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Bass Sculptor
Reviewed By skevenelis
March 16th, 2022

nice shit it it realy does wat the name says realy impressed cant miss it anymore.

so start to sculp your own bass.

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Fredonia Grand Organ
Reviewed By dougham1
January 31st, 2022

After having this for a few months. I had recently discovered a glitch in the crescendo pedal. When you hit the tutti button and try to move the curescendo pedal it makes a horrible scratching noise. I've asked support several times to please fix this with no response. Some are saying that it's a problem if your PC isn't powerful enough but I have a I 7 64 gig RAM with solid-state drives that is well able to handle this software. It's really disappointing as no pipe organ sounds like that during the crescendo movement of the pedal.

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Curio: Cinematic Toy Piano
Reviewed By tommyzai
April 9th, 2014

CURIO by Impact Soundworks is an extremely versatile Cinematic Toy Piano. Wow! I knew the quality would be good because everything these guys make is high quality and innovative. Yet, I was still surprised by this sample library. I expected it to sound like. .. well. .. a toy piano — you know, the kind we beat on when we were kids. Obviously, I'm a bit ignorant about miniature grands and kinderklaviers. Even so, this library is so much more than basic plucked mallet sounds. They have mangled and deconstructed it into haunting ambiences and textures, whooshes, sweeps, and percussive things! This library surprised me with a vast wealth of sound design tools.


  • Interface is simple, fun to use, and looks cool.
  • Inspiring patches, especially the booms, basses, and ambiences.
  • Excellent developer communication and support — nice guys.
  • Price! Cheaper than most toys.


Perhaps I should have noticed the word CINEMATIC. This is not a toy! I highly recommend Curio to any eMusician, producer, film or game scorer, DJ, sound designer, who is looking for patches that inspired and sound phenomenal (I had to look this work up for correct spelling. .. and it was worth it). Tommy Zai gives Curio two youthful thumbs up. Thank you, Impact Soundworks, for creating such a BIG little sample library. It's great; no kidding.

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