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News Archive for April 2007

30th April 2007AlgoMusic and BK Synthlabs announces AMB ElectraBass

28th April 2007Raw Material updates Juce (v1.42) and the Audio Plugin Framework (v1.15)

28th April 2007Sagan Technology updates Metro to v6.3.8.6

27th April 2007Ueberschall releases Groove Shadow Elastik

27th April 2007Steinberg updates HALion (incl. Player, String Edition, Symphonic Orchestra & OEM) and The Grand (incl. Universal Binary)

27th April 2007Nine Volt Audio releases 'Creating Soundscapes with Stylus RMX' online tutorial video

27th April 2007GVST updates entire GVST plug-in suite

27th April 2007Sonnox releases Oxford Reverb for Windows (and updates the other 'Oxford' plug-ins)

27th April 2007Voxengo updates LF-Punch to v1.3.1

26th April 2007EastWest Receptor+Colossus Bundle Available Again

26th April 2007Native Instruments announces Buy 2 Get 1 Free - Absynth, Massive and FM8

26th April 2007Sony Creative Software announces Vegas 7.0e (supports new AVCHD HD Camcorders)

26th April 2007Ardour 2.0 RC2 now available

25th April 2007Jeremy Evers releases Atlantis Synthesizer and Atlantis Filter Delay (v0.9b)

25th April 2007Nassen releases new beta version of Matryx

25th April 2007b.serrano releases Osiris XT v1.0

25th April 2007VirSyn Poseidon: New presets and Boxed version shipping

25th April 2007Digital Music Doctor releases 'Digital Producer - Know It All!' training video

25th April 2007RSO releases 'Ear Candy: How to Produce Music Using Digital Effects' instructional video

25th April 2007Cakewalk releases Project5 v2.5

25th April 2007Westgate Studios releases French Horns Module [GIG|KON]

25th April 2007Recording School Online releases Vocal Magic Bundle

25th April 2007Smart Loops releases three new SL MultiTracks Drum Loop Libraries [Apple Loops|ACID]

25th April 2007SonicSpecialists releases Urban Fire: Sounds of the Super Producers Volumes 1 & 2 [WAV]

25th April 2007Prokits releases Bass Enhance Kontakt Sample CD

25th April 2007Ueberschall releases Hardtechno vs. Schranz and Trance ID (Elastik Player Series)

25th April 2007AAS releases Journeys sound bank for String Studio VS-1, by Gregory Simpson

25th April 2007Magix updates Samplitude and Sequoia to v9.1.1

25th April 2007Korg updates KLC - Analog Edition / Virtual MS-20 to v1.2.2 and M1 Le to v1.0.4

25th April 2007Eiosis updates ELS Vocoder to v1.05

24th April 2007Puremagnetik releases P-50 Linear (KON|EXS|Live)

24th April 2007ChocolateAudio releases Bonzo Drum Kit (KON|HAL|EXS|...)

24th April 2007Scarbee offers Downloadable Sample Libraries

24th April 2007Synapse Audio releases Impulse Response Library

24th April 2007Rayzoon launches Jamstix Jamboree bundle Group Buy

24th April 2007Solid State Logic releases Duende v2.0 (and Drumstrip for Duende)

24th April 2007Sugar Bytes releases Unique v1.0

24th April 2007Audio Damage updates Dubstation to v1.2 (VST) / v1.2.1 (AU)

24th April 2007Coyote Electronics releases ForteDXi v1.6

23rd April 2007Alien Connections releases ReValver Mk II v2.0.2 (incl. Mac)

23rd April 2007Tone2 releases FireBird+ v1.7

23rd April 2007jVSTwRapper updated to v0.9d (incl. Linux support)

23rd April 2007Yellow Tools releases Freedom v1.5.0

23rd April 2007FASoft releases n-Track Studio v5.0.8

23rd April 2007Eiosis updates AirEQ to v1.3.1

23rd April 2007Camel Audio releases CamelPhat v3.41 and CamelSpace v1.41

23rd April 2007Cockos releases REAPER v1.844

23rd April 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.85

23rd April 2007djDecks v0.80 released

23rd April 2007PowerFX releases Grand Colour download (KON/HAL)

