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Helgoboss Projects updates Playtime to v1.9.1

Helgoboss Projects

Better visual integration into REAPER

Helgoboss Projects has released Playtime version 1.9.1. Playtime is a Session View (aka clip launcher) for REAPER.

Complete list of changes:

  • #161 Improved visual appearance of Playtime in docked mode by adapting its background colors to the currently activated REAPER theme (no white border anymore, looks more integrated into REAPER, especially with the REAPER 5 default theme).
  • #159 Improved layout of currently playing items on same track by realigning overlapping items when triggering clips and thereby making use of all the available vertical track space (no more ultra-thin items if track height permits it).
  • #164 Improved support for controllers without group stop button if MIDI toggle mode, record-if-slot-empty mode and exclusive mode is enabled (pressing a pad of a playing clip would retrigger the clip in previous versions, now it stops it - because otherwise there would be no way to stop an already playing clip).
  • #166 Improved usability by automatically clearing memorized slots when stopping REAPER transport while Write mode active if 'Play clips with arrangement' enabled (in order to prevent already written items and Playtime clips to be played simultaneously when playing the project again).
  • #170 Improved usability by scrolling to MIDI item when double clicking MIDI clip and positioning the cursor in front of it (in addition to opening the MIDI editor).
  • #175 Fixed missing countdown GUI updates (and possibly other ones) of slots and scenes that are visible only after scrolling right or down.
  • #174 Fixed incorrect display of slot area after project load if project was saved with scrolled slot area.
  • #172 Fixed long delay before recording start.
  • #173 Fixed too long clips when time selection was active while recording or filling the slot.
  • #171 Fixed bug that caused Playtime not to pick up item after recording when MIDI overdub record mode was activated (now it automatically switches to normal record mode and after recording back to your original setting).


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