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News Archive for December 2021

31st December 2021Mavrik Sounds offers 50% off to celebrate the New Year

31st December 2021Mix Challenge Competitions in January 2022

31st December 2021Revealed Recordings releases Sylenth1 Ultimate Big Room Leads Vol. 2

31st December 2021Incognet releases Serum EDM & Progressive Presets Bank (With 55% Discount)

31st December 2021Ivosight updates Soundop Audio Editor to v1.8.8.0 for Windows

30th December 2021NoiseAsh Audio releases NEED 73 Console EQ - Classic British Class-A with M/S and NDS

30th December 2021Big Fish Audio Year End Sale - 25% Off

30th December 2021Sounds And Effects The Mandolin 50% New Years Sale

30th December 2021New Loops releases Atmospheric Techno Sound Pack

30th December 2021ThaLoops releases Glow - Hip Hop Loop Pack

29th December 2021Hidenori Matsuoka updates Chord Scale Bundle - Chord Name handling

29th December 2021Alonso Sound releases "Old Skool Synths Vol. 1" for Sylenth1

29th December 2021John Crosby Acoustics updates Olitanh - Free Vintage Vibe Compressor

28th December 2021Sick Noise Instruments releases free NoizeClick - Kick drum synthesizer

28th December 2021HoRNet updates TrackShaper to v1.2.0 adding Apple Silicon support

28th December 2021Eplex7 DSP releases Neopsy kick - artificial kick drum generator synthesizer for Windows

28th December 2021MusicDevelopments updates "Syne" Modular Additive Synthesizer to v1.3 - Apple M1 support

28th December 2021Spektralisk releases Tundra Drones - Atmospheric sounds in multiple formats

27th December 2021KINDZAudio celebrate NYE with 25% discount for all plugins

27th December 2021Fanan team releases Midiverus - Advanced MIDI hardware router for Windows

27th December 2021Crocus Soundware releases Liminal: Winds for Kontakt - 40% off Intro Offer

27th December 2021Klang Winter Sale (up to 70% off) 26th Dec- 5th Jan

27th December 2021Sonica Instruments New Year Sale - 20% off on all libraries

26th December 2021SampleSumo SaltyGrain granular effect plug-in for Mac/Win winter deal: 30% off

26th December 2021Nocturne Sounds Deal: 40% Off Virtual Instruments

25th December 2021TTU Christmas Sale: Buy One Get One Free on any Bank or Bundle

25th December 2021Nova Sound releases "Percussion Room Master Collection" + Free Christmas Sound Pack

25th December 2021Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes New Year Sale: 60-90% off

25th December 2021Reveal Sound Merry Christmas Sale

25th December 2021Ilya Efimov Production Christmas Sale - Up To 75% Off

24th December 2021Incognet Samples Christmas Sale - 55 % Off Everything

24th December 2021Revealed Recordings releases "Revealed Serum Keys Vol. 1" for Serum

24th December 2021ttm updates free ttm000(organ) to v1.01

24th December 2021New Audio Technology releases v3 of Spatial Sound Card Pro - Stereo

24th December 2021CIT Audio Streemur End of the Year Holiday Sale

24th December 2021Organic Instruments: 40% off on Arcadia: Grand Piano this New Year

24th December 2021Sound Magic Christmas Sale Event: Up to 85% off on whole product line

24th December 2021Ample Sound updates metal series to v3.5 (+Winter Sale)

23rd December 2021Audio Helper Project updates Samplism to v1.9.2 for Mac

23rd December 2021Mavrik Sounds Offers 70% Off Vintage Movie Cuts - Volume 1 until December 31st

23rd December 2021Rast Sound releases free 'Didgeridoo' library for Kontakt & WAV

23rd December 2021MusicLab Christmas Promotion - Up To 50% Off All Products

23rd December 2021Monocasual Laboratories releases Giada version 0.19.2 "Werewolf 2nd bugfix" for Linux, Windows and macOS

23rd December 2021RealtimeOnly Reverbical 50% End Of The Year Sale: 29€ / 34$

23rd December 2021J74 releases FreeCode pack of free MIDI and Audio plugins for Ableton Live / Max for Live and updates M4L devices for high resolution screen support

23rd December 2021VGTrumpet Holiday Sale – all products are 25% off

23rd December 2021Mercuriall Audio "Winter Sale"

23rd December 2021Devicemeister Christmas Deal - 30% Off

23rd December 2021THEPHONOLOOP 2021 Holiday Sale - 25% off everything until 03 January 2022

