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Cockos updates REAPER to v2.032


Cockos has updated REAPER to v2.032.

Changes since v2.027:

  • Large tool window frames: better window sizing.
  • JS: fixed spl() bug.
  • Manual output offsets are now used for play cursor positioning etc.
  • Improved behavior when starting playback at end of loop selection.
  • Better autoseek and time selection skipping.
  • Added support for VSTs to notify of parameter list changes (to preserve automation).
  • Reaeq: band deletion notification, better undo state saving when changing settings.
  • Readelay, reapitch, reaxcomp: band deletion notification.
  • Fixed a rare rounding bug with MIDI items starting on time signature changes.
  • Option to disable media buffering on selected tracks.
  • MIDI editor: fixed doublespeed preview bug.
  • MIDI: option to disable trimming of MIDI items when splitting them.
  • Improved some render options in -renderproject command line option.
  • Added optional SIZE_TO_SOURCE for media items for autogenerated projects.
  • Maybe better MIDI hardware output (higher resolution, should be compatible).
  • Fixed a bug in the JS smpte_ltc_decoder, added an experimental auto-clocking smpte_ltc_decoder_new.
  • MIDI editor: fixed funky scrollbarness at max zoomout.
  • Improved locking for decoupled time selection/loop points.
  • Added lock flag (and actions) for loop points.
  • Made CTRL+shift+doubleclick items default to "set loop points to item", added prefs option.
  • Made new alt+click for seekonly also work in tracks (empty areas and on items), ruler.
  • New JS: waveshapers/graphdist (graphical distortion).
  • Actions for moving cursor to start/end of time selection, loop.
  • Actions for clearing time selection, or loop selection, or both (which defaults to ESC).
  • Fixed bug in precise-mode MIDI shutdown code for some drivers.
  • Option to decouple time selection (formerly "loop selection") from loop points.
  • Actions to copy time selection to/from loop points, clear loop points.
  • When decoupled, dragging in ruler adjusts time selection, in tracks adjusts selection.
  • Holding alt while adjusting time selection forces loop points to change to time selection.
  • You can now use time selection autopunch in a larger loop, or play skipping time selection in a loop.
  • Holding alt with right click marquee now adjusts time selection.
  • Added new colortheme setting for loop points (defaults to time selection).
  • Fixed alignment of looped recording when recording output without latency compensation.
  • Reasamplomatic: fixed a velocity gain bug.
  • Improved MIDI event sample rounding on playback.
  • Minimum loop sizes are no longer tied to view size.
  • CTRL+click in ruler/tracks doesn't seek (just moves cursor), alt+click in tracks just seeks.
  • MIDI input quantize: fixed saving of swing state in project.
  • MIDI input quantize: fixed some noteoff tracking in certain instances.
  • MIDI input quantize: added quantize percentage range.
  • MIDI editor: CC adding mouse handling improvements.
  • Better MIDI CC tracking/resetting.
  • Fix for plug-ins that capture the mouse during keyboard input (SM etc).
  • Added actions to toggle selected track folder state and folder collapsed state.
  • Media explorer: playing loops with tempo information while playing project will start loop on measure.
  • Media explorer: now remembers repeat state.
  • Media explorer: previews now loop sample accurate, and fixed MIDI previews routed to audio tracks muting audio.


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