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MuTools updates MUX VST to v1.2.0


MuTools has updated MUX, the flexible modular synth and effect VST plug-in for Windows, to version 1.2.0.


  • Note Key/Velocity Filter module.
  • Bit Reducer module.
  • Samplerate Reducer module.
  • Modulation Monitor module.
  • You can now copy-paste selections of audio files/samples directly into an oscillator.


  • Waveform -> "Open" now previews the audio files while browsing.
  • The "SetChunkMustCallUpdateDispay" preference now defaults to 1 so this feature is active by default.
  • Text string editors: Shift+Home selects from start to cursor, Shift+End selects from cursor to end.
  • "Audio To Note Gate" renamed to "Audio Envelope Follower" and includes a modulation output.
  • Finetuned the "Manage Audio/Sample Files" function.
  • File path editors are much wider by default so to display more of longer file paths.
  • By default VST parameter values are shown as % values, no mixed situations anymore.
  • More relaxed checking of the user key e.g. line breaks in the key are filtered out.
  • Event Monitor now has a "Clear" context function.
  • Finetuned an UI detail in the parameter drag-drop system.
  • Finetuned a detail in the module parameter handling resulting in even smoother parameter slides via UI or automation.
  • All windows now properly do maximize/restore. So after a maximize you can restore to the previous position/size.
  • Double-clicking a window title bar also does maximize/restore.
  • Tweaked several other aspects in the UI.
  • Extended and tuned preset library.


  • In some cases "Show Clipboard Contents" didn't show the most detailed info.
  • OS X: When doing "Move To Top-Left" for a window, the apple title bar now is taken into account.
  • Fixed a bug when using parent modulation towards the PolySynth.
  • Fixed a bug w.r.t. using VST synths in a MUX, then such saved MUX preset was not categorized as an instrument preset.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause different kinds of problems in the 64 bit version.
  • Improved MIDI input controller support.
  • Fixed a little bug that caused an improper focus box in some situations.
  • Audio Envelope Follower now properly saves Key and Velocity properties.
  • Fixed a little bug in the object naming system.
  • Fixed: UI splitters didn't show a hand cursor anymore.
  • When editing a parameter mapping, Cancel did not restore the original values.
  • Fixed a bug in the parameter modulation system which caused individual modulations to be unintentionally bound to the [-100% - +100%] range.


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