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News Archive for November 2009

30th November 2009Muse Research announces "Buy any new RECEPTOR 2 and get $400 worth of plug-ins – FREE!" Offer

30th November 2009Cakewalk sets SFZ+, Square I and the Cakewalk Audio FX series FREE

30th November 2009Nucleus SoundLab announces Black Friday Refill Bundle (50% Off Until Dec 1)

30th November 2009Native Instruments launches "Synthsgiving": Absynth 5, FM8, Massive and Reaktor 5 for USD/EUR99 Each (Be Quick - Offer Ends Today)

30th November 2009NoiseSoft releases Qu Quad Filter and Root Delay plug-ins

30th November 2009Sonnox releases Sonnox Restore

30th November 2009SPL releases Vitalizer MK2-T Beta Version 1.1

30th November 2009TeamDNR releases "Acrylic Blend" and "Essential Dance Collection Volume 1" for Sylenth1

30th November 2009Heavens*onEarth releases Godel for Reaktor (and updates Heidegger)

30th November 2009Prime Loops releases Dubcore Assault [ACID|AL|...]

30th November 2009CFA-Sound releases Futured Episode 2 & 3 for Massive

30th November 2009Motion Samples releases Hoodlum Orchestra Loops [WAV]

30th November 2009Cockos updates REAPER to v3.1415

30th November 2009Image Line updates FL Studio to v9.0.3

30th November 2009Sonic Sidekick releases Extreme DrumSynth v1.5.0 Beta

30th November 2009Plughugger releases Manga! for PlastiCZ

30th November 2009Electric-Himalaya releases 'Alchemy Pads Vol. 1' for Alchemy

30th November 2009Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Elek7ro to v2.10

30th November 2009Audio Ease updates Cabinet to v1.0.1

30th November 2009Cableguys updates FilterShaper for Mac to v2.0.2

30th November 2009D16 Group updates Nepheton, Drumazon and Nithonat to v1.4.1

30th November 2009Arturia releases version 2.0 of ARP 2600 V

26th November 2009discoDSP announces Black Friday Sale and releases Free Bank for Vertigo by Miroslav Herman

26th November 2009u-he releases Beta version of ACE (Any Cable Everywhere)

26th November 2009Resonant Vibes announces 25% Off for KVR Readers

26th November 2009Heavyocity discounts Evolve; releases Free Mini-Rhythmic Loop Suite for Kontakt

26th November 2009Hermann Seib updates VSTHost to v1.47 and SAVIHost to v1.34

26th November 2009Jack OS X updated to v0.84

26th November 2009Luxonix updates Purity to v1.2.4 and LFX-1310 to v1.4

25th November 2009Blue Cat Audio updates Blue Cat's Freeware Pack (incl. beta RTAS support)

25th November 2009Best Service releases Chris Hein Horns Vol 4 More Sax & Brass

25th November 2009Toontrack Music releases Electronic EZX for EZdrummer

25th November 2009D16 Group updates Toraverb to v1.2.0 and launches Half Price Sale on All Plug-ins

25th November 2009Voxengo releases GlissEQ v3.0 (incl. Win x64 & Mac VST/AU)

25th November 2009Tonehammer releases Whaledrum II (Dry) for Kontakt

25th November 2009MOTU updates Digital Performer to 7.02 (and v6.03)

25th November 2009Discrete Drums releases Heavy Mental 2 Multitrack 24 Bit Pro Set [WAV]

25th November 2009Soundprovocation releases Ethnic Panpipes for Kontakt (and EXS)

25th November 2009FatLoud releases PRO Series: Urban Synths [ACID|AL|...]

25th November 2009Le Lotus Bleu releases Nec PLus Ultra for Ultra Analog

25th November 2009Soundtrack Loops releases Iced Chillout Lounge and R & B Hip Hop collection [ACID|AL|...]

25th November 2009AcousticsampleS updates DrumTaste Brush, VibysM and A-Pian [KON|HAL|...]

