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MuTools updates MuLab and MUX Modular VST to v7.7.4


MuTools has updated MuLab and MUX Modular to version 7.7.4.


  • The Oscillator Layers now feature a new "Drift" parameter that emphasizes a vivid virtual analog sound.
  • New "Shake Keys" sequence function.
  • MUX Front Panels: New "Copy Position" and "Paste Position" functions.
  • ADSR: The Bipolar and Legato switches are now integrated in the main ADSR editor and not anymore in a rather 'hidden' sub-panel.
  • New function "Repeat Last Context Function". Using this function you can quickly repeat the last chosen context function without going thru the menu again.
  • Manage Shortcuts: Now has a search function to easily filter and find functions.
  • New "Clear Undo-Redo History" function which can effectively free important memory allocations e.g. when having deleted a big VST sample library from a rack.
  • Monophonic Note Tracker: The auto-generated note-offs could be on a different channel than intended. Fixed.
  • Fixed a bug wrt automatic audio recording latency compensation while using "Direct Audio Input".
  • Automation part editor: Switching track mute on/off was not reflected in the editor. Fixed.
  • Edit Note Key Names: When typing a new key name and immediately (within 0.5 secs) pressing return/enter to close the dialog then that new key name was ignored. Fixed.
  • Fixed a sequence part editor issue when using the Note Key Names feature.
  • Windows versions: When a modal dialog is active, it is ensured that it is focused. (in previous versions in exceptional cases it could be beyond other windows).




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