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News Archive for November 2008

28th November 2008Lexicon updates PCM96 to v3.0.0.7 (incl. new Pitch Algorithms)

28th November 2008Sony Creative Software introduces new Download Delivery Option for all products in its Royalty-Free Content Line

28th November 2008Audiffex updates inTone series for Mac to v1.1.2

28th November 2008SMPlugins releases Open Guitar

28th November 2008Admiral Quality updates Poly-Ana to v1.14 and releases L'il Poly-Ana

28th November 2008Shuriken releases Eckel

28th November 2008Ueberschall releases Pure Fire

28th November 2008AZ Audio updates SuperMidiScripter to v0.830

28th November 2008Prime Loops releases Dirty Electro Synth Loops [ACID|REX|AL|...]

28th November 2008ExperimentalScene releases DarkWave Studio v2.3 (Now Free [Again])

28th November 2008Ableton announces Holiday Special: Price reductions on Ableton software until December 31st

28th November 2008Ugo launches Holiday Sale

28th November 2008Steinberg releases 80s Pop and Hip Hop 2 Sequel Content Sets

28th November 2008GotchaNoddin releases Opera Vocals Vol.3 [KON|HAL|...]

28th November 2008Loopmasters releases Riley and Durrant: Progressive House Producer [KON|EXS|...]

25th November 2008Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank release Electric Toy Museum for UVI Workstation (+update UVIW to v1.011)

25th November 2008Waves releases the Dorrough Meter Collection

25th November 2008SynthFont updated to v1.202 [!! UPDATE NO LONGER AVAILABLE !!]

25th November 2008MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v2.04

24th November 2008Gallo Engineering releases Studio Devil VBA (Virtual Bass Amp) VST/AU/RTAS and Studio Devil BVC (British Valve Custom) AU/RTAS

24th November 2008Zynewave updates Podium to v2.07

24th November 2008AraldFX updates StormGate3 to v1.0.7

24th November 2008Ableton updates Live to v7.0.12

24th November 2008MeldaProduction releases MAutopan, MTremolo and MVibrato

24th November 2008Blue Cat Audio updates / releases Freeware Pack for Mac and Windows and introduces Audio Units Support (beta)

24th November 2008ASK Video releases Logic Pro 8 Level 3 DVD

24th November 2008Apple releases Final Cut Pro v6.0.5 / Pro Applications Update 2008-04

24th November 2008NuGen Audio updates Visualiser to v1.5

21st November 2008MeldaProduction releases MWaveShaper and MStereoExpander

21st November 2008Ardour v2.7 released

21st November 2008SynthFont updated to v1.201

21st November 2008Togu Audio Line updates all AU plug-ins (Final Cut fix)

21st November 2008MellowMuse releases AU versions of EQ1A, CP1A, IR1A and Mellowhead and RTAS of Auto Time Adjuster

20th November 2008AraldFX updates DKS Pro to v1.7 (and cuts price by 40%)

20th November 2008Sinevibes updates Gateboy to v1.2.2

20th November 2008Nine Volt Audio releases Melodic Rex: Electronic Edition [REX2|RMX|ACID|...]

20th November 2008Overloud releases TH1 Guitar Effect Suite

20th November 2008BIAS updates Peak to v6.0.4 and SoundSoap Pro to v1.2.1

20th November 2008EZ-Sound updates Arp-Edge to v1.5

20th November 2008SM Pro Audio releases V-Machine VST Player

20th November 2008Ingo Leif Software releases GPU Impulse Reverb v0.26

20th November 2008Puremagnetik releases BIG08 for Ableton Live 7

20th November 2008Zero-G releases Satin Grooves [ACID|AL|...]

20th November 2008Monkey Tools updates Library Monkey Pro (v1.1.1) and Sound Grinder Pro (v1.1.1)

20th November 2008discoDSP updates Discovery to Release 3.1

19th November 2008Homegrown Sounds releases WAV Recorder X

19th November 2008IK Multimedia launches "The Million Installations Celebration"

19th November 2008Sample Logic releases The Elements EXP

19th November 2008Back In Time Records releases 5 new Expansions for UX3, Evalon II, Wusikstation, etc.

19th November 2008Direct Approach releases BoostX v2.0 and LimitX v3.0

19th November 2008Cakewalk updates SONAR to v8.0.2

19th November 2008Haunted House releases Electronic Critters 2: Airwaves [WAV]

19th November 2008Bluezone releases DnB Zone, Downtempo Box, Techno Trance Producer and Hardstyle Producer [WAV|AIFF|REX]

19th November 2008Cluster Sound releases 4 new Xpanders for Tech Producer DSP

19th November 2008Sounds And Effects releases Synths of the 1970s for Emulator X / Proteus X

19th November 2008MidiKarval announces half-price Christmas Sale

18th November 2008SynthFont updated to v1.200 [!! UPDATE NO LONGER AVAILABLE !!]

