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MuTools updates MuLab to v8.1.5


MuTools has updated MuLab to version 8.1.5.


  • Spectral stretching now includes a spectral filter. This filter can do soft to steep lowpass, highpass and band filtering.
  • Spectral stretching now features anti-aliasing when pitching up. This results in a much more usable sound when playing stretched samples 1 or more octaves higher.
  • The spectral stretch property panel now is a non-modal (non-blocking) floating window. This enhances the workflow.
  • Editing spectral stretch properties are undoable actions.
  • Spectral stretching: Lower CPU usage when pitching up.
  • Spectral stretching: Added a "Post End Mode" option that can be used to polish stretched audio sequences, i.e. to make adjacent events play as seamless as possible, it depends on the type of audio.
  • Sequence editors: When changing values via the event property bar at the bottom, new undo points are automatically created when the last change was more than a little second ago.
  • Sequence editors: Fixed a bug in the undo-redo system when changing values via the event property bar at the bottom, especially when combining undoing + changing the selection.
  • Sample -> DSP functions -> Stretch: Rendered incorrect results when stretching samples with a samplerate different from the current project samplerate. Fixed.
  • Sample -> DSP functions: When applying functions that alter the sample's length (e.g. Stretch, Resample) then MuSampla audio display was not properly updated. Fixed.
  • Other little improvements.




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