23rd December 2021Splash Sound New Year Sale: Up to 90% off on all libraries for Kontakt (Plus a freebie)

23rd December 2021Vicious Antelope offers 50% off Cinematic Synths series for Zebra 2

23rd December 2021Sugar Bytes Christmas Sale

23rd December 2021NoiseAsh Audio releases NEED 533 EQ - 5-Band British-Style Analog Eq with M/S and NDS

23rd December 2021Virtual Acoustic releases "VA2G Presidentessa" & "VA2G Bassista" for Kontakt and offers a 30% discount

23rd December 2021Ultimate X Sounds releases DarkSide Vol.1 for Korg Prologue

23rd December 2021G-Sonique Swede Trap Bass Introductory Offer

22nd December 2021CMP Christmas Sale – Up To 70% Off

22nd December 2021Numerical Audio Holiday Sale - up to 80 off all Instruments & Effects

22nd December 2021KVR End of Year Countdown: Win big in week 4 with IK Multimedia

22nd December 2021SoundsDivine releases 'Chameleon' for Novation Peak

22nd December 2021Realitone Holiday Sale - Up to half off

22nd December 2021NatLife Sounds X-Mass Sales - 50% Off

22nd December 2021HoRNet Plugins releases Valvola - Free Vacuum Tube Emulation Plug-in

22nd December 2021u-he releases Metaphorium for Hive 2.1 – Sounds for Motion Picture

22nd December 2021A.O.M. releases DeSibilizer and updates plugins to v1.13.0

22nd December 2021Tal Aviram updates TICK Metronome to 0.4.0 for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS & Android

21st December 2021Code Sounds releases Stargazing Serum Lo-Fi Chill (Presets & Samples)

21st December 2021Datacode & Code Sounds Winter Sale - Up to 60% Off

21st December 2021Orchestral Tools releases Metropolis Ark 5

21st December 2021Polyverse Winter Sale 2021

21st December 2021Sonimus Holiday Deal - All Plugins 30% Off

21st December 2021KV331 Audio Winter Sale: 50% Off Until January 2 2022

21st December 2021Abletunes releases Foundation | Keys - Free Ableton Live instruments pack

21st December 2021Loopmasters Loopcloud 2021 Holiday Sale

21st December 2021MusicDevelopments updates "Melodya" melody generator and motive editor to v1.3 - Apple M1 support

21st December 2021The Synth Factory updates HoriZEN to v1.1

21st December 2021SNFK Music releases OrangeFlavor - Free Saturation Plugin

21st December 2021Ueberschall Holiday Sale - Up to 80% Off

21st December 2021Man Makes Noise releases "The Lobby Piano - Playable Techniques" - Free Xmas Gift

21st December 2021GuDa Audio Sale: 40% Off

20th December 2021Audio Perception Music Deal: 50% Off Percussion Sample Libraries Bundle

20th December 2021Bitwig and Orchestral Tools Present: Orchestral Strings

20th December 2021MAAT Phase Tools Sale - 25% off 2BC multiCORR and RSPhaseShifter

20th December 2021UVI "Super Deal" on Toy Suite & up to $50/50€ off at uvi.net

20th December 2021NUSofting updates SinMad VA+PM Synth to v1.0.2 - Compatibility and bug fixes

20th December 2021MolecularBytes Winter Sale: 25% off on AtomicReverb and AtomicTransient

20th December 2021FKFX releases Noise Bleach v1.0

20th December 2021Mastering The Mix Holiday Discounts - Up to 50% Off

20th December 2021ANWIDA Soft XMAS Sale 2021 - 30% Off Everything

20th December 2021Fuse Audio Labs Christmas Deals 2021 - Up To 50% Off

20th December 2021D16 Group Winter Sale - All Products 40% Off

20th December 2021Versilian Studios Offers 50% Off Musicmakers Vol. 1; 35% Off Other Products

19th December 2021KVR End of Year Countdown: Week 3 giveaway with DJ Swivel

19th December 2021Three-Body Technology Kirchhoff-EQ Christmas Sale - $119 until January 5th, 2022

19th December 2021Online Music Foundry Winter Sale - Imaginear For Retrologue 2 - 50% Off

19th December 2021Incognet releases Progressive Grooves Sample Pack

19th December 2021Tone Empire Plugins Early Christmas Sale - Up To 70% Off

19th December 2021Beatskillz Early Christmas Sale - Up To 88% Off

19th December 2021112dB End of Year Sale - Up to 40% Off

18th December 2021Nikolozi updates Mela to v2.5 - Brings macOS Support

18th December 2021Sampletrip Complete Bundle New Year Sale - 72% Off

18th December 2021Lunacy Audio Cube + Air Bundle 60% off at Time+Space

17th December 2021Black Octopus Sound releases Leviathan IV - Sample Pack & Serum Presets