18th November 2008Way Out Ware updates KikAxxe to v1.1

18th November 2008MeldaProduction updates MAnalyzer (v1.01) and MCompressor (v1.06)

18th November 2008Ardour 2.7 SAE Edition released

18th November 2008Sonic Reality announces Drum Masters Silver, Gold & Platinum Editions

18th November 2008EastWest updates PLAY to v1.1.003 [!! UPDATE NO LONGER AVAILABLE !!]

18th November 2008Wavelore Instruments updates Pedal Steel Guitar to v1.1 and American Zither to v1.2

18th November 2008Toontrack Music updates EZdrummer to v1.1.5

18th November 2008Chicken Systems updates Translator to v5.9 Build 64 (Mac) / v2.9 Build 118 (Windows)

17th November 2008KarmaFX Synth Modular v1.04 and Plugin Pack v2.1 released

17th November 2008Sonic Reality releases Infinite Player

17th November 2008Samplemodeling releases The Trumpet v2.0.1

17th November 2008Jeroen Breebaart releases FSynth Pro Audio Resynthesizer v1.0.1

17th November 2008WayOutWare updates TimewARP 2600 for Windows to v1.4

17th November 2008Martin Eastwood Audio releases Duet (double-tracking/harmonizer effect)

17th November 2008HTT releases HTP3 Darbukator Extreme and HTL1 Oriental toolkit and updates HTP Darbukator Lite to v1.5

17th November 2008Sony Creative Software updates ACID Pro to v7.0a

17th November 2008AZ Audio updates SuperMIDIScripter to v0.826

17th November 2008LennarDigital releases Sylenth1 v2.2 (incl. AU and x64)

17th November 2008Zynewave updates Podium to v2.06

17th November 2008WOK releases MoogoFilter

17th November 2008Back In Time Records releases Arturia Minimoog V: Minimoog Classics Patch Charts Kit

17th November 2008Cycling '74 releases Max 5 SDK

17th November 2008HowAudio releases Essentials of Logic 8 (video tutorial)

17th November 2008Sensomusic updates Usine to v4.01c

17th November 2008Aixcoustic Creations updates Electri-Q to v1.8.7

17th November 2008vvvv group releases vvvv v4.0 beta 19.1

14th November 2008XT Software releases new energyXT2 Beta

14th November 2008Korg releases compact nanoSERIES Controllers

14th November 2008Teragon Audio releases KickMaker v2.0 and MissWatson v1.0

14th November 2008AAS releases Strum Acoustic Session and celebrates 'Ten Years of Physical Modeling' with some Special Offers

14th November 2008Homegrown Sounds launches Sample Collection Sale

14th November 2008Kreativ Sounds releases LOOPSalad Sound FX [ACID|REX]

14th November 2008Digital Music Doctor releases Sonar 8 - Know It All! [Video]

14th November 2008Precisionsound releases Stingers II [WAV|AIFF]

14th November 2008AraldFX releases AXV5 v1.2

14th November 2008Evopax updates VTM5 Polyphonic EQ to v1.2 and announces D-Quattro

14th November 2008Dance MIDI Samples releases DMS Minimal Toolkit 1 [MIDI|WAV|REX]

14th November 2008VSL releases Vienna Suite (+Get Jazz Drums Free Offer)

14th November 2008Win 1 of 10 Time+Space USB sticks filled with Zero-G downloads

14th November 2008Latest Digital Redux titles now available as downloads from Time+Space

13th November 2008Distropolis releases Glass Armanica v1.0 beta

12th November 2008Soniccouture releases GuZheng - Chinese Zither for Kontakt, EXS24 & Live

12th November 2008Native Instruments releases True Strike Tension (Kore Soundpack)

12th November 2008MeldaProduction releases MAnalyzer and updates MDrummer to v2.0.4

12th November 2008Mathew Lane updates DrMS to v1.1

12th November 2008Topten Software releases Cantabile 2.0 Beta

12th November 2008IK Multimedia releases T-RackS 3

12th November 2008Ohm Force launches 'How the Minimonsta Saved The World!' Cohmpetition

12th November 2008Spectralhead Audio updates SilverBox to v1.20

12th November 2008Back In Time Records releases 'Korg Classics - Monophonic Synths' expansion for Evalon II

12th November 2008FXpansion releases 8 Bit Kit for BFD2

12th November 2008ESI U46 XL Multi-channel Audio Interface - Now Shipping

12th November 2008Loopmasters releases House Improvements Vol. 1 [KON|HAL|...]

12th November 2008Time+Space announces Ian Boddy's Waveforms series of download packs (Radiophonica and Airwaves)

12th November 2008MoReVoX releases MoReVoX - Pack (all Drum and IR Libraries)

12th November 2008VertexDSP updates vxPlug to v1.1.2

11th November 2008Dangerous Bear Underground releases Prometheus X

11th November 2008Chicken Systems releases Constructor Universal Instrument Builder

11th November 2008Audio Impressions releases DVZ Strings v2.0

11th November 2008Sample Magic releases Funky House Grooves 2 [KON|HAL|...]

