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MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-In to v8.3


MuTools has updated MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-In to v8.3.


  • Event mutes let you mute individual events.
  • Multi-Point Envelope module: New "Global Level" parameter lets you automate and modulate the overall output level of a (looped) envelope.
  • Windows 32-bit version: New "Convert REX Files" function that converts all REX files in a folder to standard WAV files which also include the REX slice markers.


  • Event Graph Editor: When tweaking velocity beams or drawing a curve line, now a tool tip pops up showing relevant details while dragging the beam/line.
  • VST Plug-In Manager: Extra category functions:
  • Add category to selected plug-ins.
  • Remove category from selected plug-ins.
  • Remove all categories from selected plug-ins.
  • Finetuned positioning of tooltips.
  • "Help" sub-menu renamed to "Tools".


  • Default shortcuts to Project Open/Save/Save As were not OK.
  • Project Browser: When "What" = All Files and "Where" is a large file set (e.g. root folder) and "Which" didn't contain a name filter then this could overload MuLab/MUX resulting in a hang or crash.
  • When auto-stretched sample events were clipped by the part's end, this was unintentionally taken into account by the auto-stretch.
  • (Un) Muting tracks did not immediately redraw the parts to reflect their muted state.
  • Previewing Multi-Samples and REX files from the Project Browser could cause a crash.
  • Windows: When using both MuLab 32-bit and MuLab 64-bit and sharing the same user folder, the already inserted user key was not recognized between both versions and needed to be reinserted.
  • Multi-Point Envelopes: When dragging a Loop Start/End point and then undoing and redoing that, this resulted in a bad envelope point.
  • Multi-Point Envelopes: When just drawing a new point without dragging and then undoing and redoing that, this resulted in a bad envelope point.

All info and downloads on MuTools.com



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