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KX77FREE releases major updates for Kx Synth x16, Kx PolyM CSE, Kx PolyMod, Kx Modulad, Kx WaveTracer, SE PolyMod KX


KX77FREE has released updates for several free plug-ins.

Kx Synth x16 7.0 / Kx PolyM CSE 3.0 / Kx PolyMod 3.0 / Kx Modulad 5.0 / Kx WaveTracer 5.0 / SE PolyMod KX 2.0:

  • New SR option to change the internal sample rate up to 192k (beta, for advanced users, please read the Readme file).
  • New internal preset management.
  • Possibility to load VST3 presets with VST2 plug-ins.
  • MIDI learn settings saved in the presets.
  • Kx PolyMod: new oversampled distortion effect, Tube (version 2.14 and 3.00).
  • Total of 1042 VST3 presets for the 6 plug-ins.

Fixed bugs:

  • The plug-in outputs were muted for a short time when the first initialisation of GUI editors when these ones were opened (also fixed on x.x14 versions).
  • Help texts were displayed incomplete.

SE PolyMod KX AU 64-bit:

  • Updated with the latest SE version 1.4488 debugged on recent OS X versions by Mac developers from SE community.


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