
  • MIDI editor: inserting items default length is snap size.
  • MIDI editor: fixed bug where adjust a single item in vel lane wouldn't update value display.
  • New Akoustic RADAR color/icontheme.
  • Scrollbars for large aux send/io/envelope dialogs.
  • Updated tab ordering of window panels to ease navigation between tracks etc.
  • Option to disable mousewheel for faders.
  • When pasting items, the paste position is offset by the first item's snap offset.
  • Update akoustic icons/theme.
  • Fixed "apply FX" for plug-ins needing VSTtimeinfo etc.
  • Made selection lock work on some of the newer selection logic.
  • Made locked selection completely pass mouse through to items below.
  • Looping in loop selection works past end of project.
  • MIDI looping accuracy fix (was one sample off).
  • Fullscreen mode goes to current monitor on dual monitor systems rather than primary.
  • MIDI editor: fixed vol bar adjustment precision for MIDI events.
  • Fixed external editors preferences screen on win9x.
  • Fixed fullscreen repaint bug on some machines.
  • Post-fader sends also use track phase inversion setting NOTE: IF A PROJECT USES A POST-FADER SEND FROM A PHASE INVERTED TRACK, IT MAY NEED TO BE CORRRECTED!


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