17th December 2021SonaMetro Guitar Notebook Pro - 50% Off 1 Year

17th December 2021W. A. Production "ImPerfect & Expansions" 87% off End Of Year sale

17th December 2021Revealed Recordings releases Big Room Kick Designer Kit Vol. 1

17th December 2021Tone2 Audio updates Gladiator for Windows to v3.1 - VST3 and more

17th December 2021NUSofting Coupon for Holidays and New Year: 50% Off On All Products

17th December 2021Steinberg releases free LoFi Piano for HALion Sonic SE

17th December 2021Spitfire Audio releases Abbey Road Two: Iconic Strings

17th December 2021Applied Acoustics Systems releases Analog Orchestra sound pack for the Ultra Analog VA-3 and AAS Player plug-ins

17th December 2021Muletone Audio Holiday Sale: Up to 50% Off on Selected Libraries

17th December 2021Sound Radix updates Auto-Align Post to v2.0.1

17th December 2021Modartt updates Pianoteq to v7.5

17th December 2021Native Instruments and iZotope launch Holiday Gift Giveaway & 25% off NI Software

17th December 2021Cakewalk by BandLab updated to version 2021.12

17th December 2021Psychic Modulation updates EchoMelt3 to v3.1

17th December 2021Sound Magic updates Piano One to v6.1 and Rose Whisper to v2.5

17th December 20212B Played Music End Of Year Sale - Up To 60% Off

17th December 2021The Unfinished Christmas Sale - 40% Off

17th December 2021Digital Brain Instruments Christmas Sale - 50% Off

17th December 2021HoRNet Christmas Sale: Up To 60% Off

16th December 2021UVI offers 50% off Synth Anthology 3 through Dec. 19th only

16th December 2021Vicious Antelope Christmas Megapack - 2180 presets for 59,99€

16th December 2021Rast Sound releases "Master Duduk 2" for Kontakt with intro offer

16th December 2021Ueberschall releases Tenor Saxophone (Elastik soundbank)

16th December 2021NatLife Sounds releases Electra for Apple Logic Pro X & SynthMaster

16th December 2021Sampletrip releases STX-70 FM Digital Piano for Kontakt 5

16th December 2021Xhun Audio Xmas Special Offer 2021

16th December 2021New Loops releases "Noize (WAV/DUNE Presets)"

16th December 2021sonicLAB releases VOLBotM - stochastic and distributed MIDI modulator

15th December 2021VoosteQ Christmas Sale: Material Comp 80% Off

15th December 2021VI Labs Holiday Sale - Up To 40% Off

15th December 2021AcousticSamples Holiday Sale - Up To 55% Off

15th December 2021Resonance Sound launches Xmas Sale with Giveaway

15th December 2021Thenatan Holiday Sale - Up to 90% off

15th December 2021VSL releases Synchron Harp

15th December 2021ZenSound Christmas Sale - Save 40% on soundsets

15th December 2021Cableguys release VST 3 versions of ShaperBox and HalfTime

15th December 2021Cableguys Winter Sale - Save 72% with ShaperBox 2 Bundle (€79 / $89)

15th December 2021Nembrini Audio Christmas Sale: Desktop 70% Off / Mobile up to 50% Off

15th December 2021G-Sonique releases "Swede Trap Bass" made in cooperation with Swede from 808 Mafia

15th December 2021NUGEN Audio Loudness Toolkit - 33% Off

15th December 2021KVR EOYC: Eventide SplitEQ winners announced

14th December 2021Arturia updates Pigments to v3.5

14th December 2021Logelloop End Of The Year Sale

14th December 2021Icebreaker Audio 50% off at Time+Space

14th December 2021Parawave Audio Winter Sale: 40% off on Rapid Synthesizer and 30% off Rapid Extensions until January 5th

14th December 2021Igor Vasiliev updates AltiSpace 2 - Advanced Convolution Reverb App to v1.2 for iOS

14th December 2021ModeAudio Winter Sale: Save 30% Off All Sounds

14th December 2021DDMF releases NoLimits 2 with Intro Offer

14th December 2021Resomonics Kontakt Instruments Sale - 70% Off

14th December 2021The year in gear: Hardware picks for 2021

14th December 2021Klevgrand releases Pana - Natural Panner with intro discount

14th December 2021HoRNet updates Sybilla Pro to v1.2.0 - Apple Silicon M1 support

