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News Archive for August 2006

31st August 2006OtiumFX updates Compadre Beatpuncher to v1.1

31st August 2006Cockos releases REAPER v1.0.1

30th August 2006Angry Red Planet releases Sequitur beta v1.1

30th August 2006KScript Editor v1.1 released (for Kontakt)

30th August 2006Blue Cat Audio releases Chorus & Stereo Chorus v3.0

30th August 2006Ueberschall releases Liquid Instruments The Voice (Vol. 2)

30th August 2006XO Audio releases XO Wave v0.18.3 (Beta)

30th August 2006Image Line updates DirectWave to v1.20

29th August 2006Viewsound releases Wave Power v2.1

29th August 2006NUSofting updates Morphing Delay to v2.1.5

29th August 2006FASoft releases n-Track Studio v5.0 Beta 1 (build 2116)

29th August 2006Intuem 4 announced (incl. Universal Binary)

29th August 2006IK Multimedia launches Total Bundle Series (save up to 67%)

29th August 2006Sensomusic releases Usine v2.006c

29th August 2006Rayzoon releases Jamstix v1.7

29th August 2006AraldFX releases Grand Electrix for Mac OSX

29th August 2006Nucleus SoundLab releases ChordWaves I (Wusik|SF2/SFZ|Reason)

29th August 2006Audio Ease releases Nautilus Bundle v2.5 and Rocket Science Bundle v3.5 (incl. Universal Binaries)

29th August 2006ddmf updates IIEQ to v1.1

29th August 2006Voxengo updates Soniformer (v2.5.1), Analogflux Suite (v1.5.1) & r8brain PRO (v1.5)

29th August 2006ModernBeats releases Urban Anthemz Vol. 2 (WAV)

29th August 2006Focusrite releases Liquid Mix v1.2.1 (incl. Intel Mac)

29th August 2006Defective Records releases VSTiHost v3.1.3 (incl. Universal Binary)

29th August 2006Klang Labs updates StompBud to v1.5

29th August 2006Nine Volt Audio releases Stylin Basslines for Stylus RMX

25th August 2006First Call Horns now available on Receptor (User Installable)

25th August 2006Modartt releases Pianoteq v1.0

25th August 2006Livelab.dk releases LiveSlice v1.44

25th August 2006Zero-G Downloadable CDs now online at Sonomic

25th August 2006Cycling '74 updates Max/MSP to v4.6.1 (Mac)

25th August 2006DrumPak #1 now free with Jamstix

25th August 2006Nomad Factory updates BlueVerb DRV-2080 to v1.2 (Mac)

25th August 2006Geniesoft releases Overture v4.0.2 patch 11

24th August 2006AraldFX releases the second beta of Grand Electrix for Mac OSX

24th August 2006Tone2 releases FilterBank2 v1.4

24th August 2006BetaBugs Vascillator free with Computer Music 104

24th August 2006Music Unfolding releases OttoPhilter and xTrem

24th August 2006Prodyon launches 'Plug-In for Life'

24th August 2006Roland releases SH-201 Editor AU (v1.1)

24th August 2006Image Line releases Toxic III v1.2

24th August 2006Rocktave releases Music Workshop v2.0.6

24th August 2006Teragon Audio releases KickMaker v1.5

24th August 2006Cockos releases REAPER v1.0

23rd August 2006Zynewave updates Podium to v1.66

23rd August 2006Basement Arts releases Little Frantic Filter v1.0

23rd August 2006Aixcoustic Creations releases Electri-Q (posihfopit edition) v1.5.6

23rd August 2006Soniccouture Abstrakt: Bass now available for download in 3 parts

23rd August 2006Fixed Noise announces OTTO release

23rd August 2006SKYLIFE introduces SampleRobot Premium Samples online library

23rd August 2006Image Line updates DirectWave to v1.18

22nd August 2006UltimateSoundBank releases Plugsound Pro (+UVI Soundcards)

22nd August 2006Perimeter Sound Arts & Contralogic Productions releases Feldspar Special Edition

22nd August 2006Blue Cat's DXi Manager released

22nd August 2006Synthogy releases Ivory v1.5.6 (UB AU) and announces Italian Grand Expansion Pack

22nd August 2006AraldFX releases beta demo of Grand Electrix for Mac OS X

22nd August 2006Cockos releases REAPER v1.0rc1

22nd August 2006Teragon Audio releases DualComp v1.0 alpha 2

22nd August 2006MHC releases Ambient Keys AU Universal Binary

21st August 2006Audio Damage releases Reverence v1.0

21st August 2006Teragon Audio releases MissWatson v1.0 beta

21st August 2006NUSofting updates Modelonia to v1.2.0.2

21st August 2006Bram Bos updates Tunafish to v1.6.1

21st August 2006Transvaal Audio updates Lost Technology to v0.2.1

19th August 2006Interview with Ohm Force

18th August 2006discoDSP updates Discovery to v2.7 (+special offer)

18th August 2006Kjaerhus Audio updates MPL-1 to v1.02

18th August 2006[CodeOperator] releases DelayPack v1.3 for Windows (+special offers for Win/Mac)

