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News Archive for January 2005

31st January 2005u-he releases Filterscape plug-in bundle

31st January 2005White Noise Audio Doppelmangler and Zero Vector Group Buy

31st January 2005Tiny God releases Meridian v0.9.3

31st January 2005Wurr Audio releases WAReverb and updates Tube Booster (v2.3.2)

31st January 2005B.Serrano releases Neutron v1.0

31st January 2005Scamme updates DS2 to v1.5

31st January 2005KLANGLABS releases Sxratch v1.0

31st January 2005KIKI Studio releases MKS-1 v1.7

31st January 2005Wusikstation Group Buy

31st January 2005Krakli & Kriminal release Karnage v1.0

31st January 2005Pluggo for Windows now available (incl. demo)

30th January 2005Tobybear releases MiniHost v1.5

29th January 2005VSTHost (v1.24) and SAVIHost (v1.15) updated

29th January 2005SFX Machine RT updated to 1.0.4

28th January 2005Dodo Bird releases Super Eel v2.0

28th January 2005The Orchestral Collection AU update available

27th January 2005Galleoneer MultimodeFilter Mk1 v1.1 released

27th January 2005LUXONIX releases Ravity16 & Ravity(S)/(R) v1.2

27th January 2005MOTU announces MachFive v2.0 and MX4 v2.0

26th January 2005MOTU announces Symphonic Instrument

26th January 2005VST Plugin Wizard for Delphi released (+DCFFT beta)

26th January 2005Classic Oberheim Bundle for Rhino released

26th January 2005Rekliner Records releases Loopy Llama v0.8

26th January 2005Wurr Audio releases Tube Booster ST

26th January 2005B.Serrano releases Cosmos

26th January 2005GoldWave updated to v5.0.9

26th January 2005SynthEdit Beta v0.959.3 released

25th January 2005Galleoneer Multimodefilter Mk1 and Phrasemaster Mk1

25th January 2005ANWIDA Soft releases VST Pack

25th January 2005Tsunami Relief Sounds Volume 1 now available

25th January 2005ANWIDA Soft releases PEQ1V

25th January 2005Psychic Modulation updates Optik to v1.2

24th January 2005Oli Larkin updates Endless Series, Spacestation, Beat Morpher, LFO Chopper, and Gatecomb

24th January 2005Ableton Live v4.1 released

24th January 2005Aodix v4.0.0.7 released

24th January 2005Voxengo GlissEQ v2.4 released (+special offer)

23rd January 2005Studiophonik unveiled at NAMM

23rd January 2005Tiny God releases Meridian beta v0.89

23rd January 2005IK Multimedia announces Ampeg SVX bass-amp modeling plug-in

23rd January 2005IK Multimedia announces Miroslav Philharmonik

23rd January 2005IK Multimedia announces AmpliTube 2.0

23rd January 2005IK Multimedia announces SampleTank 2.1

23rd January 2005Bismark releases bs-spectrum v1.2

23rd January 2005NuSofting updates DK+ to v1.00.002

22nd January 2005Wave Arts updates Power Suite to v4.0.9 (Mac)

