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Seaweed Audio updates Fathom Synth to v2.1.0

Seaweed Audio

Seaweed Audio has updated Fathom Synth for MacOS and Windows to v2.1.0.

New and improved:

  • Added previewing to existing modulator list. Clicking on modulators in the list now shows the envelope view and control panel for that modulator and temporarily previews the modulator on the parameter in the audio processor.
  • Added four new modulation range types, including "Multiply Floor". Please see the manual section 5.5 "Modulation Ranges".
  • Disabled voice stealing and all GUI updates during host rendering and exporting transport modes.
  • Dial modulation range numerical values are now displayed above the dial temporarily while the modulation range is being dragged or changed with the mouse wheel.
  • Improved the modulation manager logic so that if a modulator is not used on any dial and it was never edited by the user then it is deleted from the existing modulator list.
  • Improved the sin segment envelope algorithm so that there is a perfectly smooth transition moving from the Bezier to exponential curve as a guide point is moved closer to the center line. This removes the former sudden jump in the transition.
  • Changed the internals of the modulation dial so that if the dial is dragged the modulation range limits follow the finest precision of the target dial, and if the modulation dial is wheeled the modulation range follows the target dial mouse wheel precision.
  • In the preset browser moved the root path edit box from its crowded position inside the folder list to a position in the top title bar with plenty of space to see the full folder path.
  • Tuned the two voice detune default so it sounds more like a Moog.


  • Fixed Mac editing fields so the text is visible when first clicked.
  • Fixed Bug 0046 GUI is not displayed in Tracktion Waveform host.
  • Fixed Bug 0047 Wave Table Bezier envelope is missing after loading preset.
  • Fixed Bug 0053 Oscillator pan dial not modulating if mod amount is modulated by MIDI controller.
  • Fixed Bug 0055 Random modulator crashes if pattern dial is out of range.
  • Fixed Bug 0057 Fathom presets not saved after closing Tracktion.
  • Fixed Bug 0058 LFO dials clicking if oscillator phase is modulated.
  • Fixed Bug 0059 Uneven spacing between sliders in spectrum oscillator.
  • Fixed Bug 0060 Modulator list scrolls out of view.
  • Fixed Bug 0061 Fathom is silent in FL Studio Patcher unless the GUI is opened.


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