25th November 2009Kreativ Sounds releases ABYSS PRO-53 Sounds v2.0

25th November 2009Ambrosia Software updates WireTap Studio to v1.1

25th November 2009Cableguys updates FilterShaper to v2.0.1

25th November 2009Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Elek7ro v2.0

25th November 2009ENTTEC updates DMXIS to v1.0.4

24th November 2009Novation Promotion: Buy a Launchpad with a Nocturn 25 or 49, Get Automap Pro and Novation FX Plug-in Suite for Free

24th November 2009de la Mancha releases QB-3 - EQ

24th November 2009Prodyon announces Livemachine - Real Time Looping Sequencer

24th November 2009Wildfunk releases Electro House Sounds 3

24th November 2009SKnote releases Dyna - Channel Strip

24th November 2009Ableton releases Max For Live

24th November 2009Impromptu updated to v2.1

24th November 2009Heavens*onEarth updates Electric for Reaktor to v1.1

23rd November 2009n-Track Software updates n-Track Studio to v6.0.7 Build 2528

23rd November 2009FabFilter updates Pro-Q to v1.01

23rd November 2009Cycling '74 updates Max/MSP/Jitter to v5.1 (includes support for Max for Live)

23rd November 2009Nexoe updates Resampler to v1.002.001

23rd November 2009Circular Labs updates Mobius to v1.42

23rd November 2009Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Filter v1.10

22nd November 2009Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v2.2.1

22nd November 2009Centipeak updates ProTrig to v1.3

20th November 2009Rob Papen updates BLUE to v1.8.5 (incl. x64)

20th November 20099 Soundware releases Operator EFM1 Presets

20th November 2009Cinematique Instruments releases Celtic Nylon Harp for Kontakt

20th November 2009Korg releases nanoKONTROL - Control Surface Plug-in for GarageBand / Logic

20th November 2009Kreativ Sounds released SYN Prophet V Sounds V1

20th November 2009jBridge updated to v1.16 (jBridger tool to v1.11b)

20th November 2009XLN Audio announces Funk AD Pak for Addictive Drums and updates AD to v1.5.1

20th November 2009Ueberschall releases Planet Trance (Elastik Soundbank)

19th November 2009TeamDNR updates MixControl to v1.0r4 (incl. x64 and Mac VST3) and releases Cinematic Loops Percussion Library [WAV|REX|AL|EXS]

19th November 2009Mellowmuse updates ATA, EQ1A and CP1A to v1.4 and releases IR1A and Mellowhead v2.0

19th November 2009Antress releases Modern Plugins v4.75 (incl. new plug-ins: Modern Lost Angel and Modern Spacer MK-IV)

18th November 2009Christian Budde releases Lookahead Limiter

18th November 2009VSL announces Special Offer: Buy Vienna Ensemble PRO & Vienna Suite, get Free Single Instrument Download

18th November 2009Propellerhead releases Reason Soul School ReFill

18th November 2009VirSyn announces FX Autumn Promotion (up to 41% Off)

18th November 2009i3 announces DSP-Quattro Half Price for Logic Users Offer

18th November 2009KX77FREE releases Kx-Modulad v2.0

18th November 2009Soundcells releases Analog Signature ReFill v2.0

18th November 2009af Kreativt Darhus updates major sketch pad

18th November 2009Admiral Quality updates Poly-Ana and L'il Poly-Ana to v1.16

18th November 2009Sugar Bytes updates Artillery to v2.1 and announces Christmas Special Deals

18th November 2009SONiVOX updates Sampla - Hip Hop Production Sampler to v1.2

17th November 2009Native Instruments releases Sonic Fiction [Kore]

17th November 2009Wildfunk releases WildKick

17th November 2009Audio Ease updates Rocket Science Bundle to v3.5.6

17th November 2009MeldaProduction releases Mac Effect Plug-in Beta Versions

17th November 2009Zephod releases [BLOK] Modular Synthesiser (Alpha version)

17th November 2009u-he Reveals New Modular Synth: ACE (Any Cable Everywhere)

17th November 2009Image Line updates FL Studio to v9.0.1

17th November 2009Cockos updates REAPER to v3.141

17th November 2009Aradaz releases Aradaz Simple Look Ahead Maximizer (SLAM)

17th November 2009Sinevibes updates Gateboy to v1.3

17th November 2009Togu Audio Line updates TAL-BassLine to v1.5.5

17th November 2009Spectrasonics updates Trilian Software (1.1.4c), Trilian Patch Library (1.0.3a) and Omnisphere Software (1.1.4c)

17th November 2009Synchro Arts releases VocALign PRO AU v4.0

16th November 2009Celemony releases Melodyne editor with DNA Direct Note Access (Melodyne studio bundle, Melodyne assistant and Melodyne essential RTAS also released)

16th November 2009TC Electronic releases M30 Studio Reverb (Free until Wed 18 Nov, 2009)

16th November 2009MusicLab announces RealLPC (Les Paul Custom)

16th November 2009Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v4.9.8

16th November 2009Ardour updated to v2.8.4

16th November 2009Physical Music updates TimeFreezer to v2.5 (and announces TimeWorm)

16th November 2009SPL teases Vitalizer MK2-T info

16th November 2009Sknote announces Dyna - Channel Strip

16th November 2009Big Fish Audio releases Studio Guitars: The Michael Ripoll Project [ACID|AL|...]

