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News Archive for May 2013

31st May 2013rncbc.org releases Vee One Suite 0.3.3

31st May 2013Harrison Consoles Announces New Plug-In Series: XTools for Mixbus

31st May 2013Harrison updates Mixbus to v2.3 - New Features and Improvements

30th May 2013mzuther updates traKmeter to v1.05.0 for Windows and Linux

30th May 2013UVI releases "UltraMini" vintage soft-synth

30th May 2013Aiyn Zahev Sounds releases "Dystopia" for NI Razor

30th May 2013Rhythmic Robot releases "Shortwave" radio wave synthesiser for Kontakt

30th May 2013Tone2 Audiosoftware releases ComplexDroids soundset for ElectraX

30th May 2013Sinevibes releases "Malfunction" AU Plug-in for Mac

29th May 2013mzuther updates K-Meter to v1.31.0 for Windows and Linux

29th May 2013Ample Sound updates AGM & AGT to v1.1.0 for Win & Mac

29th May 2013Blue Cat Audio Licenses Audio Plug-in Technology to Sample Magic for Magic AB Plug-in

29th May 2013Save 40% on Urban Drums by Acoustic Samples

28th May 2013Function Loops "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" Offer

28th May 2013Noisefirm Memorial Day - Weeklong Sale - 30% Off

28th May 2013PSP 2Meters Introductory Offer: Save 33%

28th May 2013PSPaudioware releases PSP 2Meters - Two Audio Level Measurement Plug-ins: PSP VU2 and PSP PPM2

28th May 2013Big Tick updates Zen Presets Manager to v1.7 (incl. Mac 64-bit)

28th May 2013Kirnu Cream updated to v1.0.4

28th May 2013Reaktor Tips releases Frame 3 - Free Creative Sampler for Reaktor

28th May 2013SonicXTC releases Deep-Mono - Free Monophonic Synth VSTi for Windows

28th May 2013Function Loops releases "Layered Kicks", "Summer Trance" & "Festival Trance" sample packs

28th May 2013Cableguys release WaveShaper CM - Free with Computer Music magazine

28th May 2013K-Device releases REF - Max For Live Advanced Envelope Follower (Free until May 31)

28th May 2013Cakewalk Music Creator 6 Touch now available on Steam

27th May 2013ASL SoundLab releases NeuroVision Vol.2 for Image-Line Harmor

27th May 201360% Off Vocal Downloads Vocal Mini Packs (VMP)

27th May 2013Camel Audio updates Alchemy Mobile to v2.0.18

27th May 2013DDMF updates IIEQPro to v3.0.7 (including new multitrack editing)

26th May 2013Wildfunk releases Deep House Chords Volume 2

26th May 2013Saltline releases Drzewo Lisc-verb - free reverb and delay effect for Windows

25th May 2013Ilya Efimov releases "Classic Bass" for Kontakt

25th May 2013FatLoud Extended Weekend Sale - 40% Off All Packs Until June 3rd

24th May 2013Big 3 Weeks Sale At Dream Audio Tools - This week Dream Keys Cinematic Piano 30% Off

24th May 2013YummyBeats releases "Vintage Castanets" for Kontakt

24th May 2013Insert Piz Here updates midiChords to v1.2.5 for Win & Mac

24th May 2013Ilya Efimov updates Accordion for Kontakt

24th May 2013Cakewalk Rapture Special: Only $20 for a Limited Time

24th May 2013Future Loops releases "Da Fresh - Tech House & Techno" Loop Library

24th May 2013Softrave 2 Friends Buy Offer: 50% Discount Per Person - All Plug-ins by Softrave

24th May 2013Sound Magic updates Ruby Piano for Windows to v2.6

24th May 2013Samplephonics releases Deep Textures for Kontakt 5

24th May 2013Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat's Liny EQ 5.0 (incl. Win AAX)

24th May 2013Ueberschall releases "Future Garage" (Elastik Soundbank)

24th May 2013Igor Vasiliev updates "Audio Mastering" for iPad to v1.1

24th May 2013AudioThing releases "Glass" for Kontakt

24th May 2013Chicken Systems updates "Instrument Manager" to v1.1

24th May 2013MOTU updates Digital Performer to v8.0.4

24th May 2013The Unfinished releases "Massive Polaris" for Massive

24th May 2013ProducerLoops.com releases 'Swedish Pop Vol 2' Sample Pack

24th May 2013Cerberus Audio updates Volt Precision Fader to v1.1.2

24th May 2013Zenhiser releases "Massive Progressive Presets 2" for Native Instruments Massive

