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News Archive for December 2004

31st December 2004farbrausch V2 Synthesizer System released

31st December 2004Tiny God releases Meridian v0.8

30th December 2004SynthEdit v0.959 beta released

29th December 2004Scoofster Kamilla v1.0 released

29th December 2004Acquit Music releases Acquit XX11 v1.0

29th December 2004Syncer updates Rhythm-2, Polyvoks Station & Alice-1377

29th December 2004Symptohm:Melohman Performer Edition released (+Funky Skin)

29th December 2004Synful releases Synful Orchestra

29th December 2004apulSoft ports daHornet to OS X

29th December 2004Expert Sleepers Augustus Loop v1.2 beta available

29th December 2004Voxengo Analogflux Suite v1.1 released

29th December 2004Steinberg HALion v3.1 pre-release available

29th December 2004CONSOLE v1.4.1 released

29th December 2004Blue Cat's Flanger & Phaser updated

29th December 2004MadTracker updated (+Christmas Discount)

29th December 2004Tobybear MiniHost updated to v1.0.9

29th December 2004Xhip beta 3.1 now available

29th December 2004SynthFont updated to v0.9.9.2

29th December 2004Wave Arts updates Power Suite to v4.0.8

29th December 2004BeRoTracker updated

23rd December 2004Aodix updated to v4.0.0.6

23rd December 2004Korg Legacy Collection updated to v1.1.2

23rd December 2004Speedsoft VSampler v3.5 released

23rd December 2004FL Studio v5.0.1 released

23rd December 2004Virtuasonic MIJOY PRO released

23rd December 2004Scarbee VKFX v1.1 released

23rd December 2004LazySnake v1.0 released

22nd December 2004apulSoft apTrigga updated to v2.2

22nd December 2004AlgoMusic releases the M42 Nebula package

22nd December 2004Best of 2004 released for MicroTonic

22nd December 2004256 new presets for Quad Frohmage

22nd December 2004Crossfade Loop Synth v2.1 released

22nd December 2004Psychic Modulation releases Pandemonium 2

22nd December 2004Krakli Software releases YAVA2

22nd December 2004Digital Performer v4.5.1 released

21st December 2004NI Xpress Keyboards demo versions now available

21st December 2004Shortcircuit v1.0.4 released (+Special Holiday Offer)

21st December 2004Audio Ease updates VST-MAS Wrapper to v4.1.3

21st December 2004xoxos releases Cube Breath - Pop Music Generator

21st December 2004Tascam updates GigaStudio to v3.0.4

21st December 2004Synthmaker v0.9.0g beta released

21st December 2004Arguru updates Aodix (v4.0.0.5) and announces DirectWave

21st December 2004Blue Cat Flanger and Chorus updated

21st December 2004Macomate 88 updated to v0.9.5

21st December 2004SynthEdit v0.958.8 beta released

21st December 2004Extreme Sample Converter v2.2.2 released

20th December 2004Voxengo Updates and New Plug-ins

20th December 2004e-LABs releases Foundation demo version

20th December 2004Virtuasonic MIJOY v1.6 and MIJOY PRO demo released

20th December 2004VirSyn Cantor v1.5 released

20th December 2004Precisionsound releases Monzter Guitars

18th December 2004Rosegarden v1.0 pre1 available

18th December 2004ConcreteFX releases MicroDicer

18th December 2004Expert Sleepers releases Meringue v1.0

18th December 2004Blue Cat updates Flanger to v1.1 (inc. VST)

18th December 2004SoftPlug releases Adventus and Adventus Light

17th December 2004Spectrasonics releases Four S.A.G.E. Xpanders for Stylus RMX

17th December 2004Sonic Assault updates Arpecyza!, Sinthecyza! and Wave!

17th December 2004reFX Holiday Discounts

17th December 2004Sonicbytes releases ERA v1.3.1

17th December 2004LinPlug updates SaxLab to v1.0.1 and RM IV to v4.1.2 (beta)

17th December 2004VSL Horizon Series, Performance Tool Tutorials and Special Offers

17th December 2004expert sleepers releases Merger v1.0

17th December 2004DSP-Quattro updated to v2.0.1

17th December 2004Paax updated to v1.2.1

17th December 2004LinPlug updates daOrgan (v2.1.3) and Albino (v2.1.2)

