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Sonic Scores updates Overture and Score Writer to v5.2.2

Sonic Scores Music Software

Sonic Scores has updated Overture and Score Writer to v5.2.2.


  • Added an End of Score button to Delete measures dialog.
  • Improved placement of credit-words in MusicXML import.
  • Added ability to use navigation keys in choose font scroll lists.
  • Improved scale tool usage.
  • Increased zoom range down to 5%.
  • Added ability to double click in between clef and time signature to open key signature dialog.
  • Added ability to added additional tempo markings by ctrl[cmd] dragging existing tempos to staves below the top staff.
  • Added ability to use navigation keys while inserting lyrics.
  • Improved accidental spacing in Title text.


  • Fixed problem that prevented previously selected note heads not be deselected when selecting a new note head.
  • Fixed hairpin playback problem under glissandos that crossed barlines.
  • Fixed crash when ctrl[option] dragging text symbols.
  • Fixed crash when dragging slurs.
  • Fixed problem that dis allowed drawing graphic lines upward to the right.
  • Fixed problem with incorrect parenthesis size and dragging end points.
  • Fixed accidental problem when dragging diatonically.
  • Fixed printing problem with dots on guitar frame fingerings.
  • Fixed problem when switching back and forth and fonts getting mixed with scores that have Aloisen font for master score and Aloisen Groove for part.
  • Fixed problem when converting tuplets notes to non-tuplet notes.
  • Fixed problem that caused two tuplet symbols to be displayed when converting notes to tuplets in bass clef staff in piano parts.
  • Fixed problem to use correct key strokes for drag copying and moving entire slur on Mac.
  • Fixed Eb Clarinet transpose amount in track inspector.
  • Fixed problem when bracket placement when importing MusicXML scores.
  • Fixed problem that caused newly added pages to have one system per page when adding lots of measures to end of score.
  • Fixed rest size when pasting as cue.
  • Fixed problem in Track Inspector not show Transpose values correctly.
  • Fixed problem when extracting piano tracks that had a Bass clef set to bassa 8.
  • Fixed problem that forced step inputted notes to ignore duration percentage setting.
  • Fixed several bugs that caused extracted parts to have the vertical spacing too large and not dragging was prevented.
  • Fixed problem that caused the key switch to end early on notes that had a tremolo articulation.
  • Fixed problem that caused a crash when inserting a clef at end of measure in some situations.
  • Fixed playback problem when entering 15ma from the Notes menu.
  • Fixed problem when changing current track and MIDI channel not being set for MIDI thru.
  • Fixed problem with grid setting not being saved.
  • Fixed problem when undoing multi measures rests that caused remaining multi measure rests to be corrupted.
  • Fixed problem that lost font settings when switching font types in Score Panel Types section.
  • Fixed crash when double clicking of fermatas attached to rests.
  • Fixed crash when adding a clef at end of measures.
  • Fixed problem when inserting tenor clefs.


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