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News Archive for May 2007

31st May 2007East West releases Fab Four Virtual Instrument

31st May 2007Dangerous Bear Underground releases new sample libraries in multiple formats

31st May 2007Scarbee launches 7 Years Anniversary Sale 2007 - 50% off for 1 Day Only

31st May 2007reKon audio releases VST Lead2 Editor v1.1

31st May 2007BIAS updates SoundSoap Pro to v1.2 (incl. Universal Binary)

30th May 2007Manytone Music announces ManyBass (+limited pre-order offer)

30th May 2007NOVUZEIT releases Kinetic Visual Replay v1.0

30th May 2007Homegrown Sounds releases Astralis Microtonal Synthesizer

30th May 2007PSPaudioware updates PSP 608 MultiDelay to v1.1.2

30th May 2007Expert Sleepers releases Warbler v1.0

30th May 2007VirSyn updates miniTERA to v2.1 (+Special Offer)

30th May 2007Yellow Tools releases Origami and Freedom Surround Edition

30th May 2007d16 Group updates Phoscyon (v1.6.0); pre-orders for Nepheton; releases new bundle packs

30th May 2007Devine Machine announces Krishna Synth release

30th May 2007Recording School Online releases Extreme Punch 2

30th May 2007Meyer Musicmedia releases ESV 1 for Albino 3

30th May 2007Pro-Sounds releases Culture Elect for Vanguard

30th May 2007Togu Audio Line updates U-NO-60 to v1.0.2 and releases Chorus-60 v1.0

30th May 2007Toontrack Music announces Claustrophobic EZX and Twisted Kit EZX for EZdrummer

30th May 2007apulSoft updates apTrigga2 to v2.3.2

29th May 2007AraldFX releases StormGate1 beta 2

29th May 2007IK Multimedia releases Sonik Synth v2.1 (incl. Universal Binary)

29th May 2007Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.5.4

29th May 2007Outsim updates Synthmaker to v1.0.6

29th May 2007Piotr "Habib" Pyrzanowski updates keFIR to v1.2

29th May 2007Sensomusic releases Usine v2.85 beta

25th May 2007Nomad Factory launches the Blue Tubes Effects Pack (completes the Blue Tubes V3 Bundle)

25th May 2007Togu Audio Line releases U-NO-60 v1.0

25th May 2007Shuriken.se updates KerrStinn to v1.2

25th May 2007Steinberg releases Virtual Bassist Universal Binary update

25th May 2007Sugar Bytes updates Vogue to v1.1

25th May 2007Image Line updates Deckadance to v1.10

25th May 2007KeyToSound updates Nexsyn to v1.1r3

25th May 2007Groove Monkee releases Rock MIDI Library for Addictive Drums

24th May 2007discoDSP updates Discovery to v2.10

24th May 2007Wallander Instruments releases WIVI Brass 1 Professional Edition

24th May 2007Native Instruments releases Guitar Rig 2 Producer Pack (GR2SE + Audio Kontrol 1)

24th May 2007Jeroen Breebaart releases Barricade (+updates Omnisone to v1.05)

24th May 2007PSPaudioware updates Nitro (v1.1.1), PSP 84 (v1.5.2) and Lexicon PSP42 (v1.5.2)

24th May 2007VertexDSP updates MultiInspector to v1.1.3 and MultiInspectorFree to v1.1.1

24th May 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v1.859

24th May 2007reFX updates Vanguard to v1.7.0

24th May 2007Garritan updates GPO & JABB with Kontakt Player 2 (incl. Universal Binaries) | Concert & Marching Band pre-order now available

24th May 2007alphakanal releases Automat v1.0 test build for Intel-Macs

24th May 2007KeyToSound releases Nexsyn demo version

24th May 2007East West to distribute SoundSense Series [WAV|AIFF|...]

