MuTools has updated MuLab and MUX Modular VST to version 7.3.9.

What's new:

  • When opening a project containing pitch-bend automation parts, these parts did not show the correct Y axis info at the left of the envelope editor. Fixed.
  • Fixed a memory leak when using the step sequencer as a MUX Modular front panel component.
  • String fields: When lassoing a part of the string, the lasso section was not always at the correct place. Fixed.
  • Insert/Delete Time Slice: Affected markers were not immediately redrawn. Fixed.
  • When opening projects/patches with missing audio files and using the search function, then leaving the Root folder empty could result in unexpected behavior, even a crash. Fixed.
  • Envelope editor: Clicking points now immediately selects that point without a display lag.
  • Fixed a potential crash bug when the modulation system is overflowing.
  • Extended the bounds of the modulation system.
  • Export To MIDI File: Previously only the selected non-muted parts were exported, now all non-muted parts are exported. If you want to exclude parts from the export you can do so by (temporarily) muting them.
  • Fixed a possible little rounding/drifting issue when doing oscillator pitch modulation.
  • Fixed a potential issue with the new Plug-In Slot module eg. using the Oscilloscope in such slot did not sync to the incoming notes.
  • Added a gentle reminder when you inserted your initial user key but not yet your personal user key.


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