16th November 2009Plughugger releases The Atom - Electro Soundbank for Albino 3

16th November 2009TeamDNR releases Xenos Dubstep/D+B Volume 2 for Rob Papen's Predator

16th November 2009SONiVOX announces Worldwide Distribution of Way Out Ware Products

16th November 2009Best Service releases Gladiator 2 Complete (boxed-version, incl. The Electronic Expansion)

16th November 2009LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.225

16th November 2009Sensomusic updates Usine to v4.22h

16th November 2009XILS-lab updates XILS 3 to v1.1.1

16th November 2009FabFilter Software Instruments releases Pro-Q - Precision EQ

13th November 2009PowerFX releases Funktronica [WAV] (incl. Anatude and Array VSTis)

13th November 2009miniSoftMusik updates Symetrizer to v1.5, UniRetroPro to v2.5 and ModCat to v2.0

13th November 2009WOK announces ClockWOrK - Vintage Step-sequencer

13th November 2009XT Software releases energyXT v2.5.2

13th November 2009MachineCodex Software updates Neutrino to v1.86

13th November 2009Expert Sleepers releases Silent Way v1.5.0 (adds Step LFO plug-in)

13th November 2009Brainworx updates bx_digital to v2.0.2

13th November 2009Sample Magic releases Dubstep and Grime [AL|REX|...]

13th November 2009Loopmasters releases Twisted Electro by The Rogue Element [AL|KON|...]

13th November 2009Future Loops announces 'Stewart Walker Minimal Sessions' Pre-order

13th November 2009Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Filter v1.0 beta

13th November 2009Topten Software updates Cantabile v2.0 to Build 2048

12th November 2009Waves releases Post Production: WNS Noise Suppressor and LoAir

12th November 2009Applied Acoustics Systems releases Entangled Species for String Studio VS-1

12th November 2009TeamDNR releases Electronic Elements Volume 1 for Audjoo Helix

12th November 2009Prime Loops releases Bulletproof Hip Hop Grooves, Secret Lab and Fidget Vs Electro Grooves [ACID|AL|REX|...]

12th November 2009Producer Loops releases Liquid Drum & Bass [ACID|REX|AL|...]

12th November 2009Motion Samples releases Trance Melody Sessions Vol. 2 [WAV]

12th November 2009FatLoud releases After Hours Loops & Hits Library [ACID|REX|AL|...]

12th November 2009Silicon Beats releases Jammin Reggae V2 - Drum Loops [ACID|AL|REX]

12th November 2009Equinox Sounds releases Instrumental Hip Hop [ACID|AL]

12th November 2009af Kreativt Darhus releases major sketch pad

12th November 2009Sonnox updates Oxford Limiter AU to v1.1.0

12th November 2009Agitated State updates MenuMagic/MenuMagic Lite to v1.4.2.0

12th November 2009eSession updates Virtual Glass Plug-In to v1.2.12 (Mac)

12th November 2009Togu Audio Line updates TAL-Reverb to v1.11

11th November 2009Native Instrument updates Maschine to v1.1

11th November 2009Cableguys releases FilterShaper 2 (incl. Mac VST release)

11th November 2009reFuse Software releases Lowender VST/AU Mac Native

11th November 2009n-Track Studio updated to v6.0.7 Build 2523 (beta)

11th November 2009Adobe updates Premiere Pro CS4 to v4.2.0

11th November 2009Autodafe releases B8 Organ

10th November 2009Native Instruments releases 4 Acoustic Piano Emulations: Berlin, New York and Vienna Concert Grands and Upright Piano

10th November 2009Five12 releases Numerology v2.2

10th November 2009Image Line releases Vocodex (VST Win)

10th November 2009Spectrasonics updates Omnisphere to v1.1 (incl. x64 and Trilian Library Integration)

10th November 2009Ableton updates Live 7 and Suite 7 to v7.0.18

10th November 2009SKnote announces FD4 - Compressor

10th November 2009Progress Audio releases Kinisis Synth

10th November 2009Mokafix Audio releases Kung Fuzz and NoAmp!