14th December 2021Orange Tree Samples releases "Evolution Vintage Gent" for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

14th December 2021Spektralisk releases "Propulsion" Driven Sounds for Repro-1

14th December 2021Signum Audio releases Skye Dynamics Multi-stage Processor Plugin for VST, VST3, AU and AAX

13th December 2021Zenhiser releases "Ravage - Trap" Sample Pack

13th December 2021Aaron Wampler updates DrumThrash Drum Software for Windows to v2.0.5

13th December 2021Wave Arts Deal: 30% Off All Plug-ins

13th December 2021Art Vista Christmas Sale - 50% Off Until December 21st

13th December 2021Big Fish Audio Christmas Sale - Up To 70% Off

13th December 2021MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v4.3 and announces Holiday Sale with 40% discount

13th December 2021dSONIQ Realphones 45% Off Winter Sale

13th December 2021Denise audio updates poltergate to include a gain compensation control

13th December 2021SonaMetro releases Guitar Notebook for iOS

13th December 2021Dawvelopment releases "DAW IT" for Android for free

13th December 2021Audiofier releases Pragmabeat for Kontakt

13th December 2021ModeAudio releases 'Redshift - Cosmic Synth Loops'

13th December 2021Sonible releases smart:limit Intelligent True Peak Limiter with intro offer

13th December 2021FabFilter updates all plug-ins, starts Holiday Sale

13th December 2021FabFilter Holiday Sale - 25% discount on all bundles and in accounts

12th December 2021Incognet Samples releases Future Techno Samples/Presets Pack

12th December 2021ThaLoops releases 2k21 hip hop melody loops

12th December 2021Sound Response releases Anime SFX Sample Pack with 400 Anime Sound Effects

11th December 2021The Sound Gardxn releases Modverse soundset for Korg Modwave

11th December 2021AudioThing releases Gong Amp - Experimental amplifier plugin

11th December 2021accSone releases "Richard Devine" update for crusher-X (v9.30)

11th December 2021GBR Loops releases Indian Banjo Instrument for Kontakt

10th December 2021New Audio Technology updates Spatial Sound Card - Pro to v3.0

10th December 2021Revealed Recordings releases Spire Arps Vol. 2

10th December 2021MeldaProduction MTurboBundle - 65% off

10th December 2021ROLI release Orchestral Ensembles for Equator 2 and ROLI Studio

10th December 2021W. A. Production announces "InstaChord & Expansions" 85% off Christmas sale

10th December 2021SoundsDivine Winter Sale - Up to 50% off

10th December 2021KVR End of Year Countdown: Week 2 giveaway with BABY Audio

10th December 2021The Unfinished releases Zebra Refrakt

9th December 2021Cymatic Form Winter Holiday Sale: 40% Off Acousmatic Engine Thru Jan 4th 2022

9th December 2021STL Tones releases December 2021 update for AmpHub

9th December 2021Blue Cat Audio releases Remote Control 3.0

9th December 2021Virtual Acoustic releases "VA2G Campionessa" - Accordion for Kontakt

9th December 2021Black Octopus Sound 10th Anniversary Sale until January 2nd - Up to 50% off Samples, Presets and Templates

9th December 2021FeelYourSound Winter Sale: Save up to 17% on single products and bundles

9th December 2021FeelYourSound announces Apple M1 support for ChordPotion

9th December 2021Rast Sound updates Transformer to v1.2

9th December 2021Flame Sound releases "Inferno SFX" cinematic Sound Effects Library

8th December 2021Sampletrip releases P-Zero Digital Grand Piano for Kontakt 5

8th December 2021Vicious Antelope offers 50% off Cinematic Synths Vol.1 for Zebra 2

8th December 2021Plughugger releases “U Know Deep House” for Arturia JUN-6 V

8th December 2021Plughugger offer: 35% off “U Know Deep House” for Arturia Jun-6 V

8th December 2021NatLife Sounds releases "Future Sounds V1" For Logic Pro X Alchemy

8th December 2021Soundiron announces Winterbells for Kontakt with Intro Offer

8th December 2021Fanan team releases AnyText - Free text comments generator for Windows

8th December 2021Blåfot-Produktion releases Logger v1.0 (VST3 Event Logger)

8th December 2021Native Instruments announces Komplete Now - $9.99-a-month subscription

