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Geniesoft releases Overture v4.0.2 patch 10

Sonic Scores Music Software

Geniesoft has released version 4.0.2 patch 10 of Overture 4 for Windows.


  • Corrected problem when dragging notes vertically on percussion tracks.
  • Changed default stem direction for percussion tracks to stems up for notes above center line and stems down for those below.
  • Added a percussion palette after Guitar Palette.
    Cell 1. Inserts a number of grace notes to represent a flam, ruff, etc.
    Cell 2. Add parentheses to indicate a note as a grace note.
    Cell 3. Open symbol
    Cell 4. Close symbol
    Cell 5. Left sticking
    Cell 6. Right sticking
  • Tenuto and natural harmonic articulations are slightly darker at 100%.
  • There is a new articulation which is tenuto and dot combined. (It's not in articulation definitions yet)
  • Fixed printing problem with arrow heads on lines.
  • Fixed several inserting grace note problems.


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