10th November 2009La Blatte Cafe releases Les Blattes Splatte - Drum Sample Player

10th November 2009FXpansion releases DCAM: Synth Squad Demo Version

10th November 2009Korg updates KLC- Analog Edition / Virtual MS-20 to v1.2.3 and KLC-Digital Edition to 1.3.2 (+changes Copy Protection)

10th November 2009Ueberschall releases Sounds of Berlin (Elastik Soundbank)

10th November 2009Best Service updates Accordions to v1.1

9th November 2009Tone2 releases Dance & Trance Expansion for Gladiator

9th November 2009Rogue Amoeba updates Audio Hijack Pro to v2.9.6 and Nicecast to v1.9.11

9th November 2009HairerSoft updates Amadeus Pro to v1.4.5

9th November 2009Splurgo Audio releases Rock Ballad Drums and Free Mixed Guitar Pack [ACID|AL]

9th November 2009Cockos updates REAPER to v3.14

9th November 2009Soniccouture releases Bowed Gamelan - "Exclusive Content" Product [Kontakt|Live|EXS]

9th November 2009Sanford Sound Design updates Cobalt to v1.5.1

9th November 2009Outsim updates SynthMaker to v1.1.4

9th November 2009Subsun releases Wobbles

9th November 2009ToneBuilder releases Driven Machine Drums (Kontakt, EXS-24, GURU, WAV, AIF)

9th November 2009DanceMIDISamples releases Albino Soundset

9th November 2009TeamDNR releases Synplantation Volume 1 for Sonic Charge Synplant

9th November 2009Image Line updates Sytrus to v2.6.6

6th November 2009SampleOddity releases Thrash: Metal Rhythm Guitar for Kontakt

6th November 2009Les Productions Zvon releases Baby Piano [WAV|SFZ|KON|WSK]

6th November 2009Audio Damage updates Rough Rider Mac VST to v1.0.0b

6th November 2009Admiral Quality updates Poly-Ana and L'il Poly-Ana to v1.15 (incl. x64 and Mac VST releases)

6th November 2009Modartt updates Pianoteq to v3.5.1

6th November 2009Ableton updates Live 8 and Suite 8 to v8.0.9

6th November 2009Goldwave updated to v5.55

5th November 2009SKnote announces Baz - Bass Saturator, Compressor & Exciter

5th November 2009FMJ-Software updates Awave Audio to v10.3

5th November 2009Softube updates Tube Delay to v1.0.5 (VST only)

5th November 2009Zero-G releases Dark Skies - Cinematic Ambiences [ACID|REX|KON|...]

5th November 2009Intelligent Sounds & Music releases EQISM.220

5th November 2009Camel Audio launches Group Buy (50% Off Already Reached!)

5th November 2009Novation releases Launchpad - Interactive Controller for Ableton Live (+others)

5th November 2009de la Mancha updates dirty harry to v1.0.1

5th November 2009Bolder Sounds releases Handbells for Kontakt

5th November 2009Topten Software updates Cantabile v2.0 to Build 2047

5th November 2009Liquidsonics updates Reverberate to v1.222

5th November 2009Spectrasonics updates Trilian to v1.1.3c

4th November 2009Ableton releases Ableton Live Intro (free update from Live LE)

4th November 2009SynthTronic releases Michael Kastrup Signature Soundset for Pro-53

4th November 2009Ableton launches Able10 - Celebrating 10 Years of Ableton (incl. Live Intro, Live Lite 8, Max for Live Beta, Discounts and Freebies)

4th November 2009Lucas Xie releases ganK the Synthesizer

4th November 2009Fixed Noise releases Rhythm Objekt by Jimmy Edgar

4th November 2009Softube updates Tube-Tech CL 1B to v1.0.3

4th November 2009ToneBytes releases Bend Box - Circuit-Bending Emulation

4th November 2009Artifake_Labs releases RedTron_400 v2.0

4th November 20097AIR releases DepthCharge Compressor v1.0

4th November 2009Cluster Sound releases Minimal Darq, Minimal Torsion and Micromal Gbox [WAV|REX|KON|LIVE]

4th November 2009Xylote announces Sample Pack Give Away Bundle [WAV]

4th November 2009Meyer Musicmedia releases Electro Synth Pack for Massive

4th November 2009Electronisounds releases Atomic Energy [WAV|REX]

4th November 2009CFA-Sound releases Pro-Wave Expansion for Discovery Pro

4th November 2009Heavens*onEarth releases Electric for Reaktor

4th November 2009Sounds And Effects releases Netherworld Reason ReFill

4th November 2009Nova Loops announces the MVP Platinum program and releases Many New Products (Construction Kits, Loops & Samples) [WAV|REX|...]

