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News Archive for March 2011

31st March 2011Nine Volt Audio releases Stickbreakers Vol 3: Sync'd Cymbals Plus for Kontakt 4

31st March 2011Little Endian releases SpectrumWorx v2.4 with 'Gamma Shift' (a 50-preset signature bank by Martin Walker)

31st March 2011Image Line Software releases FL Studio 10 Audio Production Suite

31st March 2011Insert Piz Here releases Mr. Alias Pro for Linux VST

31st March 2011samba_godschynski releases VSTForx v0.3.223 for Win and Mac

31st March 2011Kong Audio updates ChineeLiuQin to v1.10

31st March 2011Bolder Sounds releases Music Maker V2 - Free Dulcimer Library for Kontakt

30th March 2011Studio Devil releases Studio Devil LIVE - Free Standalone Application

30th March 2011CK Modules releases Multi-Band Processor-FX VST Plug-in

30th March 2011Redmatica releases GBSamplerManager for GarageBand for iPad

30th March 2011Prosoniq updates OrangeVocoder 10AE to v3.3.7

30th March 2011Expert Sleepers updates Silent Way to v1.6.6

30th March 2011eaReckon updates BloXpander to v1.2.4

30th March 2011Zynewave updates Podium to v2.41

30th March 2011Valhalla DSP releases ValhallaRoom for Mac VST, AU & RTAS

30th March 2011Cycling updates Max and Max for Live

30th March 2011Ableton updates Live to v8.2.2

30th March 2011Outsim updates SynthMaker to v2.0.3

30th March 2011Steinberg updates Cubase 5 to v5.5.3

30th March 2011Voxengo releases AcuDrums Drum Sample Library for Kontakt, Session Drummer, SFZ & WAV

29th March 2011Sinevibes updates Turbo S Dynamic Waveshaper to v1.1

29th March 2011MPD Software updates mobileRhythm mR-606 Classic Drum Machine for iOS to v1.2

29th March 2011Native Instruments releases Maschine 1.6 with Plug-in Hosting

29th March 2011Cytomic updates The Glue to v1.1.5

28th March 2011DNR Collaborative releases Alchemy Illuminous for Camel Audio Alchemy

28th March 2011Defective Records releases M185 Step Sequencer

28th March 2011Sonicouture releases Omnichord for Kontakt and EXS24 - All proceeds to Japan Tsunami Appeal

28th March 2011Yuroun Sound Design releases Alchemy Elevations for Camel Audio's Alchemy

28th March 2011Adam Szabo releases JP6K Subtractive Synth for Win VST

28th March 2011Mildon Studios updates Mildon Strummer to v2.11

28th March 2011Arto Vaarala releases Kirnu MIDI Arpeggiator for Mac VST and Win x64 (and updates to v1.1)

28th March 2011Zero-G releases "House Fabrik: Deep Minimal Tech" multi-format loop library

28th March 2011Gen16 Intelligent Percussion by Zildjian launches Special Offer on Digital Vault Z-Pack Cymbals

27th March 2011SONiVOX releases Big Bang - Cinematic Percussion Virtual Instrument

27th March 2011Way Out Ware releases SynthX - Polyphonic Analog Modeling Synth for iPad

25th March 2011UVI.net introduces UVI Wurli for Mac

25th March 2011Galbanum releases "Abstraction 05: Wet and Wild Tribe" (ACID/AL/SFZ)

25th March 2011Kreativ Sounds releases 4 SoundSets: Vanguard Trance World Sounds, MFM2 Beat Twista Patches, Diginoiz Drums Injection, and Diginoiz Ethnic Haze

25th March 2011Nine Volt Audio releases Duo Steel Tongue for Kontakt

25th March 2011Cinematique Instruments completes the Gecko family with the release of Complex Environs

25th March 2011Native Instruments releases Razor for Reaktor and Reaktor Player

25th March 2011SoundToys reveals Devil-Loc - Audio Level Destroyer

25th March 2011Sinevibes updates Dynamo to v1.1.0

25th March 2011Voxengo updates SPAN to v2.3

25th March 2011Cytomic updates The Glue to v1.1.4

25th March 2011Slate Digital updates Virtual Console Collection to v1.06 and Trigger to v1.65