23rd May 2013Chicken Systems announces 50% Off Memorial Weekend Sale including software updates

23rd May 2013Mystery Islands Music releases JP-80x0 AudioUnit & VSTi plug-in for Mac OS X

23rd May 2013IK Multimedia releases iKlip 2 and iKlip Studio for iPad mini

23rd May 2013Ohm Force announces Ohm Studio Collab Friday #45: "Everything but Square"

23rd May 2013Time+Space launch Garritan and Sound on Sound competition

23rd May 2013Zero-G releases "The London Sessions" sample library

22nd May 2013Tek'it Audio updates Genobazz free bass synthesizer plug-in to v2.3.1

22nd May 2013dboxSamples releases "dmoox" for Kontakt

22nd May 2013Gospel Musicians releases "Neo-Soul Keys 5X Ultimate" for UVI and "Neo-Soul Dyno Expansion" for Kontakt

22nd May 2013New Audio Technology updates Spatial Audio Designer

22nd May 2013Soundtrack Loops releases "Deep Chill" Construction Kits and "Melodic EDM MIDI" MIDI Files and Loops

22nd May 2013Ghostwave Audio releases "Cellspace vol.1" for Synplant - 10% for Friends of the Earth

22nd May 2013UVI releases Demo Version of Electro Suite

22nd May 2013123creative.com releases PsyTrance X1 VSTi synthesizer plug-in for Windows

22nd May 2013PsyTrance Bass X1 synthesizer - Introductory Price

22nd May 2013Musicrow releases Analogica for NI Reaktor

22nd May 2013Variety Of Sound updates Rescue MK2 to v2.1

22nd May 2013Samplephonics releases "909 Rhythm Composer" for Kontakt, Ableton Sampler, EXS24 and NN-XT

22nd May 2013Save 30% on Cinematic Metal Bundle by Boom Library

21st May 2013E-Phonic updates Drumatic 4 to beta v20

21st May 2013Wavesfactory releases "W-Cajon" for Kontakt and EXS24

21st May 2013Save $50 on Nomad Factory Magnetic II Bundle

21st May 2013Rob Papen updates Predator to v1.6.4 - Over 450 new presets

21st May 2013Soundigy updates MIDI Patchbay to v1.1 and MIDI Patchbay Extended to v1.2

21st May 2013PaperStone Instruments releases "Palm Mute Piano" for Kontakt

20th May 2013Prosoniq updates TimeFactory to v2.5

20th May 2013Daniel Stawczyk releases "DNA" for Ultra Analog VA-1

20th May 2013Tinga releases Gamelan - Free Corona synth bank

20th May 2013Universal Audio ships Apollo 16 Audio Interface

20th May 2013KissBox announces activation of Zeroconf service in all their RTP-MIDI compatible products

17th May 2013Loopmasters add Steve Mac to Artist Series and release "Mac's House"

17th May 2013Reveal Sound updates Spire to v0.9.4

17th May 2013Big 3 Weeks Sale At Dream Audio Tools - This week all stringed libraries 30% Off

17th May 2013Sonic Charge updates MicroTonic to v3.1 - incl. 64-bit

17th May 2013Sonic Visualiser updated to v2.1

17th May 2013Wave Arts updates Power Suite/Master Restoration Suite to v5.70 and Dialog/Tube Saturator to v1.20 (incl. MAS 64-bit)

17th May 2013Sensomusic "Usine Hollyhock" Release Candidate Now Available for Mac and Win (incl. Free version)

17th May 2013Propellerhead updates Reason to v7.0.1 and Reason Essentials to v2.0.1

17th May 2013Moog Music releases Animoog for BlackBerry Z10

17th May 2013Tronsonic and Synth Magic release BANK 2 for the System1000M modular-style synth for Kontakt

17th May 2013HoRNet Plug-ins Half Price

17th May 2013The Sound Guy releases SFX Machine Pro for Windows VST 64-bit

17th May 2013eaReckon updates EARebound to v1.0.2

16th May 2013Ohm Force announces Ohm Studio Collab Friday #44: "A World in Music (France)"

16th May 2013Creatorum Genius Lab releases Imago - Free VST Synth for Windows

16th May 2013Synthblitz Audio updates "Nitroflex" to v1.6 (Win VST Wavetable synth)

16th May 2013Sound Magic updates Neo Reference for Windows to v1.2

16th May 2013Sounds and Effects "Pure Acoustic Special Edition" May Sale (33% Off)