17th December 2004VSTHost (v1.22) and SAVIHost (v1.13) updated

17th December 2004NI releases Absynth 3

16th December 2004Steinberg releases Cubase SX3.0.1

16th December 2004JMT Orchestrator v2.1 released

16th December 2004Spectrasonics updates Stylus RMX to v1.1

16th December 2004Arturia ARP2600 V released

16th December 2004NI Battery v2.1 released

16th December 2004Blue Cat Chorus updated to v1.1

16th December 2004Steinberg Nuendo v3.0 now shipping

15th December 2004Kn0ck0ut updated to v0.5

15th December 2004ChunkWare Vanilla Compressor alpha build 68 available

15th December 2004Voxengo Sample Delay and Beeper released

15th December 2004Paax updated to v1.2

15th December 2004Altiverb updated to v4.2.2

15th December 2004Extreme Sample Converter updated to v2.2.1

15th December 2004Neko64 $300 rebate offer

15th December 2004Sonalksis Group Buy - Last Chance

15th December 2004Synapse Audio Holiday Offer

14th December 2004Spectrasonics updates Sage Converter to v1.1

14th December 2004Aodix v4.0.0.4 released

14th December 2004AriesVerb v0.2 released

14th December 2004SynthEdit v0.958.7 released

14th December 2004DS8 Drum Works v2.0 announced

14th December 2004EastWest Xmas Offers (inc. EWQLSO Gold Edition group buy)

14th December 2004Jonas Norberg releases PWMDrive

14th December 2004Ugo updates Texture to v1.2.1

13th December 2004discoDSP HighLife v1.4 released

13th December 2004AAS updates Tassman and Lounge Lizard

13th December 2004Xhip beta 3 available

13th December 2004BeRoTracker pre-alpha released

13th December 2004Altiverb v4.2.1 released

13th December 2004Crossfade Loop Synth v2.0 released

11th December 2004Vember Audio releases Shortcircuit and Shortcircuit Free

11th December 2004AudioMulch v0.9 beta 18 released

11th December 2004Wusikstation v1.1 released

10th December 2004KVRaudio.com

10th December 2004ORGANized Trio v3.0.1 and Effectizer v1.0 released

9th December 2004Audio Ease updates VST-MAS Wrapper to v4.1.2

9th December 2004Voxengo updates Polysquasher and GlissEQ

9th December 2004e-LAB Obsession v1.2 (Mac) released

9th December 2004Nicecast updated to v1.7

9th December 2004Hypnos Vocoder - Brainwave Entrainment Device released

9th December 2004Senderella v1.0.6 released

9th December 2004VSTHost V1.21 and SAVIHost V1.12 released

8th December 2004Virtuasonic COMBSCAPE released

8th December 2004BPM120, PLP120, VCP120 & VLP120 v1.2 released

8th December 2004Xhip beta updated

8th December 2004AlgoMusic updates M42 Nebula to v1.1

8th December 2004Voxengo Soniformer v2.3 released

7th December 2004PSP/i3 Xmas Offer

7th December 2004i3 releases DSP-Quattro v2.0

7th December 2004u-he Filterscape announced

7th December 2004Synapse Audio releases Orion Pro v5.8

7th December 2004Native Instruments announces NI Komplete Care 2005

7th December 2004Acon Digital Media releases Acoustica v3.2

7th December 2004Blue Cat Chorus VST version released

7th December 2004Elevayta Space Boy updated to v1.1.2

7th December 2004Voxengo updates Crunchessor, Elephant, Lampthruster & Warmifier

7th December 2004e-LAB Obsession v1.2 released

7th December 2004LinPlug updates daOrgan to v2.1.2

6th December 2004LinPlug SaxLab released

6th December 2004Ferrara Percussion announces D-TRIG

6th December 2004Aodix updated to v4.0.0.3 and released for sale

6th December 2004Aciddose releases Xhip beta 1

6th December 2004apulSoft ports Chip32 to OS X

6th December 2004NI Komplete 2 now includes Battery 2 and Absynth 3

6th December 2004LinPlug updates Albino to v2.1.1

6th December 2004Bigtone Ambient Signature Set for Albino 2 released

6th December 2004reViSiT v0.86 released

6th December 2004Psychic Modulation updates Cortex and Cerebrum

6th December 2004NUSofting releases HarpTime and Microrock for OS X

6th December 2004Scarbee Vintage Keyboard FX released for Windows

6th December 2004delaydots.com Xmas Offer

6th December 2004Rax updated to v1.2.2

2nd December 2004New Banks Uploaded

2nd December 2004MultitrackStudio updated to v3.1.1

2nd December 2004Hartmann Neuron VS released

2nd December 2004Electronisounds releases Sample Frenzy - Volume One

1st December 2004IK Multimedia AmpliTube Live now shipping

1st December 2004SpinAudio Xmas Offers

1st December 2004IK Multimedia Buy 2 Get 1 Free Expansion Tank Promotion

1st December 2004Samplitude/Sequoia v7.2.3 released

1st December 2004AltiVerb updated to v4.2

1st December 2004Psychic Modulation updates TimeShifter to v2.1

1st December 2004E-Phonic Drumatic 3.0.1 released

1st December 2004Chicken Systems Translator Professional - $20 Discount

1st December 2004Synapse releases TR-505 Samplepack for Orion Platinum

1st December 2004Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks Volume VI