23rd April 2007Ohm Force releases Ohmicide:Melohman v1.0.1 (all versions)

23rd April 2007Back In Time Records releases four new TSW Pro Sample Library (TSL) products

20th April 2007Native Instruments releases Elektrik Piano v1.5 (incl. Universal Binary)

20th April 2007Applied Acoustics Systems releases Tassman v4.1 (incl. Universal Binary)

20th April 2007KV331 Audio updates SynthMaster (Standard & Free) to v1.0.5.2

20th April 2007Alien Connections releases ReValver Mk II beta build 07.04.19 RC1

20th April 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.84

20th April 2007GoldWave updated to v5.20

19th April 2007Piotr "Habib" Pyrzanowski releases keFIR v1.0

19th April 2007Physical Music releases Time Freezer v2.0

19th April 2007Ohm Force releases Ohmicide:Melohman (Win and Intel-Mac)

19th April 2007Sony Creative Software announces 64-Bit version of Vegas

19th April 2007Best Service releases Drums Overkill

19th April 2007Korg updates KLC - Analog Edition 2007 to v1.2.2

19th April 2007Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.0.5

19th April 2007reViSiT v0.90.1 Beta released

19th April 2007Berklee launches Berklee Internet Radio Network (The BIRN)

19th April 2007Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.5.2

19th April 2007Ueberschall updates Liquid Instrument Series to v1.5.1.0

19th April 2007reFX updates Nexus to v1.2.1

19th April 2007Blue Cat Audio releases Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro v1.1

19th April 2007Forever For Now releases Octave Shifter 2

16th April 2007GForce releases Oddity Universal Binary

16th April 2007Yellow Tools releases Independence Player 1.5

16th April 2007Sensomusic updates Usine to v2.81c

16th April 2007u-he releases Zebra2 Transmission

16th April 2007Fervent Software releases Studio to Go! v2.0

16th April 2007Apple announces Final Cut Studio 2 (including Soundtrack Pro 2) and Final Cut Server

16th April 2007AtomSplitter Audio updates G8-R to v1.01

16th April 2007Aixcoustic Creations updates Electri-Q to v1.7.3

16th April 2007SynthFont updated to v1.071

14th April 2007Synthogy releases Ivory VST Update for Universal Binary (v1.6.2)

14th April 2007Bram Bos updates Tunafish to v1.8

13th April 2007Back In Time Records releases TSW Pro 4.9 GB and Futuresphere

13th April 2007MoReVoX releases Elektromorph for Drumagog

13th April 2007Zero-G launches Downloads Shop

13th April 2007BTE Audio releases Juicy77 and TS' Secret v0.8.1.1

13th April 2007Ableton updates Live to v6.0.7

13th April 2007Sinevibes updates Gateboy, Space Oscillator and Transformer

13th April 2007SynthFont updated to v1.070

12th April 2007Wusik announces Wusikstation for Mac (Intel) and launches PreOrder Group Buy

12th April 2007Toontrack Music releases EZplayer Free

12th April 2007Groove Monkee releases Blues MIDI library for BFD and EZDrummer

12th April 2007Pro-Sounds releases Torben Hansen Signature for quadraSID

12th April 2007Geniesoft announces Overture 4 & Score Writer 4 for Mac OS X release date (+updates Win version)

12th April 2007Access updates Virus TI OS to v2.0.3

12th April 2007Korg updates KLC - Digital Edition to v1.3.1 (M1 v1.6.1)

12th April 2007Alien Connections releases beta build 07.04.11 of ReValver Mk II

11th April 2007Image Line releases Juice Pack v2.0, includes 3 new plugins

11th April 2007Antares updates AVOX to v1.1.2 Mac / v1.1.3 Win

11th April 2007JoJoGo releases 70 Sounds for Native Instruments' Massive

11th April 2007Angular Momentum releases free AMVST Stylus RMX Library

11th April 2007Expert Sleepers updates free Mac VSTs to VST 2.4 spec

11th April 2007Eiosis updates AirEQ to v1.3

11th April 2007NuGen Audio updates Visualizer to v1.2

11th April 2007Celemony updates Melodyne plugin to v1.0.2

10th April 2007Sensomusic updates Usine to v2.81

10th April 2007Soundhack releases Spectral Shapers v1.23

10th April 2007Native Instruments releases Vokator v1.2 (incl. Universal Binary)