22nd January 2005LinPlug updates Saxlab to v1.0.2

22nd January 2005Zynewave Podium v1.2.5 released

22nd January 2005Nomad Factory announces the Essential Studio Suite bundle

21st January 2005EastWest/Zero-G announce A.S.L. - Analogue Sequencer Loops

21st January 2005EW/QL announce Pro Upgrades for Symphonic Orchestra

21st January 2005Toontrack DFH Superior - Custom & Vintage announced

21st January 2005Waves releases Q-Clone

21st January 2005SKnote announces TolcBocs

21st January 2005Drumagog 4 and Drumagog BFD announced

21st January 2005Project Sam True Strike 1 plug-in unveiled

21st January 2005M-Audio announces Key Rig and Drum & Bass Rig

21st January 2005Redshift Audio announces Vendetta Drum Synth

21st January 2005GMEDIA Music announces Minimonsta

21st January 2005URS releases the Classic Console Equalizer Bundle VST

20th January 2005Mackie announces Tracktion 2

20th January 2005Garritan announces New Products and New Technologies

20th January 2005Muse Research unveils UniWire

20th January 2005EW/QL announces Quantum Leap Colossus

20th January 2005EW/QL announces Quantum Leap RA

20th January 2005Spectrasonics releases Stylus RMX v1.2

20th January 2005Muse Research unveils v1.2 Software for Receptor

20th January 2005Native Instruments announces Kontakt 2

20th January 2005DSound releases GT Player v2.5

20th January 2005Native Instruments announces Electronic Instruments 2XT

20th January 2005Native Instruments announces NI Komplete Sound

20th January 2005Steinberg announces HALion Player OEM version

20th January 2005Sony launches two new collections in the Sony Sound Series

20th January 2005Steinberg Key premiered @ NAMM

20th January 2005Sony announces Sound Forge 8

20th January 2005E-MU announces new libraries for Proteus & Emulator X

20th January 2005Cakewalk releases free beta version of 64-bit SONAR

20th January 2005Cakewalk releases SONAR v4.0.2

20th January 2005Scarbee announces Vintage Keyboard Collection plug-in

20th January 2005Ableton releases Operator

20th January 2005Cycling '74 announces Hipno

20th January 2005Cycling '74 releases Pluggo for Windows

20th January 2005Cycling '74 announces Mode for Windows

20th January 2005Cakewalk unveils Project5 v2.0

20th January 2005Cakewalk acquires rgc:audio

20th January 2005Steinberg announces HALion Player

20th January 2005Steinberg announces Groove Agent 2

20th January 2005Applied Acoustics Systems announces String Studio VS-1

20th January 2005V.FoH software update for Plugzilla

20th January 2005Camel Audio launches two new sound banks

20th January 2005MAGIX releases Samplitude v8.0 and Sequoia v8.0

20th January 2005Dirk Campbell's Origins - A Musical Journey announced (Sample DVD)

20th January 20054Front W1 Limiter released

20th January 2005LinPlug updates RM IV to v4.1.2

20th January 2005NuSofting updates DK+ to v1.00.001

19th January 2005Ueberschall announces Liquid Instruments Series

19th January 2005Apple updates Logic to v7.0.1

19th January 2005NUSofting releases DK+ Virtual Drums

19th January 2005EW/QL Symphonic Choirs release announced

19th January 2005Sonicbytes updates ERA to v1.3.3

19th January 2005Zero-G releases Beats Working In Cuba

18th January 2005Expert Sleepers releases Augustus Loop v1.4 beta

18th January 2005reFX Vanguard v1.1.1 released

18th January 2005VSTHost v1.23 and SAVIHost v1.14 released

18th January 2005Samplitude and Sequoia updated to v7.2.3a

17th January 2005Celemony releases Melodyne v2.6

17th January 2005GUId Machine Step Sequencer v3.3.4 released

17th January 2005Bornemark releases Gift Pack 1 for Broomstick Bass

17th January 2005antti ASynth v1.0.1 released

17th January 2005MusE v0.7.1 released

17th January 2005Plogue updates Bidule to v0.7003

17th January 2005LinPlug Alpha v2.2.2 released

17th January 2005Extreme Sample Converter v2.2.3 released

17th January 2005Simple-Media releases voc-one

17th January 2005Ricko-3A updated to v1.1

17th January 2005Syncaine Trance Machine TM-200X v1.3 released

15th January 2005General Vibe releases VectorSector

14th January 2005KVR & Muse Research @ NAMM (incl. Devine VS Rudess)