11th November 2008One Small Clue updates Poise Percussion Sampler to v1.0.8

11th November 2008Opulent Audio releases Tenacity

11th November 2008Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v2.0.2

11th November 2008Line 6 updates GearBox to v3.70

11th November 2008Waves updates GTR3

11th November 2008WayOutWare updates TimewARP 2600 for Mac to v1.4

11th November 2008MOTU announces 'Upgrade to MachFive 2' offer (from GigaStudio, Kontakt and others)

11th November 2008Odo Synths releases 38911 Bytes v2.0

11th November 2008BIAS releases Peak Express 6

10th November 2008NuEdge Development releases Sonic Charge Synplant

10th November 2008Eiosis releases AirEQ 5.1 for Mac (and reduces price of AirEQ)

10th November 2008Cluster Sound releases Minus Granular [WAV|REX|...]

10th November 2008Mason Software releases Dammit Distortion

10th November 2008MidiKarval releases MidiRouter

10th November 2008Starplugs updates SuperSizer MBC to v1.02

10th November 2008Nassen Software Development updates RaX'n'TraX to v1.0.1

10th November 2008NTS Audio updates Virtual Dance Producer to v1.4

10th November 2008Novation releases 'Limited Edition' green ReMOTE SL37

10th November 2008AZ Audio updates SuperMidiScripter to v0.825

10th November 2008Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Vocoder to v1.10

10th November 2008Celemony updates Melodyne plugin to v1.0.4

10th November 2008Audiofile Engineering updates Wave Editor to v1.4.4

7th November 2008SONiVOX releases 57 new Downloadable Virtual Instruments (DVIs)

7th November 2008Line 6 releases POD Studio USB interfaces & POD Farm Plug-in

7th November 2008PowerFX releases Hoodtronica

7th November 2008Pro Audio DSP releases Dynamic Spectrum Mapper

7th November 2008Antares Audio Technologies and Guitar Center announce Auto-Tune EFX

7th November 2008Back In Time Records releases Movie Orchestrals [WSK]

7th November 2008Toontrack Music announces Funkmasters EZX

7th November 2008MusicLab updates RealGuitar to v2.2.1 and RealStrat to v1.1.1

7th November 2008Native Instruments launches the "Holiday Values" season (Various Special Offers)

7th November 2008Motion Samples releases four new Sample Libraries [WAV]

6th November 2008Back In Time Records releases Otherworld [WSK]

6th November 2008Jack OS X v0.79 released

6th November 2008Jucetice updates Jost to v0.5.2

6th November 2008Sensomusic updates Usine to v4.01a

6th November 2008MakeMusic updates Finale to 2009b

5th November 2008VSL announces Vienna Suite

5th November 2008MidiKarval releases Drawbars Mapper for XK-3

5th November 2008Nucleus SoundLab releases MK Digital Keys [KON|EXS|WSK|...]

5th November 2008Equinox Sounds releases Dub and Dancehall Loop Pack [ACID|WAV]

5th November 2008FASoft updates n-Track Studio to v6.0.2 Beta Build 2408

5th November 2008LinPlug updates RMV Drum Addiction for Windows to v5.0.2

4th November 2008Audjoo releases Helix v1.0

4th November 2008Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9675 / v0.9677

4th November 2008de la Mancha releases miniSID

4th November 2008AAY-Audio releases aQ-31 Graphic EQ v1.0 and aMS-Tools v1.0

4th November 2008Jucetice updates Jost to v0.5.1

3rd November 2008Muse Research announces Limited Availability of a Special Model of Receptor

3rd November 2008HV Synth Design releases Acoustic Modeled SaxCollection

3rd November 2008Ben Anderson releases V-DS (Virtual Digital Sampler) v1.1

3rd November 2008SoniqWare announces PE-1 Linear Phase Parametric Equalizer

3rd November 2008Hardcore Harmonics releases Prizm Atmospheric Construction Synth

3rd November 2008Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Vocoder

3rd November 2008Wallander Instruments updates WIVI to v2.10

3rd November 2008Sonoris Audio Engineering releases Sonoris Meter v2.0 for Windows

3rd November 2008Sensomusic releases Usine v4.01

3rd November 2008Tekky Synths releases TyByX

3rd November 2008iZotope updates iDrum to v1.70

3rd November 2008Monkey Tools updates entire product line

3rd November 2008vvvv group releases vvvv v4.0 beta 19

3rd November 2008Five12 releases Numerology 2 Public Beta 29

3rd November 2008EdgeSounds releases Native Russian Vol. 2 for Kontakt & GigaStudio

3rd November 2008Musicrow updates Magic Vox to v1.1 (and offers 30% discount)

3rd November 2008Merging Technologies releases Pyramix Virtual Studio v6.0 SP2

3rd November 2008SSL releases X-Orcism

3rd November 2008Nomad Factory and DontCrac[k] offer "The Ultimate 26 Plugins 'Producer Pack'" for $499