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MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-In to v8.6


MuTools has updated MuLab and MUX Modular Plug-in to version 8.6.


  • New XY MIDI Controller Pad module.
  • New XY Parameter Pad module.
  • New XY Modulation Pad module.
  • Export Composition/Tracks As Audio File now also supports exporting to OGG files.
  • The "Render Parts As New Sample" function has been streamlined so to always render the looped / selected parts.
  • New "Render Parts As New Audio Part" function which is very similar to "Render Parts As New Sample" but it creates an audio part.
  • MuEcho device now uses Modular Feedback Delays. (instead of a deprecated legacy echo module).
  • MuVerb: The Pre-DSP module list now also includes a Rack and a MUX Modular.
  • Modular Feedback Delay: Finetuned module list.
  • Front panel parameters now have the option to set the displayed parameter name.
  • Front panel parameters now have the option to show their name uppercase.
  • Zooming in/out in the audio editor now focuses on the pure mouse cursor position. (not on the nearest zero-cross anymore).
  • The Editor Navigation preference has extra options in case you prefer a vertical action.
  • Chord Mapper also accepts dropped MuSequence and MIDI files.
  • Spectral Stretch: New 'Post End Mode' called "Avoid" which also is the new default. This will result in more smoothly glued adjacent slices.
  • Audio sequence editor: When double-clicking a sample event to open the sample editor, now the relevant section is automatically zoomed in.
  • When importing a MIDI file and there only is a tempo event at the very start of it, then the resulting composition tempo is properly set but no tempo event is inserted in the tempo track. That way it's easier to change the tempo of such imported MIDI file.
  • When holding the mouse over a audio level meter, e.g. in a rack, now the tooltip that shows the actual max level will not auto-hide anymore, it stays visible as long as the mouse is in the level meter area.
  • You can now also drag-drop an Audio Stream from the Project Browser to a sample player display.
  • MacOS: Added explicit support notification for hi-res screens. This avoids a possible blurry GUI on hi-res screens.
  • MUX Plugin: In order to avoid possible conflicts with the host while scanning plugins, MUX Plugin now uses a more conservative way to show the User License Agreement.
  • MUX Modular Area -> The "Rearrange Meta-Parameters" function has been replaced by drag-dropping a meta-parameter onto one of its sibling meta-parameters.
  • VST Plugin Manager now also memorizes whether a VST is a 32-bit or 64-bit plugin. Upon choosing a VST in your project, only the matching VSTs are shown, so MuLab 64-bit won't show 32-bit VSTs in the popup list.
  • VST Plugin Manager: "Rescan" will now rescan all selected plugins.
  • Project Browser: "Where" popup list now also includes "Project Folder".
  • Project browser: Improved support for creating/deleting sub-folders. (via right-click).
  • Waveform displays now also accept a OGG file drop.
  • Audio editor: When very zoomed in, the very right-side of the waveform was not drawn as expected. Fixed.
  • When record count down was set to 0 beats, playback didn't immediately start anymore upon recording. Fixed.
  • When a composer track sends to a module, but the module is not processed because e.g. its parent rack is switched off, this could lead to general MIDI silence. Fixed.
  • Step sequencer: When showing knobs for CC values, the knob was too big. Fixed.
  • Depending on the audio engine settings, previewing MuClips could cause serious problems. Fixed.
  • Audio sequences: Split Using Markers was not always working right. Fixed.
  • Audio sequences: When playing non-stretched sample events, the audio end marker was not always taken into account. Fixed.
  • Audio sequence editor: Sample events that play reversed audio where not drawn with marker lines. Fixed.
  • Render To New Audio Part: The Auto Latency Compensation was not always immediately right. Fixed.
  • When previewing MuClips from the browser and there was no active loop in the composition, these MuClips were not properly synced. Fixed.
  • The "Shake Keys" sequence function was working correctly when applied on a selection of note events. Fixed.
  • When plugging in a Spectrum Analyzer, the spectrum display showed odd data the first seconds. Fixed.
  • Copy-pasting MuDrum pads and Sample Layers containing a VST plugin was not working anymore. Fixed.
  • When sending audio from the composer to a module and meanwhile changing the latency could potentially cause a crash. Fixed.
  • Composer: Audio sequence parts using a relative tempo different from 100% were not drawn fully right. Fixed.
  • When changing the MIDI channel for the focused track, external MIDI did not immediately use the new channel, it first needed a click on the track. Fixed.
  • When using per part MIDI channels, clicking such parts was not reflected when playing MIDI input. Fixed.
  • MacOS: Windows were not minimizable anymore. Fixed.
  • Multi-Point Envelope: When using a single point sustain loop, then On Note Off = Finish Loop was not working correctly. Fixed.
  • MUX Front Panel -> Plugin Slot -> Properties -> the "Back Colors" were not properly taken into account. Fixed.
  • The Step Sequencer Mod Group parameters have explicit individual names.
  • Windows 32-bit version: Fixed a potential crash bug when using very big samples or applying functions on very large audio segments.
  • Misc. other improvements.



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