4th November 2009Puremagnetik releases Upright for Live, Kontakt and Logic

4th November 2009AcousticsampleS releases DrumTaste Brush for Kontakt

4th November 20099 Soundware releases Voice Code for EVOC 20 (Logic)

4th November 2009Toontrack Music updates EZdrummer to v1.2

4th November 2009Toontrack Music releases Custom and Vintage SDX for Superior Drummer 2.0

4th November 2009Univers Sons / Ultimate Sound Bank updates UVI Workstation to v1.1.1

4th November 2009Prime Loops releases R&B Progressions, Dubhop Scores, The Temple of Breaks and Ambient Funk [WAV|REX|...]

4th November 2009Loopmasters releases Movie Dialogue Vol. 3 and Mistabishi - Drum & Bass Vol. 4 [WAV|KON|...]

4th November 2009Wave Alchemy launches new website and releases Drum Machines 01 and African Rhythms [WAV]

4th November 2009Digital Redux adds 5 new titles to the 'A Class Series' [WAV|REX|...]

4th November 2009Samplecraze releases Square Wave Drums [WAV]

4th November 2009Tonehammer releases Zitherette for Kontakt

4th November 2009Team DNR releases Paperdolls for Tone2 FireBird+

4th November 2009Pettinhouse releases LittleGuitar for Kontakt

3rd November 2009GroovePacks releases FreeStyle 2 [Live Pack]

3rd November 2009Cinematique Instruments releases Experimental Box for Kontakt

3rd November 2009Producer Pack releases Bhangra Elements [WAV|AL]

3rd November 2009Beatserv releases Series 2 Collection [REX|WAV|AL]

3rd November 2009Future Loops releases Total India [ACID|AL|REX]

3rd November 2009SKnote releases Retoone and Fild

3rd November 2009Muon Software updates Tau Pro to v2.0.2

3rd November 2009Wave Arts releases Tube Saturator

3rd November 2009Softube Updates All Plug-ins (except VAR)

3rd November 2009Brainworx releases bx_cleansweep v1.0 and updates bx_dynEQ to v1.1

3rd November 2009reFuse Software releases Lowender VST for Windows

3rd November 2009Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9695

3rd November 2009Antares updates Harmony EFX to v1.05

3rd November 2009Psycle updated to v1.8.6.1

3rd November 2009Brainspawn updates Forte to v2.1

2nd November 2009Mokafix Audio updates Blue Reeds and Glue Reeds to v1.05

2nd November 2009TeamDNR releases MixControl v1.0 - Channel-Strip

2nd November 2009Waves Version 7 Now Available (incl. VST3)

2nd November 2009Waves releases Vocal Rider

2nd November 2009XT Software releases new beta version of energyXT v2.5.2

2nd November 2009acid.milch&honig releases transistordrums

2nd November 2009Christian Budde releases 'Noise Reduction'

2nd November 2009Ross Bencina updates AudioMulch to v2.0.3

2nd November 2009Spectrasonics updates Trilian Software (v1.1.2c), Trilian Patch Library (v1.0.2e) and Trilian Soundsource Library (v1.0.1)

2nd November 2009Togu Audio Line releases TAL-Filter beta v0.8

2nd November 2009nashNET updates reViSiT Pro to v1.2.4

2nd November 2009b.serrano releases AMT-1 - Quad Multi-filter

2nd November 2009H.G. Fortune updates Arracis Gold to v1.2

2nd November 2009Sanford Sound Design updates Cobalt to v1.5

2nd November 2009Circular Labs updates Mobius to v1.41

2nd November 2009KarmaFX Synth Modular updated to v1.09

2nd November 2009Aradaz updates Aradaz Maximizer 5 to v1.5

2nd November 2009jBridge updated to v1.15 (jBridger tool to v1.07)

2nd November 2009Audio Damage updates Rough Rider Pro to v1.1.0

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