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MuTools releases MuLab 4.1.17

MuTools has released MuLab 4.1.17.


  • Musical resolution increased from 1200 to 12000 PPQN, sample accurate.
  • Improved timing when recording MIDI events and parameter automations without quantization, especially when using a larger audio driver buffer size.
  • Smoother movement of the play cursor when using a larger audio driver buffer size.
  • Rack Desk now also has a [+] rack button, cfr tracks.
  • Double-clicking below tracks is same as clicking the [+] track button. (for consistency).
  • Mixdown dialog: In case of mixdown to audio file, there is a little button with which you can quickly set the target file to the session master audio file.
  • VST plug-in manager now shows more details while scanning, especially in case of errors.
  • Improved the session MUX audio and MIDI input/output modules: Now you can choose the effective in/out device pins to be used.
  • Session MUX Audio Inputs/Outputs now use the effective audio device jack names by default.
  • Session MUX: removed the irrelevant modulation input/output from its module list.
  • Module editors are now 'toggled' i.e. when an editor is not open it's opened, when it's opened but hardy visible, it's focused, else it's closed. This also applies to the Session MUX editor.
  • File path displays now show the full file path in a tool tip.
  • You can drop files on a file path display so to set it to that file path.
  • File browsers: You can drop files/folders on it so to set it to that file/folder.
  • Improved importing of track / sequence / instrument names when loading MIDI files.
  • Recent Session list is now alphabetically sorted on file name instead of full file path.
  • String fields now use a more clear way for showing the cursor and selections.
  • Now that MuLab has handy tools to collect the used audio files in the session audio folder, the need to first save a new session before audio recording has gone, and so that specific alert has been removed.
  • User movie recorder: Various improvements.
  • Improved the color picker: Various improvements e.g. you can use drag-drop to manage the preset palette etc, right-click to set HSL/RGB, ...
  • Fine-tuned mouse behaviour when doing click-hold to start a drag. (longer threshold time).
  • New preference "DoubleClickDeltaTime" in number of milliseconds.
  • "Edit MIDI Input Focuses" renamed to "Edit MIDI Input Channel Targets". And the "Target Module" label is renamed to "Focused Module".
  • Fine-tuned the MIDI input channeling behaviour.
  • Fine-tuned default output selection for new racks.
  • Audio Recording Options dialog: various user interface improvements.
  • Unused reloadable samples are auto deleted from the session.
  • Level Compressor: When process switch is off, only audio in 1 is bypassed.
  • Added protection against dropping a MUX into its own deep editor.
  • Sequence editors also support track function shortcuts.
  • Fine-tuned the factory New.MuSession template and Pure.MuSession demo and the Basic Synth preset.
  • MuVerb factory presets updated to MuVerb 2.
  • Internal optimizations.


  • Fixed: When doing 'New Session' while the audio recording dialog was open then MuLab hanged.
  • When inserting / removing audio recorders in the Session MUX, the Audio Record Setup panel is also immediately updated.
  • Fixed a problem with audio/sample file references when there were similar folder names near each other.
  • Fixed: When Fatness/Detune/Spread was tweaked as a MUX Meta Parameter, the corresponding oscillator editor was not updated.
  • Fixed a problem when renaming an audio file recorder from within its editor.
  • Fixed a crash bug when using e.g. "Per Event" MIDI channels, then selecting that part and playing the focused module keyboard at the top right.
  • When multiple audio recorder dialogs were open for the same audio recorder, changing the Chans (Num Channels) or Nrmlz (Auto-Normalize) was not reflected in the other.
  • "Trim To Selection" now taken into account on save sample.
  • Fixed a sonic problem when intensively modulating a filter with sharp modulation edges.
  • Fixed an internal ambiguity that could lead to potential crashes.
  • Note editor: When drawing new notes, and the mouse drag ended at the left of the start point, no new note was drawn. Now things are working 100% as the preview outline shows.
  • Note editor: When drawing new notes, the length indication in the bottom-right info display was not correct.
  • Possible problems fixed when ending audio recording.
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