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News Archive for July 2007

30th July 2007Angry Red Planet updates Temper to v0.9.13

30th July 2007KlangLabs updates OverDubber v1.74

30th July 2007VSTSynthFont updated to v1.011

27th July 2007Rob Papen Albino 3, BLUE and Predator all now available for Receptor

27th July 2007Audio Impressions teams with VisionDAW to roll-out the DVZ-Powered Strings library

27th July 2007MOTU releases MachFive 2

27th July 2007Yamaha updates Pitch Fix, Final Master, Vocal Rack and 01X Channel Module to v1.1 (incl. Universal Binary)

27th July 2007Tascam announces Larry Seyer POWERkits Volumes 1, 2 and 3 (Drum Libraries Powered by GVI)

27th July 2007Neuenberger releases JellyFilter v2.0 beta

27th July 2007Sensomusic releases Usine v3.10 beta

27th July 2007Livelab.dk updates LiveSlice to v1.46

27th July 2007Native Instruments updates Kontakt to v2.2.3

27th July 2007Wavelore Instruments updates American Zither to v1.1

26th July 2007SONiVOX announces DVI Series (Downloadable Virtual Instruments)

26th July 2007Image Line updates Morphine to v1.1.5

26th July 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v1.881

25th July 2007Jeversi Software releases AirTraffic Control v0.3

25th July 2007Manytone Music releases ManyBass

25th July 2007Crysonic launches CryBASS and CryVintage Bundles

25th July 2007Image Line updates Deckadance to v1.13

25th July 2007MachineCodex Software releases MachineHead v0.80 beta

25th July 2007zplane.development updates vielklang to v1.0.2

25th July 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.91

24th July 2007Native Instruments updates Kontakt Player 2 to v2.2.3

24th July 2007Nucleus SoundLab releases new version of OB Resurrection [Wusik|Reason|SF2/SFZ]

24th July 2007Expert Sleepers releases Phaser, Ping-pong Delay and Multitap Delay for Windows

24th July 2007NuGen Audio updates Monofilter to v3.2

24th July 2007Chicken Systems updates Translator to v2.9.108

24th July 2007Steinberg updates HALion Player, HALion String Edition, HALion Symphonic Orchestra and The Grand

24th July 2007Cakewalk updates SONAR Home Studio to v6.2.2

23rd July 2007Native Instruments updates Absynth to v4.0.2

23rd July 2007db audioware releases Sidechain Compressor & Gate Plug-ins

23rd July 2007KeyToSound announces the Production Pack (4 plug-ins)

23rd July 2007Shuriken.se releases Shredder

23rd July 2007Nine Volt Audio releases The Collection Vol 2 in Stylus RMX and REX Formats

23rd July 2007Rayzoon announces Jamstix 2

23rd July 2007Vital Arts releases Plectrum

23rd July 2007Tone2 releases FilterBank3

23rd July 2007Tascam updates GVI to v3.63

20th July 2007SoundToys updates SoundToys AU to v3.0.1

20th July 2007Sugar Bytes releases Artillery2 Effect Keyboard

20th July 2007Wave Arts updates Power Suite to v5.35

19th July 2007EastWest offers discounts on EW/QL Symphonic Orchestra and Composer Bundles (Save up to 67%)

19th July 2007Puremagnetik releases PM-200 Electronic Piano Micropak [KON|EXS|Live]

19th July 2007de la Mancha releases dirtbox v2.0

19th July 2007Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.0.7

19th July 2007Hermann Seib updates VSTHost to v1.44 and SAVIHost to v1.31

19th July 2007Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.6.1

18th July 2007Dash Signature releases Twin Dash Player and offers EVE 2 Crossgrade from Wusikstation

18th July 2007Wusikstation v4.0.6 update for v3.x users now available

18th July 2007MusicLab announces RealStrat

17th July 2007Antares releases Harmony Engine - Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator

17th July 2007Native Instruments updates Guitar Rig (v2.2.2), Pro-53 (v3.0.4), Spektral Delay (v1.6) and Vokator (v1.2)

16th July 2007Modartt updates Pianoteq to v2.1

16th July 2007Vienna Symphonic Library announces Close-Out Sale of Pro Edition and Horizon Series sample libraries

16th July 2007Acon Digital Media releases Acoustica Premium 4

16th July 2007discoDSP releases Discovery Pro

16th July 2007MachineCodex Software releases MachineHead v0.70 beta

16th July 2007Focusrite releases Liquid Mix v2.0

16th July 2007KarmaFX - Synth Modular updated to v0.99

16th July 2007Celemony releases Melodyne studio and Melodyne cre8 v3.2

16th July 2007Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.6

16th July 2007Waldorf Edition for Mac OS X updated to v1.2.5

16th July 2007apulSoft updates Ticky Clav Mac OS X port to Universal Binary

16th July 2007Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v6.1.0

16th July 2007FASoft releases n-Track Studio v5.0.9

16th July 2007VirSyn updates Poseidon to v1.4

16th July 2007Northernbeat Audio updates Daedalus to v1.11

16th July 2007RSO updates Vocal Magic to v5.1

13th July 2007Toontrack Music releases Claustrophobic and Twisted Kit EZX Expansion Packs for EZdrummer