15th May 2013Save 40% on Straight Ahead Jazz Drums for Kontakt by Straight Ahead Samples

15th May 2013Steinberg updates Cubase and Cubase Artist to v7.0.4

15th May 2013Tek'it Audio updates Kutter 2 sequenced frequency cutter plug-in to v2.1

15th May 2013Air Music Technology releases "Vacuum Pro" and "Loom" Virtual Instruments

15th May 2013Sound Magic Neo Plug-ins Deal: 40% Off until June 15th

15th May 2013Sonokinetic releases "Accordion" for Kontakt

15th May 2013Arturia updates Oberheim SEM V to v1.1.6 and Wurlitzer-V to v1.0.5

15th May 2013Felt Tip updates Sound Studio to v4.6.3

15th May 2013Toontrack Music releases "Indie Folk EZX" for EZdrummer and "EZkeys Country MIDI" and updates EZmix to v2.0.4

15th May 2013Eventide releases 64-bit versions of Blackhole for OS X AU and Windows VST

15th May 2013One Small Clue updates Poise Percussion Sampler to v1.1.50.43

15th May 2013Novation updates Automap to v4.7

15th May 2013McDSP updates v5 Plug-ins to v5.2x14

15th May 2013Liine updates Lemur for iOS to v4.0.3

15th May 2013DMGAudio updates EQuilibrium to v1.04

15th May 2013Drumdrops releases "Now That's What I Call 80's Drums" Live Drum Multi-tracks, Stems & Loops

15th May 2013audioström releases LiveProfessor 1.1 Beta 5

15th May 2013Zenhiser releases "Kick Masters - Progressive & Main Room House" sample pack

15th May 2013Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) updated to v0.4.14 for Windows and Linux

15th May 2013New Sonic Arts updates Nuance to v1.1

15th May 2013n-Track Software updates n-Track Studio for iOS to v2.1.1 - Adds Audiobus Support

15th May 2013VSL updates Vienna MIR Pro to v5.1.12195

15th May 2013Steinberg releases "Vintage Classics" synthesizer expansion pack for Retrologue

15th May 2013Waves Audio releases "GEQ Graphic Equalizer" and updates V9 Plug-ins to r11

15th May 2013Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9730

15th May 2013Maizesoft updates Maize Sampler to v2.23

15th May 2013QuikQuak updates Fusion Field to v3.31

15th May 2013Native Instruments updates Battery to v4.0.2

15th May 2013Image Line releases FL Studio 11

15th May 2013Sonoma Wire Works updates GuitarTone for iOS to v2.1 - Adds Audiobus Support and 24-bit Firmware for GuitarJack Model 2

15th May 2013MOTU updates Digital Performer to v8.0.3

15th May 2013Expert Sleepers release Silent Way AAX for Windows

15th May 2013Voxengo updates CurveEQ to v3.2

15th May 2013LinPlug updates Mac versions of RMV to v5.1.3 and SaxLab to v2.1.5

15th May 2013Cockos updates REAPER to v4.402

15th May 2013Steinberg releases WaveLab 8 Audio Editing and Mastering Software (8.0.1 available)

15th May 2013Equinox Sounds releases 'Latin MIDI Kits Vol 1'

14th May 2013Resonance Sound releases "Audio Boutique - Big Room Elements"

14th May 2013Martinic updates Combo Model V and F with Reverb and Cab Sim

14th May 2013Kevin Kripper updates Spectrum Aalyzer S8 (M4L) to v1.5

14th May 2013Garrigus.com announces "SONAR X2 Power! - The Comprehensive Guide"

14th May 2013Innovation Driver: Interview with Marcus Ryle

14th May 201350% Off Vocal Downloads 99 Cent Vocal Samples

14th May 2013FatLoud's label Nuve2 releases 'EDM Toolkit'

14th May 2013iZotope Iris Offers: 30%+ Off

14th May 2013Arturia releases "Hollywood Essentials" Expansion Pack for Spark Creative Drum Machine and SparkLE

14th May 201325% Discount on Vienna Suite and Vienna Ensemble PRO

14th May 2013Focusrite announces Scarlett 18i8 and 6i6 USB Audio Interfaces

14th May 2013iZotope releases Iris+7 Bundle featuring two new sound libraries for Iris: Altered and Modular

14th May 2013Zero-G ProSamples Offer: Buy 3 Get 80% Discount

14th May 2013Native Instruments launches 'Cloud 9' – limited time offer on Maschine Expansions

