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KX77FREE updates KX-SYNTH-X16 to v4.1


KX77FREE has released version 4.1 of KX-SYNTH-X16.

Changes since v3.3:

  • Now the built-in sequencer is polyphonic with 6 tracks of 256 steps. They are 6 data per step: CV, gate state, accent 1, accent 2, length, trigger2. All of these data are saved on the hard disk. More possibilities to synchronize the sequencer with the host. The old files *.x16 are compatible with this new version.
  • All sequencer presets have been rewritten.
  • Improvement of the ring modulator with 4 new limiters (oversampled).
  • The X Mod and Y Mod sources can modulate the Ring Modulator.
  • Improvement of the matrix modularity, the In1, In2, X Mod, Y Mod matrix sources have the same choice of modulations (VCA Env is also included).
  • The joystick has now two offsets, 0 to 10 or -10 to 10.
  • A management of the output signals (left, right, meter) has been added.
  • Peak follower on audio inputs and MIDI output added on the FX version.
  • Possibility to hold the trigger button, a way to put always the effect on (Fx version).
  • An hermite interpolation have been added to the delay.
  • Possibility to transpose the VCOs directly with pop-up menus.
  • A bank of 32 new presets is provided with the plug-in (160 KX's presets).

Fixed bugs:

  • The audio inputs are muted (4 sec) when the initialization (FX version).
  • The MIDI input channel was always set to All and its selector followed the program change.
  • The bug of the audio outputs with Sonar and Zynewave seems really fixed.
  • Strong entries of the pitch values could crash the frequency displays, each display is limited now.


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