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MUTOOLS releases LUNA Pre-Release 8b


MUTOOLS has released LUNA Pre-Release 8b.

Changes since PR7b:

  • New: Seamless combination of the easy Rack system and the flexible Modular Plug Area.
  • New: 3 LUNA Views: Composer Only, Composer + Racks and Composer + Modular Plug Area.
    • Each View memorizes its window position and sizes.
    • Accessible via the Edit menu and via function keys F1/F2/F3.
  • New: You can dynamically put/pull plugs into/out of a Rack. By using this, you can even move plugs from 1 Rack to another.
  • New: Choose/Rename/Open/Save VST Program functions in every VST plugin context menu.
  • New: You can save a session as "New.musession". This will then be the default on choosing "New Session".
  • New: Focus Plugin function.
  • New: Replace Plugin function.
  • Tuned: Vastly improved Modular Plug Area:
    • Plug Area is 4096 x 2048 pixels big, fully scrollable.
    • Mixer Strips, Racks and Sends can be embedded in the Modular Plug Area.
    • Improved Auto-Arrange function.
    • You can also drop a connection on a plug box itself. If there are multiple options there, a popup menu appears.
    • Connecting in->in, out->out or audio<->event has very user-friendly behaviour.
    • Deleting a connection doesn't show a popup when there is only 1 option.
    • Plug boxes have fixed width.
    • Plug boxes are snapped to a grid for a cleaner setup.
    • Focused plug is more explicitly highlighted.
    • Focused plug has highlighted connections.
    • Plug boxes come in front of cables.
    • Plugin names are displayed better.
    • Bigger connectors.
    • Nicer cables.
  • Tuned: Improved window behaviour on Windows.
  • Tuned: Improved Level Meters: Nicer graphics.
  • Tuned: OSX: Improved VST 2.4 compatibility. E.g. NI Reaktor and FM8 editors now properly work.
  • Tuned: Assign MIDI Controller now works exactly the same for VST plugins with or without an custom editor.
  • Tuned: Assign MIDI Controller now also works even if no VST editor control has been touched yet.
  • Tuned: No more program changes in Value 2 Editor.
  • Fixed: Occasional crash bug when deleting a plugin (this was a nasty one, also in previous versions).
  • Fixed: OSX: Improved double-click function; in some rare cases double-clicking could have strange artifacts.
  • Fixed: Automation to Rack Mixer Strips was reloaded but not properly assigned.
  • Fixed: Automated mutes on Racks and Mixer Strips now properly played back.


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