14th May 2013Native Instruments releases 'Kaoz Theory' Expansion for iMaschine

13th May 2013Ilya Efimov Production releases Zhaleika, a Free Single-Reed Hornpipe Library for Kontakt

13th May 2013Nucleus SoundLab offers Spring Synthesis ReFill Bundle: 9 Reason ReFills - Pay What You Want

13th May 2013bserrano updates Dionysos to v1.1

13th May 2013beatassist.eu updates BumBer BassDrum Sampler and releases How To Tutorial

13th May 2013bismark releases Music2Bus for iOS - Music Player App with Audiobus support

13th May 2013XILS-lab announces XILS V+

13th May 2013Cableguys update Curve to v2.1.2

13th May 2013Loomer updates Sequent to v1.3.11

13th May 2013Agitated State updates MenuMagic to v1.8.8.2

13th May 2013Ample Sound releases "Ample Guitar M Lite" free acoustic guitar instrument for Win & Mac

13th May 2013IK Multimedia updates iGrand Piano and iLectric Piano for iOS to v1.1 - Now Audiobus Compatible

13th May 2013MathAudio releases Room EQ VST (replaces Auto EQ VST) and Room EQ Standalone for Windows

13th May 2013ASL SoundLab releases "LoopLab Vol.1 - Drum & Bass Drumloops" (WAV|AL|REX2)

13th May 2013Function Loops releases "Future Sound Of Techno & Tech-House" & "Vocals Bundle Vol.2"

13th May 2013IK Custom Shop Credit Cut Promotion: 30% Off Gear Credit Packs and more on T-RackS Quad Processor Series

13th May 2013Hidenori Matsuoka updates Chord NOTE, Guitar Kit and Piano Kit for iOS

13th May 2013Beta Monkey Music releases "Double Bass Mania I Reloaded: Pure Metal Drum Loops"

13th May 2013Trancetechnosoundbanks.com releases "Rayblaster monsterpack" and "Synth1 Freepack"

13th May 2013Future Loops releases "Dubstep Roots: Ambient, Dub & Bass"

13th May 2013ProducerLoops.com releases 'Underground Trance Vol 2' Sample Pack

13th May 2013Diginoiz releases "Digi Drum Loops 2" Sample Pack

12th May 2013A.O.M. updates all plug-ins to 1.5.1

12th May 2013Kirnu Cream v1.0.2 released

12th May 2013Sinevibes updates Cluster, Inertia, Shift and Switch

12th May 2013Maurizio Giri releases Spectrum Sampler - Max for Live device

11th May 2013Bolder Sounds releases "Pure Mandolin" for Kontakt 4+

10th May 2013Igor Vasiliev releases "Audio Mastering" for iPad

10th May 2013Reveal Sound releases Spire

10th May 2013Loopmasters add Andrea Bertolini to Artist Series roster and releases "Progressive House Tools"

10th May 2013Save 50% on Sugar Bytes Plug-ins

10th May 2013Nils Schneider updates Heat Synthesizer for Android with full VST integration to v0.8.7

10th May 2013Mildon Studios re-releases HUE-X 2.0 and M4GIQ as freeware

10th May 2013BigTick updates Rhino to v2.12 (incl. 64-bit VST & AU))

10th May 2013Best Service updates Engine to v2.1.1

10th May 2013123Creative.com Summer Sale: 40% Off "Kastelheimer Veldberg XD"

9th May 2013Oscillicious updates BeatCleaver to 1.3.1, adds MIDI Controller Support

9th May 2013NSD updates Modulys to v1.1

9th May 2013Gospel Musicians updates Neo-Soul Keys for iPad to v1.2 - Adds Audiobus Support

9th May 2013Wusik Station Promo: 40% Off

9th May 2013Embertone announces "Friedlander Violin" for Kontakt Player with Pre-order offer: Get a 20% Voucher for next Embertone purchase

9th May 2013Ableton updates Live 9 to v9.0.4

9th May 2013Acidgrooves releases "Orange Krush" Distortion Processor for Win & Mac VST & AU

9th May 2013Subatomic Software updates "Audulus" for iPad and Mac to v2.0.1 - Improves Speed & Capacity of Patch Browser in iPad version

8th May 2013Aegean Music releases Amp Vision for Windows

8th May 2013Universal Audio releases Ocean Way Studios Dynamic Room Modeling Plug-In

