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Sonic Scores updates Overture and Score Writer to v5.5.1

Sonic Scores Music Software

Sonic Scores has updated Overture and Score Writer to v5.5.1.


  • Added global controls for cue note and text size in Score>Engraver>Notes panel.
  • High hat symbol size has been changed to match plus symbol in percussion palette.
  • Display position of open high hat (x with circle) has been improved.
  • Added Always show at top and bottom options in bar number dialog.
  • Added tempo display range values in Data View.
  • Added two other types for Fermatas attached to notes/rests. This can be changed in its dialog by double clicking on the Fermata.
  • Replace two articulations with a new Legato-Dot and a Spiccato articulation. The one replaced were just inversion of previous articulations and were not needed.
  • Improved vertical spacing on some articulations.
  • Added feature in Track List view to display all controller data types contained in a measure.
  • Right click on any measure and if it has controller data, a popup menu will display the data types.
  • If you choose one of the data types, the controller lane will display the data type.
  • This is very handy for finding and editing controller data.
  • Added the ability to hide/show individual staves on piano/organ systems. This is done using right click on the piano system.
  • Added ability to add Video hit points in the Track List view.
  • Added the ability to drag a Video Hit point in Track Data view to a new Bar/Beat/Clock location and the tempo (s) are adjusted to make keep the Video Hit point SMPTE time.
  • Images that are imported using the File>Import Image menu command are now attach to the page, not measure.
  • Added ability to stretch sides of an image.
  • Added the ability to drag a barline without measures being proportionally space. Do this by holding down the ctrl key while dragging.
  • Improved chord suffix spacing when using Groove font.
  • Added a Modified date field at bottom of Browser in New Score Dialog.
  • Added more symbols that are written in MusicXML files.
  • Part names are now saved with extracted parts.
  • Part title font changes and positioning are now saved with score.
  • System breaks, page breaks, and Make into system, and changing bar widths, now work on parts and are saved with the master score.


  • Fixed a crash with Kontakt on the Mac when opening its window.
  • Increased the db to gain slightly to match other applications. (Your scores will sound slightly louder).
  • Fixed a playback problem that cause expressions Note Duration percentage setting to not be turned off. NOTE: If using a staccato key switch, do not set Note duration in dialog.
  • Fixed a few problem with Plugin window that were in front of all others.
  • Fixed printing of imported images.
  • Fixed a few staff spacing problems and you can now drag them closer together.
  • Fixed problem that limited dragging chord baseline vertical distance.
  • Fixed tablature staff sizing problem in Track Inspector.
  • Fixed MIDI file import problem that would cause Overture to hang.
  • Fixed crash cause by pasting multiple tracks at end of score.
  • Fixed copy/past problem with slurs and hairpins.
  • Fixed problem that prevented dragging a barline with a key signature next to it.
  • Disabled chord playback when opening old Overture files.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented multi-rest from being resized/.
  • Fixed problem that prevented User Expressions from being deleted from palette.
  • Fixed crash when switching between master and active parts with Mixer view open.
  • Fixed problem when pressing 'Enter' key while entering chords.
  • Fixed problem that always pasted in tempo marks.
  • Fixed problem where Show>Grid was being set if Show->Rulers was set.
  • Fixed a problem with copying and pasting cross staff notes.
  • Fixed a problem with articulation placement on cross staff notes.
  • Fixed problem that caused Time code to be displayed on Active Parts.
  • Fixed a problem where tuplet brackets were getting misaligned.
  • Fixed playback problem with Arpeggios that crossed staves.
  • Fixed problem that automatically filled in the rests ignoring cross staff notes.
  • Fixed point size setting when creating tablature sizes.
  • When creating tablature tracks, mandolin and ukulele now do not have pitch offset of -12.
  • Improved mouse hot spot for rests.
  • Fixed problem that prevented leading rest from being deleted in pickup measures.
  • Fixed problem that created extra space on double bar lines at left edge of system that does not display a clef.
  • Fixed a few crashes when reading very old files.
  • Voice colors are now saved with preferences.
  • Fixed a playback problem when opening old scores that contained bank changes for MIDI devices that are no longer in the system.
  • Fixed problem with entering tuplets manually on off beats. (Ex quarter not triplet starting on 2nd beat).
  • Fixed crash when editing controller data in Score View.
  • Fixed a problem when adding meters after Hollywood lines have been set that caused the line to be drawn incorrectly.
  • Fixed problem that caused some repeat barlines to be drawn at different widths when using the Groove font.
  • Fixed a crash and a few other problems with importing MIDI files.
  • Fixed a problem when entering slurs on multiple voices.
  • Fixed problem with lines and arrows that started on the bass clef in a piano system.
  • Fixed a problem when deleting entire measures that contained a clef.


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