24th May 2007Equipped Music announces Slo'Motion Tokyo Soundscapes [WAV|REX2|REFILL]

24th May 2007Digital Music Doctor releases Sound Forge 9 - Know It All! (Video)

24th May 2007Equinox Sounds releases 'Downbeat Electronic Dance Drums' [ACID|WAV|REX2]

24th May 2007Puremagnetik releases Analog Bass Pack for Live, Kontakt & EXS24

24th May 2007Voxengo updates Pristine Space to v1.7

23rd May 2007sfZed updated to v0.8.13

23rd May 2007Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v6.0.7

22nd May 2007Zircon Studios releases Dance & Electronic Sounds Volume 2 for Zebra 2

22nd May 2007Nucleus SoundLab releases DataBank One for Massive

22nd May 2007Precisionsound releases Alpine Concert Zither [KON|HAL|SF2]

22nd May 2007NuGen Audio releases Line-up v2.1 (incl. Mac OS X VST & AU Universal Binary)

22nd May 2007Recording School Online launches Yearly Sale (Save 20%)

22nd May 2007VirSyn releases Poseidon v1.2

22nd May 2007Spectrasonics launches Education Initiative

22nd May 2007reFX updates NEXUS to v1.3 and releases Store'n'Forward and Hardstyle expansion packs

22nd May 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.87

22nd May 2007Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat's Parametr'EQ series v3.0 and Blue Cat's Master Pack bundle

19th May 2007Galbanum releases Architecture Waveforms Cakewalk Edition

19th May 2007Precisionsound releases Ethno Percussion Collection Vol.1 - DAF [KON|HAL|SF2]

19th May 2007Audacity v1.3.3 (beta) released

19th May 2007Widisoft releases WIDI Audio To MIDI AU v1.2.1 Universal Binary

19th May 2007Steinberg updates Virtual Guitarist 2 and Hypersonic 2 Universal Binary updates

19th May 2007Kong Audio updates ChineeKong to v2.8

18th May 2007BTE Audio updates Juicy77 and TS' Secret to v0.9.1.1

18th May 2007AMG releases Kick-Ass Brass! v1.0.6 (incl. Universal Binary) (+Special ONE offer)

18th May 2007Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v0.9d

18th May 2007Crysonic releases Spectra C1

17th May 2007Wavelore Instruments announces American Zither

17th May 2007Acousmodules updates Surroundizer to v1.1

17th May 2007VertexDSP updates MultiInspector to v1.1.0

17th May 2007Access updates Virus TI OS to v2.0.5

17th May 2007Cycling '74 updates Max/MSP to v4.6.3

16th May 2007Numerikart releases MidiZoid Delay and MidiZoid Looper

16th May 2007Starplugs releases Quantum Limiter Stereo

16th May 2007IK Multimedia releases VST 2.4 updates for SampleTank, Miroslav Philharmonik, AmpliTube (+Live) and Ampeg SVX

16th May 2007Krakli releases StringZ2

16th May 2007ddmf releases IIEQ Pro v1.0, LP10 v2.0 and SmallEQ v1.0

16th May 2007[CodeOperator] releases DelayPack v1.4.0 for Windows

16th May 2007Soniccouture releases eBow Guitar for Kontakt2 & EXS24

16th May 2007GotchaNoddin releases Reggaeton Drums Vol.4 [KON|HAL|...]

16th May 2007Smart Loops releases SL Hit Tracks Hard Rock & SL Hit Tracks Complete Download Bundles in Apple Loops Format

16th May 2007Ableton Live Lite to Full upgrade Now Available

16th May 2007discoDSP launches Discovery Group Buy

16th May 2007H. G. Fortune releases ProtoPlasm v2.1

16th May 2007Tascam updates GVI (Giga Virtual Instrument) to v3.60

16th May 2007Ohm Force updates all plug-ins

16th May 2007PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2007 Build 235

16th May 2007Recording School Online releases The Mixing Master-class for synths and samplers (Video)

15th May 2007Forever For Now releases Diatonic Shifter 2

15th May 2007SONiVOX releases Fable Sounds Broadway Big Band

15th May 2007Camel Audio releases KORE Presets

15th May 2007Cockos updates Reaper to v1.857

15th May 2007zplane.development updates vielklang to v1.0.1

15th May 2007Jeroen Breebaart updates Ferox to v1.0.2

15th May 2007Image Line updates Deckadance to v1.08

15th May 2007Freeverse updates Sound Studio to v3.5.1

15th May 2007FabFilter releases RTAS versions of all plug-ins (& updates VST/AU versions)