10th April 2007Native Instruments releases NI-Spektral Delay v1.6 (incl. Universal Binary)

10th April 2007Sony Creative Software releases Sound Forge 9 Digital Audio Production Suite (9.0a available)

10th April 2007SoHa Sound Design set Sonata Free (and updates it to v1.1 alpha)

10th April 2007Novuzeit releases Neon Black

10th April 2007TriTone Digital releases AngelTone for Windows

10th April 2007Vienna Symphonic Library releases Special Woodwinds

10th April 2007Elevayta Creativity Tools updated to v2.0

10th April 2007FASoft releases n-Track Studio v5.0.7

10th April 2007VirSyn updates Poseidon v1.01

10th April 2007Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.5.1

10th April 2007LennarDigital updates Sylenth1 to v1.21

10th April 2007KX77FREE releases KXOMNI 600 v3.0.9

10th April 2007LinPlug updates Alpha (v3.0.1), Organ 3 (v3.02), Albino (v3.0.2) & CronoX / Sophistry (v3.0.8)

10th April 2007Ardour 2.0 RC1 now available

10th April 2007CPS for Windows updated to v1.50

10th April 2007IK Multimedia releases Universal Binary update for T-RackS (v1.3)

10th April 2007Pro-Sounds releases Yemski Sound-Scapes for Albino 3 and 1984 for PPG Wave 2.v

5th April 2007Sinevibes updates Gateboy and Space Oscillator to v1.1.0

5th April 2007Steinberg releases Universal Binary updates for Virtual Guitarist 2 and Hypersonic 2

5th April 2007Tone2 releases FireBird+ v1.5

5th April 2007Hermann Seib updates VSTHost to v1.43 and SAVIHost to v1.30

5th April 2007Soundhack updates Freesound Bundle to v6.0.1

5th April 2007reFX updates Nexus to v1.2.0

4th April 2007Iced Audio releases AudioFinder v4.5

4th April 2007VertexDSP releases MultiInspectorFree v1.0

4th April 2007Prokits releases Kontakt Bass CD sample taster pack

4th April 2007Nucleus SoundLab launches Birthday Sale

4th April 2007Alien Connections releases ReValver Mk II beta build 07.04.03

4th April 2007Merging Technologies releases Pyramix v5.1 SP2

3rd April 2007Admiral Quality releases Poly-Ana v1.0

3rd April 2007Sony Oxford Plugins becomes Sonnox (+releases VST/AU versions)

3rd April 2007PreSonus announces FireStudio LightPipe

3rd April 2007JazzMutant announces Dexter - Multitouch Sensor Control Surface

3rd April 2007Zero-G releases Anthem House - Euphoric House sample library

3rd April 2007Leftover Lasagne releases Pushtec 5+1A v1.1

2nd April 2007One Week Left to Enroll in Berklee's Online Music Production Courses & Certificate Programs

2nd April 2007Eiosis launches ELS Vocoder Group Buy

2nd April 2007Tascam FireOne now shipping with Ableton Live Lite 6

2nd April 2007Jeroen Breebaart releases PC-2 Psychoacoustic Compressor v1.0.1 (+Omnisone v1.0.4)

2nd April 2007Simple-Media releases Bowin v1.0.1

2nd April 2007Atomsplitter Audio releases G8-R

2nd April 2007Moppel releases Tetra v1.0

2nd April 2007Smart Loops releases SL Hit Tracks Hard Rock Download Bundle

2nd April 2007Nine Volt Audio releases Textural REX: Electronic Edition

2nd April 2007Back In Time Records launches TSL: TSW Pro sample libraries (+updates TSW & VOX'd)

2nd April 2007Flux releases Spring Pack

2nd April 2007Sensomusic releases Usine v2.8

2nd April 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.83

2nd April 2007Nils Liberg updates KScript Editor for Kontakt to v1.21.3

2nd April 2007SpearGear updates Boomed-FM II to v2.07

2nd April 2007sfZed updated to v0.8.12

2nd April 2007reFX updates Nexus to v1.1.0

2nd April 2007Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks VIII in REX2 Format