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Sonic Scores updates Overture and Score Writer to v5.4.1

Sonic Scores Music Software

Sonic Scores has updated Overture and Score Writer to v5.4.1.

New Features & Enhancements:

  • You can now enter foreign lyrics like Chinese, Japanese, etc. You still need to press the space bar to separate syllables. We are working on a solution to enter these more natural.
  • Greatly improved vertical staff spacing while dragging staves.
  • Added Downloads folder to built-in browser.
  • Improved playback of pauses and fermatas.
  • Improved text box enclosure spacing.
  • Added ability to open compressed MusicXML files from built-in browser.
  • Ctrl[cmd] click on Mixer MIDI effects (Chorus, reverb, etc.) now sends a 0 value and then turns off sending any future values.
  • Added a few more guitar chord fingerings.
  • Improved reading old Mac version 2 files.
  • Adding an articulation or ornament to a note will remove the existing one if it's already added.
  • Added the choice to choose a tuning instrument in Convert Notes to Tablature dialog.
  • Added Edit>Match Hairpin Values menu command that changes hairpin start and end values to match surrounding dynamics.
  • Expressions now obey the Print Text setting in library when being dropped onto score.


  • Fixed problem with accidentals in tied notes especially with new No key signature choice.
  • Fixed problem with Hollywood lines not show meters on piano tracks and meters with two digit numerators.
  • Fixed problem that sometimes caused dragging tied notes to be dragged in thirds.
  • Fixed drag-copy of notes.
  • Fixed mandolin and bass guitar tuning settings.
  • Fixed paste problem that eliminated the beam on some notes.
  • Fixed problem that cause Advance Cursor to be reset to off during step input.
  • Fixed problem that caused articulation settings to be lost when duplicating a track.
  • Fixed incorrect display of half-diminished chord symbol.
  • Fixed problem with setting Lyric font in Lyric panel not being applied.
  • Fixed problem that prevented adding an accidental to the note at end of a tie.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented opening an older corrupted file.
  • Fixed problem when clicking over a note that has a lyric that started a new lyric instead of loading the current lyric.
  • Fixed problem when switching voices during step entry. The last entered note was moved to the new voice.
  • Fixed a random crash when using Notes>Notate as>Triplet on whole, half, and quarter notes.
  • Fixed problem with typing 'h' to switch enharmonics in Chord Panel.
  • Fixed problem that highlighted all symbols in Select filter even when a specific voice was selected.
  • Fixed problem that prevented Documentation from being loaded from Help menu.
  • Fixed problem that prevented open scores with the new Track Set feature used.
  • Fixed problem that showed wrapped part on next system for hidden hairpins.
  • Fixed Find Data not finding expressions unless type switch was enabled.
  • Fixed problem causing inserted rests in hidden measures (under multibar) to be drawn.
  • Fixed a few problems with GPO 4 and Kontakt Factory Library Sound Map.
  • Fixed problem with transposing chords chromatically downward.
  • Fixed accidental position in chord names from being a little low.
  • Fixed playback problem with hairpins from imported MusicXML files.
  • Fixed a crash when converting notes tablature when there is already a tablature staff that contained notes.


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