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FMJ-Software updates Awave Studio to v10.5


FMJ-Software has updated Awave Studio to version 10.5. This update to the instrument editor and format converter adds support for Ensoniq EPS 16+ and ASR-10 CDs, Yamaha Tyros 3 drum-kits, Cakewalk SFZ v2, Westacott WinRanX, and Korg M3 files.


  • Added an "I/O->Read Ensoniq CD" command to read files from Ensoniq EPS 16+ and Ensoniq ASR-10 CD-ROM's.
  • Added support for writing Yamaha Tyros 3 drum-kits (.UVD).
  • Added limited support for reading Cakewalk SFZ format version 2 (.SFZ). NB; version 2 EG's and LFO's are not converted (version 1 EG's and LFO's are).
  • Added support for reading and writing Westacott WinRanX Instrument Files (.WRF).
  • Added support for reading & writing Korg M3 samples (.KSF), keymaps (.KMP) and scripts files (.KSC).
  • Accumulated bug fixes.


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