14th January 2005Dual Channel FFT v1.0 released

14th January 2005crusherX-Studio! Granular Processor released

14th January 2005Tobybear updates MiniHost and Delphi source code

14th January 2005CompactDistortion v1.0.1 released

14th January 2005Kotkas Paax v1.3.1 released

14th January 2005Spectra SD VE41 v1.0.0.3 released

13th January 2005Rayzoon Technologies announces Jamstix

13th January 2005Shortcircuit v1.0.9 released

13th January 2005ndc Plugs - 2 new releases, 2 updates

13th January 2005MOTU updates Digital Performer to v4.5.2

12th January 2005JAGO releases Oktasampliz v1.0

12th January 2005Acon updates Studio Time to v1.0.1

12th January 2005s(M)exoscope and Bouncy ported to AU

12th January 2005Apple announces Garageband 2

12th January 2005Wave Arts updates Power Suite to v4.0.9 (Win)

12th January 2005H.G. Fortune Wheel of Fortune updated

12th January 2005Ohm Force updates Symptohm:Melohman to v1.1.1 (OS X)

12th January 2005Fergusson Acoustics releases G-amp lite v1.0

12th January 2005Andy M. releases Sequin v1.0

11th January 2005Precisionsound releases Angelic Vocal Pads II

10th January 2005Blue Cat Digital Peak Meter Pro v1.1 released

10th January 2005Shortcircuit v1.0.6 released

10th January 2005Slim Slow Slider CompactDistortion v1.0 released

10th January 2005Expert Sleepers releases Minky Starshine v1.0.1 (inc. VST)

10th January 2005Polac VST Loaders for Buzz v1.1.9.2b released

10th January 2005Kn0ck0ut v0.5.1 released

10th January 2005sfZed v0.8.4 released

10th January 2005Arguru updates Stardust to v1.5

10th January 2005Synthmaker updated to v0.9.0h

9th January 2005Manytone Music announces ManyStation

8th January 2005Sonik Synth 2 and SS2 FREE released

8th January 2005Voxengo updates Crunchessor (v1.4) and Redunoise (v1.3)

8th January 2005discoDSP releases HighLife v1.4 demo

8th January 2005Voxengo & Kjaerhus Audio release the Warm Colors Bundle

8th January 2005Notre Dame de Budapest - Pipe Organ Samples now shipping

6th January 2005KVR Members New Year Survey, 2005

6th January 2005Doppelmangler v1.1 released

6th January 2005Mathons releases Chopitch v1.0

6th January 2005Christian Budde (ITA) releases Dual Channel FFT v1.0 RC1

6th January 2005P5Audio Production Tools - multi-format sound kits

6th January 2005Plogue updates Bidule to v0.7002

6th January 2005Sony updates ACID Music Studio (v5.0a) and Vegas (v5.0d)

6th January 2005SynthEdit beta v0.959.1 released

6th January 2005Nuendo and Cubase v2.2.0.39 pre-release updates available

6th January 2005Xhip beta 3.2 released

5th January 2005CCT releases audioLabz V-dumper v0.4pre7

5th January 2005Northernbeat Audio releases Monolisa v1.0

5th January 2005Tweakbench releases Carillon v1.0

5th January 2005xoxos releases Breath Cube Song Generator

5th January 2005Slim Slow Slider releases CompactDistortion v0.2b

5th January 2005Elevayta releases Convo Boy v1.0.3a

5th January 2005Macomate 88 v1.0 released

5th January 2005Kjaerhus Audio releases Classic Auto-Filter

5th January 2005Elemental Audio product purchases help to aid in Tsunami Relief

4th January 2005Expert Sleepers releases VST versions of Free plug-ins

4th January 2005Voxengo Latency Delay v1.0 released

4th January 2005MusE v0.7.1pre2 now available

4th January 2005SAWStudio v3.9c (Basic v1.4c) released

4th January 2005Blue Cat Digital Peak Meter v1.1 (inc. VST) released

4th January 2005SynthFont updated to v0.9.9.3

3rd January 2005ConcreteFX MicroDicer v1.1 released

3rd January 2005discoDSP Integral Bundle released

3rd January 2005SQ4² v2.0.9 released

3rd January 2005kotkas updates Paax to v1.3

3rd January 2005reFX Vanguard v1.1 released (+New Soundbank)