25th March 2011Mildon Studios releases LXR

25th March 2011Evolution Series World Percussion Now Available

25th March 2011Soniccouture releases Ondes for Kontakt Player

25th March 2011CFA-Sound updates FilterGrizzly LITE to v1.2 and releases Thrillogy-1 soundset for Virus TI

25th March 2011Ilya Efimov Sound Production releases Ilya Efimov Nylon Guitar for Kontakt

25th March 2011VirSyn updates Reflect - Hybrid Reverb to v2.5 (incl. x64)

25th March 2011Xfer Records releases LFO Tool VST/AU FX

25th March 2011Acrobatics releases Spirale

25th March 2011ASL SoundLab releases Dub-Expander

25th March 2011AcousticsampleS releases Balani for ASPlayer, Kontakt & EXS

25th March 2011Faber Acoustical releases SignalSuite 4

25th March 2011Interview with Jordan Rudess

24th March 2011Native Instruments updates Massive, FM8 and Absynth (all incl. Mac 64-bit)

23rd March 2011Vocal Downloads adds Chorus Packs to Vocal Resources Sample Library

23rd March 2011Guitar World Lick of the Day App updated to v1.1 and Celebrates 500,000 Downloads with special discounts on Subscriptions

23rd March 2011iRig Mic from IK Multimedia now shipping: Handheld Mic for iPhone, iPod and iPad

23rd March 2011Applied Acoustics releases Angelicals for Ultra Analog VA-1 and AAS Player

23rd March 2011Spectrasonics announces Special Tribute to synth pioneer Bob Moog and releases "Bob Moog Tribute Library" for Omnisphere

23rd March 2011Cinematique Instruments releases "Cheap Keys", "Metal Strings" and "Eerie Textures" "Gecko instruments" for Kontakt

22nd March 20113R Audio releases ES2 Excursions Soundset for Apple Logic's ES2 Synthesizer

22nd March 2011Analog Box 2 goes Open Source

22nd March 2011NASPRO v0.2.90 Released

22nd March 2011Naughty Panther releases SimpleMidiPad for iPad

22nd March 2011Brainworx releases bx_dynEQ V2 Public Beta

22nd March 2011Peter Vogel Instruments releases Fairlight App for iOS

22nd March 2011SynthFont updated to v1.556

21st March 2011Massey Plugins releases DRT : Drum Replacement Tool

21st March 2011Sinevibes releases "Frequency" and "Oscillator" AudioUnit Plug-ins

21st March 2011EastWest updates Ministry of Rock 2, Hollywood Strings Diamond and Hollywood Strings Gold

21st March 2011Cakewalk releases SONAR X1b Update

21st March 2011Tek'it Audio release 8eqp - Parametric EQ Plug-in

21st March 2011Mildon Studios releases Mildon Strummer v2.10

21st March 2011mucoder releases tonespace v2.0.361

21st March 2011LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.687

21st March 2011Admiral Quality updates Poly-Ana and L'il Poly-Ana to v1.191

21st March 2011Togu Audio Line re-releases TAL-Reverb-II

21st March 2011iZotope updates RX Audio Repair Toolkit to v2.01 (incl. VST3 support)

21st March 2011DDMF updates NoLimits to version 1.1

21st March 2011eaReckon updates EAReverb to v1.1.4

21st March 2011NTS Audio updates Rev-1 Pro to v1.1 and sets it FREE

18th March 2011Voxengo updates HarmoniEQ to v2.1

17th March 2011FXpansion releases JM Essentials Vol.1 BFD Groove Pack

17th March 2011FXpansion releases Himalaya: Modernity for DCAM: Synth Squad

17th March 2011Overloud releases Mark Studio 1 - Bass Amp Plug-in

17th March 2011AudioRealism releases technoBox2 for iPhone and iPad

17th March 2011Ringheims Auto releases Tilt Theremin for Android

17th March 2011Green Oak updates Crystal Synth for iOS to v1.2

17th March 2011Xylio releases Future DJ for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

17th March 2011Sensomusic updates Usine & Easine to v5.50.521

17th March 2011Cableguys Curve v1.2 Public Beta Now Available

17th March 2011LePou Plugins releases Mac versions of LeXtac and LeGion and updates LeCto AU

