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Geniesoft updates Overture v4.1.0 to Patch 25

Sonic Scores Music Software

Geniesoft has updated Overture v4.1.0 to Patch 25.

Changes and Improvements in Patch 25:

  • Fixed broken tie problems with real time recording. (Bug was introduced in patch 22).
  • Fixed too many additional measures added when pasting from last measure in score.
  • Improved spacing consistency around different bar line types.
  • Added a little more space for cautionary accidentals.
  • Improved double clicking on clefs, meters, and key signature space on first measure of a system.
  • Limited dragging around items to only include lines if their end points are in the dragged area.
  • Fixed problem where eraser did not work on all symbols. (Bug was introduced in patch 23).
  • Editing Allotments or Engraver from Score menu, now justifies measures and systems and this can be undone.
  • You can now set the accidental font size in Chord Dialog.
  • Fixed a few bugs when setting key signatures over a ranges that had existing key signatures.


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