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Helgoboss Projects updates Playtime to v1.8.0 for REAPER

Helgoboss Projects

Helgoboss Projects has released Playtime version 1.8.0. Playtime is a Session View (aka clip launcher) for REAPER.

New features:

  • Clip progress visualization.
  • Group renaming.
  • Easy creation of empty MIDI clips.

Complete list of changes:

  • #139 Added useful indication of clip playing progress. Playtime feels more "alive" now.
  • #39 Added group context menu entry 'Rename...'.
  • #32 Added creation of empty MIDI clip when double clicking empty slot.
  • #133 Added basic Ableton Push controller template with support for clip triggering and visual feedback. Requirements: Push must be in User Mode and the software PXT-General is necessary. Thanks to Guod3 for this contribution.
  • #141 Improved GUI design by using rounded corners for clips as well.
  • #137 Improved feedback to user by displaying a message if recording doesn't work because group track not set.
  • #138 Improved consistency by triggering memorized clips also when recording.
  • #143 Improved consistency by discarding recorded clip when pressing stop while still counting down.
  • #147 Improved consistency by broadening automation parameter 'Trigger selected slot' to 'Trigger selected cell'.
  • #125 Improved error message if Playtime fails to startup.
  • #125 Improved usability by automatically forcing Playtime to run in native mode next time after startup has failed because Playtime was run in separate process due to REAPER preferences.
  • #142 Fixed truncation of long automation parameter names.
  • #140 Fixed automation parameters 'Record selected slot and go right/down' sometimes going right/down although not currently recording.
  • #136 Fixed unexpected auto-playing when pressing stop.
  • #134 Fixed too late auto-playing of recorded clips.
  • #135 Fixed occasional crash when enabling/disabling GUI parts.
  • #144 Fixed incomplete GUI refresh if starting to record while transport running.
  • #145 Fixed unreliable GUI refresh in docked mode.
  • #146 Fixed bug that caused live-only automation parameters to be restored on project load.
  • #148 Fixed bug that caused slot recording when triggering a scene in 'record-if-slot-empty mode'.
  • #149 Fixed automation parameter 'Trigger selected slot' causing retriggering instead of stop in one situation.
  • #152 Fixed incomplete restore of MIDI triggers on controller change.
  • #151 Fixed non-appearing message boxes in docked mode.


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