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MuTools releases MuLab 8.0


MuTools has released MuLab 8 featuring Flexible Audio Sequences, Creative Time Stretching and many more improvements.

Thanks to the new Audio Sequences you can now use samples directly in a composition, without the need to plug in (multi-) samplers and MIDI notes to play them.

Audio Sequences also let you play samples at a different tempo without changing the original pitch. This is done by slicing the sample into discrete audio events and each audio event is time stretched as needed. You have perfect control over the transients, the quantizing, etc. so any piece of audio can be blended into a composition, even if it's at a different tempo, pitch and groove.

The sample events in an audio sequence are not limited to the original sample. You can switch each sample event to play another sample, at another pitch, with another stretch factor. So, for example, you can replace the snares in a sample loop with one of the snares in your sample library, or with a different sound.

MuLab 8 also supports high time stretch factors which let you make new sounds out of sample slices also within the MUX Modular synth and effect environment.

All details & downloads on www.mutools.com




Discussion: Active
24 April 2019 at 6:50pm

Fantastic update.

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