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MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v3.2.14


MUTOOLS has updates MU.LAB to version 3.2.14.


  • "Upgrade Patches" context menu for MUX and MuSynth.


  • When mapping MIDI controllers to parameters, now this always works, i.e. also on sequenced controller events! Previously this only worked on MIDI input.
  • Fine-tuned organization of MIDI controller mappings i.e. clear separation between the global session map and the local plugin maps.
  • Fine-tuned playback behaviour when using sustain pedal events i.e. notes are cut off on stop.
  • Disabled auto-looping for imported samples.


  • MIDI controllers that were sent to a rack were not properly mapped by the first module in that rack.
  • In certain rare cases there could be a little panning issue in the audio.
  • When quickly retriggering playback of audio files while moving locators, the audio could be out of sync for a moment.
  • OSX: When launching MU.LAB with logging enabled on startup, the app could hang.


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