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PreSonus updates Studio One to v3.3.4 and Notion to v6.1.1


PreSonus has updated Studio One to v3.3.4 and Notion to v6.1.1.

Studio One v3.3.4

New features and improvements:

  • Trim start/end to cursor works for selected track if no event is selected.
  • Unpack layers to tracks in the context menu on range selection.
  • Also for specific layers (via range selection on layers).
  • Templates for StudioLive 32, Studio 2|6 and Studio 6|8.
  • Spanish manual.

The following issues have been fixed:

  • [macOS] Crash when re-adding VST instruments.
  • [macOS] AU automation broken for large param IDs.
  • [macOS] Hang when zooming reference manual to small (mobile) view.
  • [Win] Improved Direct 2D error handling.
  • VST3 context menu position wrong on Windows High DPI.
  • Audio engine error when activating Fat Channel.
  • Global FX off can't be switched ON when a track is deactivated.
  • Fatal error in DDP export.
  • Embedded Melodyne not working in Artist version.
  • Crash when loading projects with missing media files.
  • Channel splitter exposes noise of analog-style plug-ins.

Notion v6.1.1


  • Notion now recognizes whether touch is finger/capacitive stylus or digitizer stylus (Windows).
  • Microsoft Surface Pen now brings up context menu with button.
  • When importing MIDI drum files, Notion uses GM mapping to put the notation in the expected place.
  • When using the onscreen drum pad, Notion now writes cymbals with cross-head note heads.
  • Studio One launcher added to the 'Send to Studio One' dialog.
  • Use cursor arrow keys to position articulations (and shift+arrow for fine tuning).
  • The enharmonic tool (Shift+E) now also works with attached chord symbols.
  • Score>Dynamic Parts is now current score order, not order of creation.
  • End key now navigates to end of score (as Home does, to the start of a score).
  • Notion now has the facility for network installs to copy preferences from a system level – this saves a lot of time in the classroom every time a new user logs on to particular machine. For more information about PreSonus' Unlimited Site Licenses for education, contact musiceducation@presonus.com.



  • Harpsichord sound is now fixed.
  • Organ and Chorus sounds retuned. (Download the keyboard installer from your my.presonus.com account and install. Restart Notion. You may also need to force Notion to rescan the folder – go to Preferences>Audio>Locate and reselect the sounds folder).
  • Release sound working better for short notes (an issue particularly noticeable with organ staccati).
  • Drumset with unmeasured tremolo now responds to hairpins.

Studio One interop:

  • Fix when exporting keyswitch data from Notion to Studio One – go to Tools>Use Rules and setup a rule with Keyswitches set to "Automatically send note-offs".
  • Studio One launcher has been added to Send to Studio One dialog.
  • User is prompted to save, if closing after Studio One file transfer and no other changes have been made.
  • More space for text in Studio One dialog when in German.
  • Note durations now reflect articulation (e.g. staccato) when sending note data to Studio One.

MIDI / MusicXML:

  • Verse number is now being properly recognized when importing MusicXML.
  • Fix occasional issue on MusicXML Export with hairpins.
  • User is prompted to save, if closing after MusicXML or MIDI file import and no other changes have been made.
  • Note durations now reflect articulation when exporting as MIDI.
  • Changing MIDI channel in Change Instrument dialog now works as expected.
  • Sequencer staff controller data now outputs on expected channel, not just channel 1.
  • When MIDI recording in with multi channel VSTi's, sequencer staff now does not reset all events to Channel 1.
  • MIDI note length and velocity shortcuts now work if sequencer overlay is enabled.

Rules Editor:

  • Fix when using Duration Change in Rules.
  • Rules Editor dialog size now persistent when closing/reopening (Mac and Win).
  • If having issues with smooth playback when using expression on external VSTi's or MIDI ReWire, choose a different expression channel to the Notion hairpin map in the Rules Editor. For VSTi's without velocity crossfade, you can also use the hairpin anchor in the Rules Editor – see Hairpin Anchor in the User Guide.


  • Video window on Mac no longer blank when re-shown.
  • Fix show/hide video during playback on Mac.


  • Bb and Eb instruments now go to the correct enharmonic key if in C#minor.
  • If Transpose MIDI is checked then Bb and Eb instruments are now spelling as correctly in step time.
  • Option added to Staff Settings, to show circles around whole/half notes in tablature (default is off).
  • Electric Bass now does not convert to treble clef when tab is turned off / standard notation shown again.
  • Flags now show on unbeamed cross-staff notes.
  • Fix stems not lining up on cross-staff chords.
  • Fix accidentals sometimes hiding on cross-staff notes.
  • When changing stem direction of beamed notes, it now does not affect the entire measure.
  • Measures now lay out as expected when empty.
  • Fix adding unwanted 11th and 13th notes to chord, when using chord type-in tool.


  • Clear Special now does not now remove Rules sets or harp tuning diagrams.
  • Adding interval below with Ctrl+Numpad, now fixed on Windows.
  • Scrolling in continuous view with a Windows tablet now redraws correctly.
  • Continuous view margin now does not clear when top staff is only partially visible.
  • Mixer window size now persistent when closing/reopening (Win only).
  • Text better formatted and images fixed in MIDI Device Commands window.
  • More space in Preferences window (Windows only).


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