17th March 2011Xhun Audio updates LittleOne to v2.1

17th March 2011Faber Acoustical updates Electroacoustics Toolbox to v3.0.1

17th March 20114Front Technologies updates TruePianos to v1.9.1

17th March 2011Audio Damage updates Eos for Mac to v1.4.0 (incl. 64-bit)

16th March 2011Sound Magic updates Imperial Grand3D to v1.3

16th March 2011Audiofront releases DSP Trigger and updates DSP Trigger FREE to v1.0.8

16th March 2011Uloops Labs releases Uloops Studio v2.8 for Android

16th March 2011Fleetway76 releases Synthoid v1.0.3 for Android

16th March 2011Avid updates Pro Tools to v9.0.2 (8.1.1 and 8.0.5 also available)

16th March 2011MeldaProduction announces MDrummer 4

16th March 2011TubeOhm releases Vintage - Synth VSTi

15th March 2011algoriddim releases djay for iPhone & iPod touch

15th March 2011Liine releases Kapture Pad for iPhone, iPod & iPad - Take snapshots of your Ableton Live set and recall them at will

15th March 2011n-Track Software releases n-Track Studio for the iPhone, iPad & iPod

15th March 2011Tone2 Audiosoftware releases Voltage! soundset for ElectraX

15th March 2011Flux:: updates Ircam Tools v1.1 and all other plug-ins to v2.2

15th March 2011Kraftwerk release Kling Klang Machine No1 - Interactive 24 Hour Music Generator for iOS

15th March 2011Slate Digital releases the "Virtual Console Collection"

15th March 2011zplane announces PPMulator V3 with Loudness Metering

15th March 2011ENTTEC updates DMXIS to v1.1.2

15th March 2011Longcat releases H3D Binaural Plug-in for Mac VST and updates Win version to v1.1

15th March 2011Keolab sets Spicy Guitar FREE

15th March 2011CDSoundMaster updates VTM-M2 Vintage Tape Machine to v1.2 (incl. x64 release)

15th March 2011PreSonus updates Studio One to v1.6.4

14th March 2011Cinematique Instruments releases three Gecko instruments - Odd Mallets, Glitchy Rhythmer and Warm Pad - for Kontakt

14th March 2011Bolder Sounds releases Virginal for Kontakt and EXS24

14th March 2011Steinberg releases LoopMash Loop-Mangling App for iOS

14th March 2011Plughugger releases Bassmasters 2010 for Kontakt, EXS24, Structure, and Reason

14th March 2011Cymbal Masters releases Virtually Erskine - Peter Erskine Drum Sample & Groove Libraries for BFD2 & BFD Eco

14th March 2011Vengeance Sound updates Multiband Sidechain, Metrum, Philta XL and Multiband Compressor (incl. RTAS releases)

14th March 2011MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v3.2.14

14th March 2011Sample Magic and Alchemea announce new weekend Music Production and Business courses

14th March 2011Celemony offers full version of Melodyne editor for 30-Day Trial

14th March 2011LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.686

14th March 2011KXStudio updates TAL-NoiseMaker for Linux to 3.04

14th March 2011Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v5.2.0

14th March 2011spacedad releases leader - Wav Player

14th March 2011Voxengo updates Beeper, Overtone GEQ, Sound Delay and Stereo Touch free audio plug-ins

14th March 2011CSR Labs updates vstPlayer to v1.2

14th March 2011discoDSP updates Discovery Pro to R5.5

14th March 2011Tone Projects updates Sonitex STX-1260 to v1.6 and announces 1-week Spring Special

14th March 2011Renoise 2.7 Beta Now Available (+Price Reduced for Beta Promo)

14th March 2011J1000 updates Alpha and Beta to v3.7

14th March 2011ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v3.3.2

14th March 2011SynthFont updated to v1.555

14th March 2011Sensomusic updates Usine and Easine to v5.50.48

14th March 2011The Colorspace releases Piky

13th March 2011Future Loops releases Indie Post Rock Drums (WAV & REX)

11th March 2011IK Multimedia releases VocaLive for iOS

11th March 2011Wild Noise releases WildOrgan (VST Win)

11th March 2011Faber Acoustical releases SignalScope Pro v3.0

10th March 2011SampleOddity releases Monster Cookie Tins - Percussive Library for Kontakt

10th March 2011Sound Trends releases Grüvtron for iOS - Electronic Music App for Jamming, 
Live Performance and Production

