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Softube plug-ins updated to v2.4.62 - Six New Products


Softube has released v2.4.62 of its plug-ins, a packed release with six new products and tons of features. Three new Modular modules, one Console 1 strip, three new native plug-ins.

New Products:

Change Log:

  • Windows: Fixed an issue with the graphics freezing on some older graphics cards and drivers.
  • Worked around an rare issue where Ableton Live could recall some parameters incorrectly when loading projects or presets with Audio Unit plug-ins.
  • Console 1: Fixed a bug where a strip's sub plug-ins don't retain values when switching to and from the 4k channel.
  • All Weiss products: Fix for issue that could cause files to be rendered with fade-in in Wavelab.
  • All Weiss products: Fixed an issue with Gain Reduction meter initial values in some hosts.
  • Weiss DS1-MK3: Slight tweak of the gridlines in the waveform view.
  • Weiss Deess: Fix for the menu not being closed when the frequency grid is clicked.
  • Weiss Deess: Fixed bug which made it impossible to toggle discrete parameters in the menu.
  • Modular/FX: Auto close Selector page when a preset has been loaded.
  • Preset Collection: Fixed an issue where presets in some circumstances would become garbled when exporting them in Modular/FX. The internal presets are fine however and Preset Collection will now detect and correct the garbled Modular/FX presets when importing.
  • Preset Collection: Better support for wide characters on Windows. Most importantly it is now possible to save user presets if your username includes such characters.
  • Preset Collection: Fixes an issue where presets would always be considered to be modified in Pro Tools.
  • Preset Collection: User presets now default to one-star rating.
  • Drawmer 1973: Fixed broken graphics on non-retina displays.

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