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Cockos updates REAPER to v4.52


Cockos has updated REAPER to version 4.52.

Changes in 4.52:

  • Actions: various actions better respect edit cursor in undo state.
  • Graphics performance: fixed high CPU use when displaying media items with many embedded cues.
  • MIDI editor: better cursor positioning on note edge clicks.
  • MIDI editor: fixed scroll issues, improved play cursor behavior.
  • MIDI editor: track and channel selection available in both piano roll and event list view.
  • MIDI editor: fixed channel filter initializing incorrectly when loading projects.
  • MIDI: fixed pasting events into blank area of arrange view.
  • Metering: fixed track metering inaccuracies on looped playback.
  • Playback: fixed rare but possible increased memory use when changing loop selection during playback.
  • ReaPlugs: improved undo point notification for various controls.
  • Routing matrix: fixed scroll issue.
  • Video: fixed audio decoding issue when using VLC decoder on files containing a 32bps audio stream.

Changes in 4.51:

  • MIDI editor: dropdown box above keyboard area to select active track.
  • MIDI editor: better performance updating edits with lots of pooled items.
  • MIDI editor: improved source length editing behavior.
  • MIDI: faster creation of pooled MIDI items.
  • MIDI: fixed stuck note on looped playback introduced in 4.5.
  • Undo: reduced excess work/flicker when in an undo block.
  • MIDI editor:
    • support for editing multiple MIDI items at the same time.
    • added track list and media item lane, filter window now filters only MIDI events, not media items.
    • track list and media item lane control which media item is active, which others are visible.
    • optionally preview all selected notes that start at the same time position.
    • optionally preview notes when editing or changing selection via keyboard action.
    • actions to activate next/previous item, visible item, or track, action to enable/disable relative snap.
    • added mouse modifiers to move/copy selected notes by dragging in the piano roll (no need to click the note again).
    • added toolbar snap button context menu.
    • many bug-fixes and performance improvements.
    • improved action to view raw MIDI data.
    • new cursors MIDI_noteedge_l, MIDI_noteedge_r, MIDI_stretch_l, MIDI_stretch_r.
    • save and load bank/program select files with tracks, rather than with individual MIDI takes.
    • stretch CC events when stretching a group of notes (when option enabled).
    • support for 14-bit CC messages in piano roll and event list.
    • theme colors for out-of-bounds piano roll.
    • theme image for MIDI_item_bounds.png, table_remove_off, table_remove_on.
    • track list shift+click expands/collapses folders or track items.
    • track list has right-click menu option to choose which tracks to show/hide in track list.
  • JS:
    • $xHEXCONSTANT now parsed same as 0xHEXCONSTANT, no conversion to 32-bit signed integer.
    • editor has improved non-English keyboard support, syntax highlighting, better resizing support.
    • _global.variable support, regXX alias to _global.regXX.
    • added atomic_setifequal(), atomic_exch(), atomic_add(), atomic_set() and atomic_get().
    • improved behavior with fx that define input or output pins but not both.
    • invsqrt() now produces same results for negative inputs on x86-64 and x86/PPC.
  • MIDI:
    • fixed chasing notes in certain instances.
    • fixed multiproject hang bug.
    • import SMF cues that are embedded in the tempo track.
    • optionally embed project markers as MIDI cues when exporting project MIDI.
    • optionally import embedded cues as project markers.
    • when playing back looped, improved sample-level rounding to avoid duplicate MIDI notes.
  • API:
    • GetSetMediaTrackInfo with I_RECARM no longer generates undo points.
    • added GetTrackDepth function.
    • added functions to get media item track, parent tracks.
    • fixed DoActionShortcutDialog() not updating configuration files.
    • undo/redo cancels any pending undo blocks.
  • FX:
    • Monitoring FX support - useful for analysis, room adjustment, or other non-project related processing.
    • fixed changing parameters via program change causing potential hang.
    • safer UI updating when changing bypass/parameters via automation.
    • dropping FX on a track input fx, record arm, record mode, or record input will put FX on input chain.
    • input FX are now properly tracked by undo system.
  • ReaPlugs:
    • ReaControlMIDI supports channel pressure messages.
    • improved use/calculation of constants throughout that might affect some win64/AMD systems.
    • fixed potential for crash in ReaFIR analysis code on incorrectly-sized windows.
    • safer ReaInsert audio device hooking.
  • Time signatures:
    • improved beat-attached behavior when removing points.
    • fixed adding editing markers at zero/negative measure counts.
    • improved adjusting media items when changing time signature denominator (related to change in 4.32).
    • improved behavior moving/copying regions with time signature markers.
  • Timestretch:
    • fixed issues in 4.4x with playspeed envelopes and preserve pitch.
    • latest AVX-enabled Windows builds of Elastique.
    • fixed Elastique issue on some win64/AMD systems.
    • allow non-1.0 playrates that are very close to 1.0.
  • Undo:
    • extensive optimizations and improvements.
    • avoid excessive state loading when undoing changes to track order/counts.
    • better reuse of undo buffers when changing track order/counts.
    • improved memory use, scan for common blocks in history when adding states.
    • incrementally updated RPP-UNDO files, can make for much faster save of undo history.
  • Windows:
    • added WMA as supported file extension.
    • fixed CPU usage display working intermittently on systems with large uptimes.
    • installer better handles incorrect ReWire installation states.
    • topmost button activation tweaks (fixes for embedded bridged plugins and native plugins such as Kontakt).
  • Actions:
    • added set item name from active take file-name.
    • fixed label for scroll view horizontally by page.
  • Click source:
    • better behavior when using pitch shifting/timestretch.
    • do not adjust click source rates when adjusting tempo.
  • Envelopes:
    • better behavior with multiple points selected.
    • added actions to select various track envelopes.
  • Grid:
    • better support for measure lengths that are not multiples of grid size.
    • framerate grid/snap support.
  • OSX:
    • PowerPC build has improved defaults for better performance.
    • fixed fx pin connector text.
    • localized audio device info menu support.
  • Project bay:
    • better undo integration for speed/RAM use, faster undo state loading.
    • improved sorting for length, track, position with fallbacks.
  • Recording:
    • MIDI input mode with PDC-adjust respects loop end timing.
    • preserve PDC monitoring properly observes i/o latency for audio.
  • Stretch markers:
    • action to remove stretch marker at current position.
    • actions to navigate to next/previous/nearest stretch marker.
    • guide indicators when moving.
  • VST:
    • improved bridged embedded support for SE plug-ins (broken in 4.40).
    • when mode set to not scan VST info, apply renames after updating plugins.
  • Autosave: configurable option for when to autosave (always, stopped, or not-recording).
  • Directory cleanup: better media path resolving for freeze and project bay referenced files.
  • Dockers: improved autotransparency behavior.
  • Fades: splitting items with crossfade set will set both crossfade and default item fades.
  • Marker/region manager: import/export csv properly supports commas/quotes (RFC 4180).
  • Metronome: Preferences/Audio setting to choose default output.
  • MTC: fixed hour-rounding issue with 25fps.
  • Pan: enabled overriding pan mode for the master track.
  • Performance meter: options to show/hide empty tracks/master track/Monitoring FX.
  • Project tabs: option to put project tabs on left edge of window rather than top.
  • Routing: reduced excessive volume/pan messages being sent via MIDI sends when stopped/looping.
  • Text rendering: fixed potential memory overflow bug, thanks JeffOS.
  • Track manager: fixed extra spaces being added when renaming child tracks.
  • Video: fixed file closing hang when using WMA files on Windows.
  • WavPack: fixed crash on reading invalid wrapper chunks.


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