15th May 2007Open Labs upgrades NeKo & MiKo keyboards with additional VST Instruments

15th May 2007Piotr 'Habib' Pyrzanowski updates Extremist to v1.2

14th May 2007Jeroen Breebaart releases Omniverb v1.0.5

14th May 2007HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro to v1.0.3

14th May 2007Sugar Bytes updates Unique to v1.0.1

14th May 2007Ohm Force updates Ohmicide:Melohman to v1.02

14th May 2007jVSTwRapper updated to v0.9e (incl. LADSPA support)

14th May 2007Northernbeat Audio updates Daedalus to v1.10

14th May 2007Wusikstation updated to v3.1.8

11th May 2007reKon audio releases VST Nord Editor

11th May 2007112dB Software announces public beta test and contest for Morgana

11th May 2007Pro-Sounds releases Epiphany for Discovery

11th May 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.86

10th May 2007Back in time Records releases Grand Piano – Concert Orchestra [WUSIK]

10th May 2007Jeff Rippe releases Vox Doctor II

10th May 2007de la Mancha updates erratic to v1.3

10th May 2007MOTU updates Digital Performer to v5.12

10th May 2007Bismark releases version 4.0 betas of bs-1 and bs-16 (incl. AU and Universal Binary)

10th May 2007Soundhack updates Spectral Shapers (v1.24) and the Freesound bundle (v6.02)

10th May 2007Ardour v2.0.2 now available

10th May 2007KResearch releases KR-Phaser v1.2.1 (AU only)

9th May 2007AraldFX announces StormGate3 (and StormGate1)

9th May 2007KarmaFX - Synth Modular updated to v0.98

9th May 2007QuikQuak updates RaySpace to v2.81

9th May 2007Mackie releases Tracktion v3.0.1.4

9th May 2007Piotr "Habib" Pyrzanowski updates Eq31 to v1.1

9th May 2007[CodeOperator] releases DelayPack 1.4.0 for Mac OS X

8th May 2007VertexDSP releases MultiInspector v1.0

8th May 2007Image Line releases Deckadance

8th May 2007Cockos updates Reaper to v1.852

8th May 2007Dex Row Synths releases Dex Tracker v.017

8th May 2007VertexDSP updates MultiInspectorFree to v1.1

8th May 2007Toontrack Music celebrates the first anniversary of EZdrummer with a Special Offer

8th May 2007Togu Audio Line updates Vintager to v1.2

8th May 2007Puremagnetik releases BUNDLE-K for Kontakt 2

8th May 2007Jeremy Evers updates Atlantis to v0.9c

8th May 2007Modartt updates Pianoteq to v2.0.1 (incl. Receptor compatibility)

4th May 2007Merging Technologies releases Pyramix v5.1 SP3

4th May 2007Native Instruments updates Pro-53 to v3.0.4 (Mac UB only)

4th May 2007iZotope updates Ozone (v3.12), Trash (v1.11) and Spectron (v1.11)

4th May 2007Arturia updates ARP2600 V to v1.2 (incl. Universal Binary)

3rd May 2007Wave Arts releases Master Restoration Suite

3rd May 2007Shuriken.se releases Berrtill

3rd May 2007Precisionsound releases Bergman Klavitron and Stylophone 350s [HAL|KON|SF2]

3rd May 2007Antares updates Auto-Tune to v5.0.7 (Win) / v5.0.8 (Mac)

3rd May 2007Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.5.3

3rd May 2007PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2007 Build 234 (beta)

2nd May 2007zplane.development releases vielklang Audio Harmonizer

2nd May 2007Togu Audio Line releases Vintager v1.0.1

2nd May 2007Modern Beats releases Tru Bass 1 - Electric Six [KON|HAL|EXS|...]

2nd May 2007Wavosaur updated to v1.0.0.8000

2nd May 2007Camel Audio launches Cameleon Sale: 50% Off, plus New Sound Banks

1st May 2007IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix

1st May 2007NuGen Audio updates SEQ1 and SEQ2 to v1.1

1st May 2007Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v4.3

1st May 2007NUSofting releases Combo Sister for Mac OS X

1st May 2007QuikQuak updates RaySpace to v2.8

1st May 2007Ardour v2.0 Released