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Helgoboss Projects updates Playtime for REAPER to v1.11.0

Helgoboss Projects

Helgoboss Projects has released Playtime version 1.11.0. Playtime is a Session View (aka clip launcher) for REAPER.

New features:

  • Anacrusis (pickup) support.
  • Non-destructive clip cropping.

Complete list of changes:

  • #3 Added anacrusis support. That means you can now configure clips to start playing before the beginning of the measure. You basically define the portion of the clip that comes before the first downbeat, virtually a bridge. A small but very effective feature to make your loop-based music sound less rigid and more musical. See new context menu entry 'Anacrusis length'.
  • #5 Added easy clip cropping by offering context menu entries 'Section start position' and 'Section length' on clips which have timebase 'Beats (position, length, rate) '.
  • #5 Improved easy clip cropping by also offering automation parameters 'Selected slot section start position / length'. You can map these to endless rotary decoders, absolute knobs or buttons for example. If the clip timebase is not 'Beats (position, length, rate) ', the resolution is milliseconds instead of beats.
  • #5 Improved easy clip/item cropping by also offering REAPER actions 'Playtime: In/decrease section start position / length of selected item' (for buttons and keyboard shortcuts, for example in combination with 'Auto-select mode').
  • #5 Improved easy clip cropping by offering context menu entries 'Apply section (glue) ' and 'Remove section'.
  • #185 Improved usability by using source sections instead of glue to preserve audio item cut on fill whenever possible (optionally also for MIDI items).
  • #193 Improved usability of recording by recording clip on first armed track even if no group track is set.
  • #180 Improved user interface by disabling unsupported actions during MIDI overdub.
  • #189 Improved performance by improving scheduling strategy.
  • #194 Improved usability by making auto-select the default (both for new instances and in track/project templates).
  • #178 Fixed wrong source length after MIDI overdub by glueing MIDI item afterwards if necessary (workaround for REAPER bug).
  • #184 Fixed superfluous undo points written on loading.
  • #186 Fixed slot offset modes 'Continue', 'Absolute gate' and 'Relative gate' for playrates <> 1.
  • #188 Fixed conversion to one shot or loop by not messing with the playrate any more when doing it.
  • #167 Fixed very slow docking after invoking undo and when loading project.
  • #192 Fixed FX chain window flickering by preventing it from popping up when opening docked Playtime via REAPER action.


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