8th May 2013UA releases UAD Software v7.0 and two new Direct Developer plug-ins — SPL TwinTube and Sonnox Oxford Inflator

8th May 2013Save 60% on Sampletekk Seven Seas Grand Piano

8th May 2013Zenhiser releases "Massive Deep Tech House Presets" for NI Massive

8th May 2013Drumdrops releases "1963 Premier Outfits 54 Kit" Sample Packs

8th May 2013Moncasual updates Giada Loop Machine to v0.6.4 for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

8th May 2013PinkNoise Studio releases Keyboard Loop Player 2 ReFill

7th May 2013Yuroun Sound Design releases "Pure Pads" for Camel Audio Alchemy

7th May 2013XLN Audio Free ADpaks Offer - Buy One Get One Free

7th May 2013Melodynamic Studios releases MeloVirus Access Virus TI2 patches

7th May 2013Inear Display releases "Oxymore" delay Plug-in for Win, Mac & Linux VST & AU

7th May 2013Numerical Sound releases "RiVerb: Up-Front Spaces" - Convolution Reverb Rack Extension

7th May 2013Patchwerkz releases "Orion Tech Trance Vol 1" for Sylenth1 and "Dirty Razor" for NI Razor

7th May 2013Solcito Musica updates SuperSonico Additive/VA synth for Windows to v1.2

7th May 2013Function Loops Offers 25% Off All Products

7th May 2013Plektron updates Guitar Amp to v2.1 for Windows VST

7th May 20138Dio releases "Adagio Strings Bundle" for Kontakt

6th May 201350% Off Vocal Downloads Phrases

6th May 2013OverTone DSP updates "PTH-2A Vintage EQ" Plug-in for Mac and Win

6th May 2013ProducerLoops.com releases 'Commercial Dance Elements Vol 3' Sample Pack

4th May 2013Togeo Studios releases Rhythm Machines 3 for Ableton Live

4th May 2013AudioSpillage Spring Special - 25% Discount

3rd May 2013kiloHearts releases bug fix release for all their products

3rd May 2013Camel Audio Exclusive - 25% off Camel Phat & Camel Space at Plugin Boutique

3rd May 2013Loopmasters release Logic ES2 Dubstep Bass Presets Pack

3rd May 2013Function Loops releases "Underground Sound of Drum & Bass"

3rd May 2013New Sonic Arts "Buy 1, Get 1 Free" Sales Special

3rd May 2013Native Instruments releases Pulswerk Expansion for Maschine

3rd May 2013Ueberschall releases "Action Cuts" for Elastik Player

3rd May 2013Straight Ahead Samples releases "Straight Ahead! Brushes & Mallets" for Kontakt 5 with Intro Offer

3rd May 2013Sounds And Effects releases "Distressed Vinyl" for Kontakt & Reason

2nd May 2013Mario Gil updates Audio Studio Manager Lite to v2.0.1

2nd May 2013xtrabits updates "MSQ16/10" VST MIDI Stepsequencer and "Q" VSTi to v1.1

2nd May 2013Rhythmic Robot release "New Rhythm Box" analogue drum machine for Kontakt

2nd May 2013MOTU releases Digital Performer for Windows and updates Mac version to 8.0.2 (Demos available)

2nd May 2013Equinox Sounds releases "Ambient & Cinematic" MIDI Kits

2nd May 2013KV331 Audio updates SynthMaster to v2.6.3

1st May 2013Plughugger releases Sawtooth Fanatics - 319 dance sounds for FXpansion Synth Squad

1st May 2013FatLoud Spring Deal - 50% Off All Packs

1st May 2013HoRNet MultiComp 40% Off in May

1st May 2013Icebreaker Audio announces "Everything Bundle" and "Reaktor Bundle", Reduces Prices and Re-launches Website

1st May 2013Tone2 Audiosoftware releases Arpeggiator expansion for Saurus

1st May 2013VST Zone updates U.F.O. Zone Edition for Windows to v1.3.1

1st May 2013Reaktor Tips updates Loupe for Reaktor to v2.0 with new auto-slicing and delay mode

1st May 2013Whitebox updates Free Pixiphone with new Ableton Live Pixi Pack

1st May 2013Save 50% on "Massive Complete Soundset Bundle" by The Unfinished

1st May 2013Rabbit Ears Audio releases REA_012 Winter Atmospheres Library (WAV)

1st May 2013Sleepy-Time DSP releases Lisp (Level-Independent Sibilance Processor) for Windows VST (Free)