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News Archive for February 2006

28th February 2006Laidman & Katsura update AU Tuners and WaveWindow to v1.1

28th February 2006EWQL Symphonic Choirs WordBuilder v1.1.2 now available

28th February 2006Kjaerhus Audio updates The Gold Series

27th February 2006SynthFont v1.031 now available

27th February 2006AudioRealism Bass Line Pro AU version now available (Beta)

27th February 2006Nethernet Corp releases Mopis v1.2

27th February 2006Kong Audio updates ChineeErhu (v1.02), ChineeWinds (v1.65) & ChineeKong (v2.64)

27th February 2006Extreme Sample Converter v3.0.1 now available

27th February 2006Bram Bos releases Tunafish v1.4.1

27th February 2006QuikQuak releases RaySpace v2.2.1

27th February 2006Voxengo updates Marquis Compressor to v1.3

27th February 2006Blue Cat's Chorus v2.0 released

27th February 2006Yamaha updates Vocaloid to v1.1.2

27th February 2006LUXONIX releases Purity demo for Windows

27th February 2006Music Unfolding updates F8

24th February 2006Synapse Audio updates Poly-850 to v1.0.1 (Win VST)

24th February 2006Twisted Lemon releases Sidekick v3.0 RC1

24th February 2006KlangLabs updates Sxratch to v2.1

24th February 2006PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2006 build 212 (beta)

24th February 2006Brainspawn releases Forte v1.5.86

23rd February 2006Zynewave releases Podium v1.51

23rd February 2006Spectrasonics releases Stylus RMX Intel-Mac Public Beta

23rd February 2006Ableton releases Live v5.2 Beta (incl. Intel-Mac)

23rd February 2006SynthFont v1.030 released

22nd February 2006d16 Group releases Phoscyon v1.0

22nd February 2006NOVUZEIT releases PropheSea v1.0 and Iridesynth v1.0

22nd February 2006Music Unfolding releases F8 Filter v1.0

22nd February 2006Synthmaker v0.9.5l released

22nd February 2006Katsura updates KS Strobe Tuner AU and KS Chromatic Tuner AU to v1.1

22nd February 2006Antares releases Auto-Tune 4 VST for Windows

22nd February 2006QuikQuak updates RaySpace to v2.1.1

21st February 2006AudioMulch v1.0 released

21st February 2006Extreme Sampler Converter Offer for Wusikstation Owners (50% Off)

21st February 2006Starplugs launches the Stereo Mastering Bundle

21st February 2006NuGen Audio releases Visualizer v0.1 beta

21st February 2006PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2006 Build 210 Beta

21st February 2006KlangLabs releases Sxratch v2.0

21st February 2006Antares updates Auto-Tune to v4.3.9

20th February 2006Admiral Quality releases SCAMP v1.0

20th February 2006KeyToSound announces INetSynth v2.5

20th February 2006Iced Audio releases AudioFinder v3.9.5 (Universal Binary)

20th February 2006Deztex releases Tramp Model A

20th February 2006B.Serrano releases HADES XT v1.0

20th February 2006Mackie releases Tracktion v2.1.0.11

20th February 2006FXpansion updates BFD to v1.5.0.38 (OSX Beta)

20th February 2006Bismark updates bs-1 and bs-16 to v3.0.2

20th February 2006Voxengo updates Soniformer (v2.5) & Pristine Space Light (v1.3)

17th February 2006NI Akoustik Piano now available on Receptor (User Installable)

17th February 2006FXpansion releases VST to RTAS Adapter v2.0

17th February 2006MadTracker v2.6.1 released

17th February 2006Elevayta releases Elevayta VST Rak

17th February 2006Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9101 (OSX)

17th February 2006H. G. Fortune releases LaserBlade v2.1

16th February 2006Discovery Firm launches Discovery Downloader

16th February 2006Sony releases Vegas v6.0d

16th February 2006The Interruptor updates various plug-ins

15th February 2006URS releases A-MIX and N-MIX EQs (OSX)

15th February 2006Beta Monkey Music releases Odd Time Meltdown (WAV)

15th February 2006ProXL releases VstNotesXL v1.1.1

15th February 2006IK Multimedia releases CSR: Classik Studio Reverb

15th February 2006Synapse Audio releases Scorpion v4.3

15th February 2006Synthmaker v0.9.5k now available

15th February 2006discoDSP launches Discovery v2.6 Public Beta

14th February 2006Extreme Sample Converter v3.0 released

14th February 2006Audiofile Engineering releases Sample Manager v2.2.1

14th February 2006Coyote Electronics releases ForteDXi v1.3

14th February 2006Rosegarden 4 v1.2.3 now available

14th February 2006Audio Damage releases BigSeq & updates FuzzPlus to v2.2

14th February 2006VirSyn releases TERA v3.1

14th February 2006NuGen Audio updates Monofilter to v2.1 (incl. LT)