13th July 2007Nucleus SoundLab releases Quicksilver for Toxic 3

13th July 2007Best Service announces Galaxy II - Grand Piano Collection

13th July 2007Musicrow Group updates Crow Gold Pack for Reaktor 5 to v1.5

13th July 2007de la Mancha releases black box slight disorder

13th July 2007DSK Music releases DSK Strings v1.0

13th July 2007SKYLIFE releases version 2.50 of SampleRobot, SampleRobot Essentials and WaveRobot

13th July 2007Samplitude 9 SE free on KEYS cover CD (plus 50% discount offer)

13th July 2007AraldFX announces public pre-release of StormGate3

13th July 2007Crysonic updates nXtasy to v2.1

13th July 2007Defective Records Software releases Major Malfunction v1.5

13th July 2007Plogue releases Bidule v0.95

13th July 2007The Sound Guy updates SFX Machine RT (1.0.8), SFX Machine Pro (1.1.1) and Backwards Machine (1.0.1)

12th July 2007Gallo Engineering releases Studio Devil BVC (British Valve Custom)

12th July 2007u-he releases Oldskool Patch Collection for Zebra

12th July 2007Kjaerhus Audio updates MPL-1 Pro SE to v1.02

12th July 2007PSPaudioware releases PSP MasterComp v1.5.4 (incl. Universal Binary)

12th July 2007Freeverse updates Sound Studio to v3.5.3

12th July 2007tubePlug v1.0.9 now available

11th July 2007Steinberg updates HALion 3, HSO, HSE2 and HALion Player

11th July 2007reFX updates Nexus to v1.3.5 and releases Stratosphere and Bass expansions

10th July 2007[CodeOperator] releases URSonic Series IIR-Reverb

10th July 2007Image Line updates Morphine to v1.1

10th July 2007Homegrown Sounds updates Astralis A and B to v1.1.1 and releases Astralis C Beta

10th July 2007Humanoid Sound Systems updates Scanned Synth to v1.0.9

9th July 2007Sibelius Software releases Sibelius 5 (incl. VST/AU support)

9th July 2007First db audioware Tutorial Video Goes Online - Build a plug-in in 5 minutes with Quantum FX

9th July 2007Sensomusic updates Usine to v3.04b

9th July 2007djDecks v0.82 released

9th July 2007Neuenberger releases JellyFilter v2.0 alpha

9th July 2007SynthFont v1.080, VSTSynthFont v1.010 and Viena v0.510 now available

6th July 2007URS releases Classic Console Strip Pro for Mac OS X

6th July 2007Arturia releases the V Collection

6th July 2007LinPlug updates RM IV to v4.1.4

6th July 2007Audeon announces pre-release of UFO for Mac OS X

6th July 2007Extreme Sample Converter updated to v3.1.6; Samplelord updated to v1.1.1

6th July 2007Native Instruments releases Classic Keys bundle and starts Summer of Sound (various offers)

6th July 2007Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Dub - Vintage Delay

5th July 2007Applied Acoustics Systems releases Ultra FX for Ultra Analog VA-1

5th July 2007IK Multimedia launches Star Spangled Days Web Event (over $8,000 in prizes)

5th July 2007PSPaudioware updates PSP MasterQ to v1.5.2

5th July 2007Crysonic releases nXtasy V2

5th July 2007Image Line releases Morphine Additive Synthesizer

5th July 2007Sensomusic releases Usine v3.0 (3.0.3)

5th July 2007Sonnox releases VST Universal Binaries of Oxford Plug-ins

5th July 2007LinPlug updates CronoX to v3.5

5th July 2007Voxengo updates Warmifier to v1.5.1

4th July 2007Cockos updates REAPER to v1.872

3rd July 2007Humanoid Sound Systems updates Scanned Synth (Mini & Pro) to v1.0.7

3rd July 2007apulSoft updates SupaPhaser and MONSTAChorus to Universal Binary

3rd July 2007Metric Halo releases version 4 of Mobile I/O

3rd July 2007Back In Time Records releases Ethnotronics

3rd July 2007Ardour updated to v2.0.3

2nd July 2007Muse Research announces Receptor with Native Instruments Komplete 4 Pre-installed

2nd July 2007Starplugs releases Quantum Limiter 5.1 Surround

2nd July 2007IK Multimedia launches 2x1 FX Madness Promotion (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

2nd July 2007Soniccouture releases Abstrakt Breaks2 [WAV|REX|AL]

2nd July 2007PowerFX releases Sweet Ann (Vocaloid 2)

2nd July 2007Audio Damage unveils Dr. Device

2nd July 2007Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.5.7

2nd July 2007Zynewave updates Podium to v1.90

2nd July 2007Angry Red Planet updates and renames Sequitur to Temper v0.9.10

2nd July 2007Rob Papen updates Predator to v1.1

2nd July 2007Sugar Bytes announces Artillery 2 (incl. Universal Binary)

2nd July 2007Wavosaur updated to v1.0.0.9000