8th December 2021Sound Dust release KickTom for Kontakt with intro offer

8th December 2021Soundtheory Gullfoss Review

8th December 2021HighLife Samples releases Uplifting Trance Melodies Vol.2

8th December 2021SampleScience releases LoFi VaporTones

7th December 2021Impact Soundworks releases Tokyo Scoring Strings Sample Library for Kontakt Player

7th December 2021Les Productions Zvon Winter Holidays Sale - Most Sample Sets 50% off

7th December 2021Les Productions Zvon releases "Memory Collection 12 - Fifties SciFi TV Shows" (WAV)

7th December 2021HoRNet updates MultiFreqs to v1.1.1

7th December 2021Function Loops releases Latin Pop and RnB Drill sample packs

6th December 2021HD Instruments ZoneMatrix 60% off at VSTBuzz

6th December 2021Zenhiser releases "Pattern - Melodic House & Techno" Sample Pack

6th December 2021UVI offers 40% off Orchestral Suite through December 13th

6th December 2021Audioblast releases BreadSlicer for MacOS, Windows & Linux, VST, AU & AAX (Free)

6th December 2021App Sound releases Juno CVI for Cherry Audio DCO-106

6th December 2021Crocus Soundware "Liminal: Winds" Intro Sale and Bundle offer - up to 50% off until 5 January, 2022

6th December 2021Crocus Soundware releases Liminal: Winds for HALion Sonic SE

6th December 2021ModeAudio releases 'Night Light - Minimal Trap Loops'

6th December 2021Sonic Academy gift vouchers now available

5th December 2021MIA Laboratories Complete Bundle - 85% Discount (Save 600€)

5th December 2021Online Music Foundry releases Warehouse for Steinberg Padshop 2

5th December 2021Bela D Media offers Buy 1 + Get 2 Free Holiday Bonus

5th December 2021UnitedPlugins End of Year Time-Limited Bundles

4th December 2021Samba Godschynski adds Piano Roll Inspector to Werckmeister Visual Studio Code extension

4th December 2021Stoev Lab updates Interference and Symmetry for VCV Rack to v2.1.1

4th December 2021ZenSound releases Sirius for Hive

4th December 2021New Audio Technology updates Spatial Audio Designer - Producer to v3.0

4th December 2021KarmaFX X-mas Sale 2021

3rd December 2021Revealed Recordings releases Sylenth1 Ultimate Plucks Vol. 2

3rd December 2021MeldaProduction End of the Year Sale - 50% off Everything

3rd December 2021MGT/Metamusic Generative Tools releases Nasca - Free Experimental Soundscape Synthesizer for Windows

3rd December 2021HoRNet Plugins Winter Sale: up to 50% off plugins and bundles

3rd December 2021W. A. Production "Vinai - Superman Remix Contest" ($3000 in Prizes)

3rd December 2021JamSoft updates SampleSort to v1.1.682

3rd December 2021Homegrown Sounds releases Fractionate MIDI Euclidean Sequencer for Kontakt and resumes Serenity Group Buy

3rd December 20212B Played Music releases 2B Crushed VST/AU plug-in with Intro Offer

3rd December 2021Luftrum Winter Sale - Save up to 50%

2nd December 2021Vicious Antelope releases free "Essentials - Massive X" and "Electronic Music Toolkit Vol.1 - HIVE2" with Intro Offer

2nd December 2021Tone2 updates Icarus for Windows to v2.0.6 - VST3 and more

2nd December 2021Soundiron releases Alto Xylophone for Kontakt

2nd December 2021Bingoshakerz releases Twisted Tech House

2nd December 2021Sounds And Effects Ocarinas And Clay Flutes One Week Sale

2nd December 2021Kuassa End of Year Sale - Up to 63% Discount

2nd December 2021Apisonic Labs updates Speedrum to v1.2.0

2nd December 2021VCV releases Rack 2 and Rack 2 Pro

2nd December 2021Solidtrax releases Analog History for Behringer DeepMind

2nd December 2021Black Octopus Sound and EVeryman release EVeryman Vocal Shouts and Phrases Vol 1

1st December 2021Splash Sound Black Friday Sale: Up to 90% off on all libraries for Kontakt

1st December 2021KVR End of Year Countdown: Week 1 giveaway with Eventide Audio

1st December 2021Press Play adds Threshold Indicator to Wave Observer Pro

1st December 2021Focusrite announce 50% off FAST plugin range

1st December 202110 Innovative EQs to shape your mixes

1st December 2021MusicDevelopments Holiday Sale: 40% Off RapidComposer, Melodya, Syne in December

1st December 2021UnitedPlugins releases ElectrumCore at intro price of €9