14th February 2006Voxengo updates Pristine Space to v1.6

14th February 2006MHC releases Ambient Keys v1.5 (Win/VST)

14th February 2006QuikQuak updates RaySpace to v2.1

13th February 2006Polyrythmic releases A-Kit v1.4

13th February 2006Fizz~n~Chips released (WAV) (+Competition)

13th February 2006Les Productions Zvon: Mopis giveaway

13th February 2006Blue Cat releases Chorus 2 (beta) and Skin Engine

13th February 2006Widisoft updates WIDI Audio To MIDI to v1.0.5

13th February 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases SoundCell THREE (Wusik/SF2)

13th February 2006FXpansion releases BFD v1.5.0.37 (Beta / Win)

13th February 2006ArtsAcoustic Reverb updated to v1.1.1

13th February 2006Wusik announces Wusikstation 3 (incl. pre-order)

13th February 2006Voxengo updates Analogflux TapeBus to v1.5

13th February 2006Psychic Modulation releases Cortex v2.5

13th February 2006Bismark updates bs-1 and bs-16 to v3.0.1

10th February 2006MTG releases Audio Scanner beta 2

10th February 2006SKnote releases Grainz v0.1 (alpha version)

10th February 2006Plogue releases Bidule v0.91 (incl. UB & x64)

10th February 2006VOPM for OS X released

10th February 2006Band-in-a-Box 2006 build 208 beta now available

10th February 2006Mobius updated to v1.22

10th February 2006convolver.sf.net releases Convolver v3.0

9th February 2006discoDSP announces Discovery v2.6 Pre-Order Special

9th February 2006Smart Loops Launches SL Sample Sets (Drums)

9th February 2006Arturia announces Price Cut on Virtual Classic Synths

9th February 2006SAWStudio / Lite v3.9l & Basic v1.4l now available

9th February 2006NuGen Audio releases Stereoizer v2.3 (incl. LT)

8th February 2006CacoFX updates ChordME to v1.3

8th February 2006Kotkas updates Paax (Free and Pro) to v2.2.1

8th February 2006SonicBirth v1.1.2 now available

8th February 2006WaveMachine Labs updates Drumagog to v4.0.3

7th February 2006Spectrasonics updates Stylus RMX to v1.5.1c

7th February 2006MusicLab releases RealGuitar v2.0 (Win)

7th February 2006Jeff Rippe releases RT Maximizer II

7th February 2006Scamme releases Stereo Filter and DelKaTy

7th February 2006KlangLabs updates BackMan (v1.3.2) and Glitch (v1.1)

7th February 2006Pro XL releases VstNotesXL demo version

7th February 2006Voxengo updates Impulse Modeler to v1.9

6th February 2006LinPlug releases Octopus v1.1

6th February 2006Boxsounds releases Replacer v1.0

6th February 2006SynthFont v1.020 released

6th February 2006CableGuys updates Curve to v0.4

6th February 2006Alphakanal releases Automat v0.3.9 Universal Binary

6th February 2006Rekliner Records releases Loopy Llama v0.9.1

6th February 2006LiveLab.dk releases LiveSlice v1.3.5

6th February 2006WWAYM releases NWEQ Pro (Win)

6th February 2006ProSounds release the PPG Pack

6th February 2006VSTHost v1.37 and SAVIHost v1.25 released

6th February 2006SKYLIFE SampleRobot Box shipping worldwide

6th February 2006convolver.sf.net releases Convolver v2.25

6th February 2006Rayzoon releases Jamstix v1.5

3rd February 2006Teragon Audio releases BeatCounter v1.2

3rd February 2006Rayzoon releases SnarePak for Jamstix

3rd February 2006Mobius updated to v1.21

3rd February 2006Apple releases Logic Pro v7.2 (incl. Universal Binary)

2nd February 2006KlangLabs updates Multiband StereoFaker (v1.5) and BackMan (v1.3.1)

2nd February 2006Progress Audio releases ProgressComp v1.0

2nd February 2006Glaresoft releases iDrum v1.1 (Universal Binary)

2nd February 2006SynthEdit beta v1.009 now available

2nd February 2006Vember Audio releases Surge v1.1 beta

2nd February 2006Boris K. sets VS-1 Oscilloscope Free

1st February 2006Steve Thomson releases V.I Stereo to 5.1 Converter Suite

1st February 2006NOVAkILL releases NEOkILLER X2

1st February 2006Starplugs releases SuperSizer MBC v1.0

1st February 2006DiVerSe releases vocSteady v1.0

1st February 2006Nay-Seven releases Kergor-1

1st February 2006The Interruptor releases Wow & Flutter v1.0

1st February 2006Deztex releases Tramp 4 v1.0

1st February 2006Synthmaker v0.9.5j released

1st February 2006Soniccouture releases Abstrakt: Konkrete (KON/BAT/HAL/EXS/NNXT)