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Cockos updates REAPER to v3.451


Cockos has updated REAPER to v3.451.

Changes in v3.451:

  • Resampling: fixed a bug added in 3.45.
  • Fixed a bug in peak-cache reference counting in certain instances when recording.

Changes in v3.45:

  • Trim behind items:
    • Option to always trim behind active items when editing (prevent overlaps).
    • Option to always trim behind new items when recording (prevent splitting/takes).
    • Options can be changed via Options menu or actions (can be placed on toolbar).
    • Editing option applies when pasting, importing, drag/dropping media.
  • OSX:
    • Support for passing all keyboard input to plug-in, for Carbon-based plug-ins.
    • Removed excess processing on startup when switching between architectures (Intel/PPC/64).
    • Fixed themed play cursor drawing bugs.
    • Themed cursor support, cleanups to cursors to match Windows.
    • Changing modifier keys without moving the mouse updates cursor immediately.
    • 64-bit VST UI support.
    • Safer closing of VST configurations when unloading (force autorelease).
    • Fixed AU cocoa views for some plug-ins.
    • Avoid trying to use PPC bridging if rosetta is not installed.
    • Fixed underscore entry in JS editor.
    • Fixed ReaMote bridge support.
    • Screensets save/restore the docker height.
  • Added actions:
    • Added show REAPER resource path in explorer/finder (in options menu).
    • Reset all MIDI devices (brings OSX missing MIDI devices back to life).
    • Remove fadein/fadeout for selected items.
    • Enable/disable default media item fadein/fadeout.
    • Snap selected media items to nearest snap point left/right/either.
    • Move selected envelope points left/right a little bit or by grid, up/down a little bit.
  • Envelopes:
    • Do not change envelope point selection when opening context menu.
    • Do not focus envelopes on many operations (such as moving env pts from track to track).
    • Fixed envelope state changing on y-move of media items.
    • Fix for hard-to-edit envelope point when snapping to many small media items on the track.
    • User option to double-click to add points to take envelopes.
    • Avoid creating duplicate envelope points when moving items.
  • MIDI editor:
    • Reduce flicker when marquee selecting in piano roll.
    • Reduce flicker when changing selection in event list.
    • Fixed CPU hang on some builds when scrolling to C-1.
    • Mousewheel/relative controller actions to adjust selected event times or values.
    • Shift+mousewheel (re-assignable) adjusts selected event values (piano roll or event list).
    • Shift+horizontal mousewheel (magic mouse) (re-assignable) adjusts selected event times.
    • Update CC lane usage indicator immediately when adding or deleting in CC lane.
  • Windows:
    • Better Windows 7/Vista UAC support for user customizable content (JS, ColorThemes, etc).
    • Faster display updating on some actions.
    • Installer installs start menu/desktop icons to all users rather than current user.
    • Installer file type registrations separate for x64 and x86.
    • User-editable content (themes, JS, etc) are now installed to user profile directory automatically.
    • File reading: if a file cannot be read because it is being written, try to open anyway.
  • Actions:
    • Support for (Windows) logo key / (OSX) control key for shortcuts.
    • Creating chromatic MIDI from selected items now respects tempo changes.
    • Item nudging (up/down/left/right) actions now affect envelope points if an envelope is focused.
    • Update main window immediately following actions when non-lazy updates enabled.
  • Free item positioning mode:
    • Preserve auto-crossfades when automatically repositioning items.
    • Preserve existing item arrangement when recording new items.
  • JS:
    • Fixed time_adjustment flipping stereo channels.
    • Removed configuration for JS path -- always uses common (installed) resource path.
  • Media explorer:
    • Fixed end of loop glitch on preview of certain items.
    • Smoother preview looping when starting preview on the bar.
  • Media item fades:
    • Alt+click deletes fadein/fadeout.
    • Shift+drag moves entire crossfade region regardless of auto-crossfade setting.
    • Shift+right click a crossfade to change the fade shape of both sides at once.
  • Peaks:
    • Show preview peaks on items currently being recorded and inserted in project/other projects.
    • Better logic for building when using multiple projects and recording.
  • REX:
    • Faster peaks display.
    • Can now change tempo in all-slices mode via source properties.
  • Splash:
    • Better behavior when relaunching while splash is still open.
    • Show splash screen in taskbar when launching.
  • Themes:
    • Zipped theme image support, ReaperThemeZip support (for combination of theme + images).
    • Default themes are now included in the new format for faster installs/USB copies/first runs.
  • Video:
    • Improved stopped behavior, scrub behavior.
    • Native FFmpeg support if installed.
  • VST:
    • Do not unload plug-in code from RAM, unless new option for old behavior is set.
    • Fix for broken plug-ins that send NULL VstEvents.
  • API: Added track FX window showing/hiding APIs.
  • Cursors: item fadein/fadeout cursor is easier to see, new xfade_move cursor for crossfade shift+drag.
  • Dual trim: editing a shared edge between selected items also edits other selected item pairs.
  • FX: last touched parameter is updated only on mouse move, not controller move.
  • Help menu: PDF/CHM files can now be read from REAPER appdata Docs/ folder (or exe path on Windows).
  • Item and waveform drawing: draw items more consistently opaque when their audio masks other items.
  • OGG/Vorbis: updated to libogg-1.2.0, libvorbis-1.3.1.
  • Presets: now stored in appdata/presets by default (old preset- filenames still work in their existing paths).
  • ReaControlMIDI: added UTF8 support for UI.
  • ReaScript: fixed Python support on OSX (broken in 3.4).
  • Recording: project secondary path, can set per track option to use secondary path.
  • Resampling: internal cleanups, freeing of unused memory when changing modes.
  • SoundTouch: fixed processing of single sample blocks (fixes media explorer loop glitch when tempo matching).


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