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Helgoboss Projects

Helgoboss Projects updates Playtime to v1.10.0 for REAPER

Helgoboss Projects has released Playtime version 1.10.0. Playtime is a Session View (aka clip launcher) for REAPER.

New features:

  • MIDI overdub.
  • Trigger action "Record -> Play -> Stop".
  • MIDI pooling options.
  • Options "Record start time" and "Record stop time".

Complete list of changes:

  • #176 Added slot context menu entry 'MIDI overdub' and automation parameter 'MIDI overdub selected slot' to iteratively overdub MIDI clips.
  • #160 Added trigger action 'Record (!) -> Play -> Stop' to enable a 'Record -> Play -> Stop -> Record -> Play -> Stop -> ...' workflow for each slot. In this mode, a stopped non-empty slot will be overwritten with a new recording as soon as it is triggered! This mode temporarily turns 'Auto-play recorded clips' on and 'Exclusive mode' off.
  • #43 Added settings option 'Pool-MIDI-on-write mode' to decide if items written to the timeline are pooled or unpooled copies of the original clips (by default pooled).
  • #43 Added possibility to decide whether to make pooled or unpooled copies of MIDI clips by adopting REAPER's own settings. Copy and paste behavior without drag'n'drop is decided by REAPER option 'Pool MIDI source data when pasting or duplicating media items' whereas drag'n'drop behavior is decided by REAPER mouse modifiers. Breaking changes: If you go with REAPER's default mouse modifiers, you now need to hold down Shift+Ctrl+Alt while dragging the clip if you want pooled copies! Plus, if you go with REAPER's default value for 'Pool MIDI source data when pasting or duplicating media items', unpooled copies are created when copying without drag'n'drop.
  • #98 Added settings options 'Record start time' and 'Record stop time' (aka trigger/untrigger mode for recording).
  • #98 Improved settings structure by renaming 'Trigger mode' to 'Play start time' and 'Untrigger mode' to 'Play stop time'.
  • #160 Improved settings structure by renaming 'Record-if-slot-empty mode' = 'Off' to 'Trigger action' = 'Play -> Stop/retrigger' and renaming 'Record-if-slot-empty mode' = 'On' to 'Trigger action' = 'Record/play -> Stop/retrigger'.
  • #177 Fixed crash when loading project which has > 8x8 slots and viewport was scrolled on last save.
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