10th March 2011Wallander Instruments releases WI Guitar for iPhone & iPad

10th March 2011Vienna Symphonic Library announces lower prices on all Vienna Special Editions

10th March 2011Mutekki Media releases Tribal Progressive Revolution Volume 1 Sound Library

10th March 2011WaveArts releases Dialog - Post-Production Plug-in For Speech & Voice

10th March 2011Tekky Synths releases ZeNeRyC

9th March 2011MOTU announces the Audio Express audio interface for Mac or PC

9th March 2011Kuassa updates Amplifikation One to v1.2.0

8th March 2011Precisionsound releases Knutby Church Organ for Kontakt, HALion and EXS

8th March 2011Xenos Soundworks releases "FX-Only" and "All-In-One" Soundsets for Rob Papen Blue

8th March 2011Togu Audio Line updates TAL-NoiseMaker to v3.04

8th March 2011Audio Pluggers updates K-Meter to v1.1.1

8th March 2011Intermorphic updates Mixtikl to v2.6.0.4

8th March 2011Steinberg releases Cubase 6 Trial Version

8th March 2011vescoFx releases Cross Delay for Mac VST

7th March 2011XILS- Lab releases PolyKB II Player

7th March 2011Shaoduo Xie releases Audio Lab for iPad

7th March 2011SoulviaSound releases REDD Hybrid Synthesizer for Kontakt

7th March 2011Tekit Audio releases APC punk console VST

7th March 2011Benjamin Schulz releases Oszillos Mega Scope v1.3 Beta 1 for Win and Mac

7th March 2011The Lower Rhythm releases Rhinoceros v3.0

7th March 2011SPL & Brainworx to produce plug-ins for Universal Audio'S UAD-2 Powered Plug-ins platform (+3rd party developer SDK announced)

7th March 2011Abeem Live Technologies updates Rack Performer to 0.96-alpha

7th March 2011Sinevibes updates Turbo S to v1.0.4

7th March 2011eaReckon updates EAReverb to v1.1.3

7th March 2011Synapse Audio releases Orion 8 Demo and updates full version to v8.02

7th March 2011AudioSpillage updates DrumSpillage to 1.2.1

7th March 2011Soft Dodo releases Voice To Instrument

3rd March 2011ExperimentalScene updates DarkWave Studio to v3.3.0

2nd March 2011Somascape releases Hexachrom OSC Controller for iPad

2nd March 2011Sonokinetic releases Sultan Strings - Middle Eastern Performance String Ensemble for Kontakt, HALion and EXS

2nd March 2011Virtuasonic announces Sinori Percussion sample libraries (+50% Off Offer Extended to March 15th)

2nd March 2011Puremagnetik releases Opus - Vintage Strings, Organ and Brass for Ableton Live, Kontakt, and Logic

2nd March 2011Micah Frank releases Tectonic - free Earthquake Sonification Library for Ableton Live

2nd March 2011Little Endian announces "Spring Sale" discount for SpectrumWorx

2nd March 2011PhysiPop releases traxPad for the iPad

2nd March 2011Audio Impressions announces Brillanti Philharmonic and Early Brass

2nd March 2011SKnote announces GTS-39 - "Limiting Tube Compressor"

2nd March 2011Toontrack releases The Classic EZX for EZdrummer

2nd March 2011Benjamin Schulz releases Oszillos-Mega-Scope v1.2 Beta for Mac VST

2nd March 2011Plektron updates Guitar Amp to v1.2

2nd March 2011TubeOhm updates Pure-D16/24Grain to v1.80

2nd March 2011Expert Sleepers updates Augustus Loop for Mac to v2.3.3

2nd March 2011LinPlug updates Morphox to v1.0.1 (incl. Mac 64-bit)

2nd March 2011Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) updated to v0.4.10 (for Win and Lin)

2nd March 2011Psycle v1.8.8 Beta 3 Now Available

2nd March 2011SynthFont updated to v1.554

1st March 2011Togu Audio Line releases TAL-NoiseMaker 3 (v3.03)

1st March 2011Sensomusic updates Usine and Easine to v5.50.45

1st March 2011Tone2 updates Gladiator to v2.3 (incl. 64-bit VST Win)

1st March 2011Waves updates V8 to r4

1st March 2011BIAS updates Peak Studio to v7.0.1