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D16 Group Audio Software officially launched in 2006 with the aim of producing top-quality virtual instruments and effects to inspire musicians and producers.

Today, D16 Group Audio Software is known for creating premium audio plug-ins. Our sustained desire to maintain the highest level of quality pushes us to deliver virtual instruments that set a new standard for sound, and effects that take creativity to the next level. The trust and respect we've built for our products in the audio community has set D16 Group as the company of choice for musicians the world over.

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Latest reviews of D16 Group products

Reviewed By New Media Supply
July 23rd, 2022

Hi, this is my first review on KVR.

Today I've spent the whole day comparing compressors for my voice. And I found out that Frontier gave the best results for my voice. My findings:

  • Adds a welcome coloration I didn't find in other compressors.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • No clicks or plops on my track where other compressors showed these.
  • I perceived more volume without any pumping effect.
  • It punches while showing air and enough mid-high.
  • While other compressors easily make the sound dead, this one doesn't.

For my voice, it's excellent, but for other tracks, I prefer other compressors with more adjustments.

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Reviewed By DiBase
January 9th, 2022

This is probably one of the most detailed Kick making plugins out there. I like this synth based version because it's accurate and with a few tweaks from the presets you can make the kicks that you dream of with not much effort. Nice plugin that is verry suited to make a good basis for any kick related tracks. Thanks2KVR&D16.

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Reviewed By Trader One
January 8th, 2022

I use analog obsession compressor plugins as reference gold standard = 4 stars.

This one does not sound clean to be match for AO. It distort sound where it should not. Its not that big distortion, lot of plugins sounds much worse. Overall, if you find musical use for it because you like the sound and UI - you might sometimes use it on certain sounds which are distorted already and not very long. On clean long sounds its pretty noticeable.

Download is annoying, while it is free, you need to create account and online authorize plugin on first run.

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Decimort 2
Reviewed By Damon77
April 8th, 2021


Anche molti parametri per introdurre nel sound dettagli "analogici".

Non faccio musica elettronica ma hard rock, e apparentemente poteva sembrare inutile per quello che faccio, ma il mio intuito mi ha guidato, e devo dire che ci ha azzeccato in pieno.

Aggiunge profondità e "aria" con un click.

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Devastor 2
Reviewed By GRUMP
April 15th, 2020

Complementary to what has already been said before: I would suggest to call this Plugin "Saturating Filterbank". It is what I have been looking for some Time already: an analog Filterbank with "Warming-Capabilities". Nothing I have tested yet matched my Requirements - Devastor convinced me within Minutes. Endless Analog Depth, Warmth, Character. This Beast is an endless Playground and oscillates from soft Excitment to total Destruction.

Thumbs up for this one ... The Depth is really breathtaking (for a VST). It'll be a Joy to revise some GiGaB's of Sample Content with it!°.

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Reviewed By BradoSanz
November 22nd, 2018


I had no trouble downloading the plugin and getting it to work -

-Simply go to the "Frontier" page on the website: https://d16.pl/frontier.

-On the top right, click the red button "Download free"

-It will prompt you to LOGIN or CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

-Download and activate the Frontier plugin using the login credentials you created on the website.


Enjoy and I hope this cleared things up for those of you having trouble.

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Reviewed By colobelporridge
May 20th, 2018

This sounds really great, hard to fault. But getting the plugin is a real hassle and the site is very cryptic. The only way i could get it was by having an account and also by gettiing a demo of another product but they dont really tell you this at all. I think they are missing out on customers because i have read of people on forums giving up on even getting this because they cant figure it out.

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Reviewed By tommyzai
September 12th, 2016

PunchBox by d16 Group is the ultimate bass drum synthesizer, combining synthesis, sampling, and FX into a modular structure.

As with all d16 plugins, this one has a cool name — "PunchBox!" The purchase, download, install, and authorize procedure is painless — without any dongles. The GUI looks like a vintage rackmount modular system. At first, it seems like there's a lot of parameters for a bass drum synth, but once you break it down, module by module, it's actually very straightforward, user friendly, and powerful.


Finding the right bass drum is important in any genre, especially for EDM. Dance tracks live and die largely based on the pound of the beat. Producers, whether it be a million dollar studio or simple bedroom setup, endlessly search for the perfect kick. We look in sample folders; we scan synth presets; we experiment with effects. We may even layer sample, synths, and FX to create something unique to drive a beat. There are a few good bass drum generator synths on the market, and there are loads of sample libraries out there. I have a modest collection of over 100k bass drum samples, and I know a few producers who have much, much more! So, how do I find the perfect kick drum? My Typical workflow: Create a basic kick sound via synthesis, find a sample for layering fatness, and then use an assortment of effects to bring it to life. This process takes a long time and rarely nails the sound on the first try. Wouldn't it be cool to have it all in one place — one plugin? Enter PunchBox.

• Genres using a standard acoustic drum kit with corresponding (matching) snare, toms, etc.

• Everyone else.

This modular system plugin features sound generators that work independently and can be used in parallel. The center module, called KICK is the foundation of the sound. PunchBox provides a wide variety of 1100 samples and synthesis that features 909, 808, 606, and sine sources. This is where the meat of the madness is created. *It should be noted that user have a great deal of control over the sounds, especially the synthesis choices. From here, other modules can be employed to further shape/layer the sound — Click (short attack samples), Tops (high frequency samples), and Tools (longer mid-range samples). There are also built-in FX units that boast state of the art algorithms. Users can choose between bit crusher, distortion, EQ, filter, and limiter. Punchbox gives users lots of control over the amount of FX for each layer, and generators can be placed in any order via drag-n-drop. In total, there are over 800 presets created by a pair of infamous sound designers — Sound of Revolution and CFA Sound. The presets sound great out-of-the-box or serve as an excellent start point by which users can tweak and twist to their ear's desire.

• Flexibility and possibilities
• Randomizer
• Multiple instances — multiple uses for this single instrument
• Drag-n-drop into DAW
• Clear, concise manual
• Priced right
• Great developer.

• Overall, the knobs and sliders are responsive and easy to manipulate; however, I have a little trouble toggling the Velocity off/on and Keytrack off/on. I contacted the developer about this issue, and they assured me it would soon be addressed.
• Browser is easy to use and reveals neatly labeled patches, but the way it scrolls from page to page might take a little time to get used to.

PunchBox combines virtual analogue technology, high quality samples, and otherworldly effects to deliver a powerful, dedicated bass drum workstation. Despite the complexity and flexibility, it's fast and fun to create zillions of bass drums from scratch with this fine instrument. According to another, "[PunchBox is a] beautiful fusion of synthesis & sampling." I completely agree, and best of all — the sound is fantastic, which comes as no surprise for anyone who has used d16 Group's high quality drum machine emulations, i.e., Nepheton, Drumazon, Nithonat, etc.. All-in-all, PunchBox is another excellent release — these guys never fail to impress and inspire.

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