18th August 2006Apple updates Logic Express and Pro to v7.2.2

18th August 2006Laidman & Katsura update tuner Audio Units to v1.1.2

17th August 2006St3pan0va releases Sp3ctr3 v0.2 alpha

17th August 2006Music Unfolding releases SubRingFM and ModVibe

17th August 2006Starplugs releases SuperSizer EX v1.0

17th August 2006B.Serrano releases Cosmos v2.0

17th August 2006Music Unfolding updates GyroVibe, PhaseDelayArray, hD, xEQ and M3

17th August 2006WaveMachine Labs updates Drumagog to v4.0.7b (OSX)

17th August 2006Cockos releases REAPER v1.0b4

15th August 2006reViSiT v0.89.4 alpha released

15th August 2006Katsura updates Strobe Tuner and Chromatic Tuner to v1.1.2

15th August 2006Teragon Audio releases DualComp v1.0 alpha 1

15th August 2006NUSofting updates Marimka to v1.2

14th August 2006Sample Logic releases Ambience Impacts Rhythms (A.I.R)

14th August 2006Cycling '74 releases Max/MSP v4.6 (Universal Binary)

14th August 2006E-Phonic releases TapeDelay v0.1

14th August 2006QuikQuak updates RaySpace to v2.42

14th August 2006Blue Cat's Stereo Chorus v2.9 beta released

14th August 2006Sagan Technology Metro pre-release v6.3.6 now available

14th August 2006Cockos releases REAPER v1.0 beta 1

14th August 2006Recording School Online releases Extreme Punch demo version

14th August 2006Crysonic releases Spectra'phy v1.0

11th August 2006Soniccouture releases Abstrakt : Bass [KON]

11th August 2006Music Unfolding releases hD and xEQ

11th August 2006Benedict Roff-Marsh releases PreRoll Recorder v1.1

11th August 2006MHC releases Studio Setup bundle v2.0.4 (incl. AU Universal Binary)

11th August 2006Kong Audio updates Chinee Series plug-ins

11th August 2006Outsim releases SynthMaker v0.9.6

11th August 2006Transvaal Audio releases Lost Technology to v0.2

10th August 2006Sony releases ACID Pro v6.0b

10th August 2006QuikQuak updates RaySpace to v2.41

10th August 2006Cockos releases REAPER v1.0 beta 0

9th August 2006Pluggotic releases NanoX2

9th August 2006Kemmler Audio releases Funk Generator Volume 1 [WAV]

9th August 2006E-MU announces Platinum 88 Grand Piano for Emulator X and Proteus X

9th August 2006Trifex releases PhatBuzz and PhatBuzzFree

9th August 2006Wusikstation updated to v3.0.4

9th August 2006iZotope updates Ozone, Trash, Spectron and Vinyl

8th August 2006Algoriddim releases Djay v1.1.1

8th August 2006Admiral Quality releases SCAMP v1.2

8th August 2006Music Unfolding releases GyroVibe and PhaseDelayArray

8th August 2006Manytone releases ManyMapper

8th August 2006NuGen Audio releases Visualizer v1.0 beta 2

8th August 2006Audio Ease updates VST Wrapper for MAS to v4.2

8th August 2006Koen Tanghe @ Smart Electronix releases KTDrumTrigger v1.0b5

8th August 2006Cakewalk announces free Update for Project5 (+reduces price)

7th August 2006Cockos releases REAPER v1.0 pre 8

7th August 2006Team Monalisa release Monalisa-Audio Unit v0.7 (incl. Universal Binary)

7th August 2006Angry Red Planet releases Sequitur beta v1.0.3

7th August 2006Rogue Amoeba releases Audio Hijack Pro v2.7

7th August 2006LinPlug releases Alpha, daOrgan and SaxLab (beta) Universal Binaries

7th August 2006VSamp updated to v3.7a

7th August 2006Kjaerhus Audio releases Golden Audio Gate | GAG-1 v1.0.1

7th August 2006Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v5.4.6

7th August 2006WaveMachine Labs updates Drumagog to v4.0.7 (incl. Universal Binary)

7th August 2006Prodyon releases Flamingo and Mellow-D-K (+summer sale)

7th August 2006JC Productionz releases Sonix v1.0

7th August 2006NUSofting releases Marimka v1.0

7th August 2006Virtuasonic releases Synesthesia IR library (AIFF)

7th August 2006FXpansion releases 'Mixing With BFD' - free guide

7th August 2006iZotope releases Vinyl v1.7.2 (incl. Universal Binary and x64)

7th August 2006Geniesoft releases Overture v4.0.2 patch 10

7th August 2006Applied Acoustics Systems releases Ultra Analog Session

7th August 2006Sonic Assault updates Sam!Solo to v1.1

7th August 2006RSO releases Vocal Magic demo version

7th August 2006Les Productions Zvon updates Zamp to v1.3

7th August 2006Synapse Audio releases Orion Pro 7

7th August 2006QuikQuak releases RaySpace v2.4 (incl. Universal Binary and AU)

7th August 2006MOTU releases Digital Performer v5.1 (incl. Universal Binary)

7th August 2006Image Line updates Sytrus to v2.2

7th August 2006AlgoMusic updates M51galaxy to v1.1 (+20% off summer sale)

7th August 2006Teragon Audio releases Convolver v2a3