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Cockos updates REAPER to v3.76


Cockos has updated REAPER to version 3.76.


  • Toolbars:
    • Fixed default icon images for floating toolbars.
    • Fixed positioning of context menus for floating toolbars.
  • VST:
    • Other getOutputLatency() accuracy improvements on playback start.
    • When project measure offset is less than 1, ignore it.
  • Actions: nudge track volume actions now are capable of writing automation.
  • Editing: actions that remove areas of the project not removing certain items that start/end near selection.
  • Graphic glitch fix for items at extreme zoom levels: Graphic glitch fix for items at extreme zoom levels.
  • MIDI Editor: avoid deadlock when step sequencing using realtime MIDI inputs.
  • mp3dec: fixed length calculation on files with truncated final frame.
  • Nudge pan action can now write automation: Nudge pan action can now write automation.
  • OSX: MIDI hardware I/O improvements.
  • Playback: fixed anticipative FX RAM/CPU/playback issue when starting playback past end of project.
  • ReaNINJAM: improved chat interface, especially on OS X.
  • Recording: option to put timestamp at start of recorded filenames.
  • Rendering: improvements to online render (lowered RT CPU use).
  • Split/trim items: correctly remove silence (when configured) before last item in split.


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